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  1. Its been noticeable that under Holbrook Saints adopted a similar approach to sharing the workload. Invariably tackles 1 & 2 (and often tackle 3 later in games) were taken by Makinson, Percival or Naiqama in every set. This led to people like Walmsley being able to do much longer minutes than they had previously
  2. Which is why Hull's signing of Adam Swift was such a strange option. He's exactly the same as Naulago in that he can do something brilliant but is also pretty much guaranteed to come up with an absolute howler in every game. Opposition teams kickers are going to have a field day with both Hull wingers this year.
  3. Remember watching him when he broke into the 1st team at Penrith and he looked a real good prospect. But for some reason his performances nosedived and the Panthers got rid of him to the Titans. The fact he could barely get a game in the worst team in the NRL should raise some alarm bells. Lets see, a change of country and environment could help him get his career back on track, but based on his performances over the last few years he's a big risk for Wire.
  4. In the SL era the likes of Sculthorpe & Farrell were probably the finest examples of ball playing LF's. Both had the handling, kicking & vision of a 6 with the steel of a forward.
  5. I'm not sure that game or the situation will make much difference to how well Leeds perform this year. They have a marginally better squad than the last few years but still have a large number of players who have consistently underperformed and they have a coach who has never performed. I think they'll finish higher up the league table than last year but I seriously doubt they will mount a title challenge
  6. Rebuilding KR was never really a viable option as only the 2 ends had plenty of space to expand for new facilities. Both sides were restricted by either a main road or housing
  7. While I was at first sad to leave KR, lets face it, it was a dump !!! I don't miss the toilets being nothing more than a wall to pi$$ up, the leaking roof, the terraces literally crumbling under your feet, the exit from the stadium at the Eddintgton end being nothing more than a dark, dank footpath full of dog sh$$. While the new stadium may not quite have the atmosphere of KR its a million times better.
  8. Grace was a bit unlucky in that Percival missed a fair few games in 2019 and Saints tried several different centre options. Grace had to put up with having LMS as his centre in 2 games so got virtually no decent passes at all
  9. It never did ! In the late 80's Liverpool St.Helens was then in RU's top flight and even though they had current England internationals like Dewi Morris playing for them they still never managed to attract more than a few hundred to games. Saints meanwhile were attracting thousands and getting 20K+ crowds for big games against the likes of Wigan. OK so RU is now professional and cashed up but they will never get current league fans to switch to such a boring, inferior support. If the league club disappeared then fans would stop watching rugby all together and probably switch to a completely different sport.
  10. Had a bit of a chuckle over this story, especially when I read his dogs were Parsons terriers. My Jack Russel is half Parsons - and that's the half that's bad tempered and stubborn who will bite if you try to make her do something she doesn't want to do.
  11. Why ? He would often find himself in the 19 man squad for Saints so would spend the week training with them as if he were playing, but then on Friday would then find out if he was actually in the 17, and if not he would be sent to Leigh to pay for them at the weekend.
  12. Danny Richardson made a comment about this last year with his DR with Leigh. He would train all week at Saints but then never found out until the weekend where he was playing and if it was Leigh he then had little time to adjust their team. This resulted in some pretty indifferent displays and he said it didn't help his confidence at all.
  13. Reserves were never a bad idea and it was a poor decision to scrap it. Clubs were short sighted and scrapping it was a quick win to saving a few quid. Hetherington then persuaded his idiot friends in the RFL that DR was the answer to all their problems and both he and the RFL hierarchy 'sold' it to the rest of the clubs. If you want to talk about disaster then DR is what you are looking for ! Reserves provides a good pathway for players to remain with their parent clubs beyond the age limits of the junior ranks and there's no reason why a properly run and fully participated in reserves competition can't grow to be a very strong competition. It will have teams essentially made up of SL players who miss out on the 1st team 17 plus players not quite ready for regular 1st team action. Given most of these players will all be full time its likely to be a higher standard than the Championship before long.
  14. He's an Aussie citizen with an Aussie passport who's played all but the last few years of his career in Aus. He could apply for a British passport I suppose but even that would still keep him on the non-Fed quota.
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