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  1. If Leeds had one iota of decency they’d drop the drunken criminal Hardaker and the scummy wife Beater Tetevano and let 2 decent honest lads play. These 2 young lads have had their chance taken away by 2 filthy scummy human beings
  2. He went to the Rah Rah's for the money, he's made no secret about that move. His first stint at Saints was a disaster largely because Cunningham gave him the job of defensive coach and not the attacking coach. I'm sure if he came back to saints and given a proper role more aligned with his skill set he would go well. The fans would certainly welcome him back with open arms.
  3. Don't know who you mean then ? Pre SL era i'd probably class Hanley as as being the greatest player i've seen in my lifetime, and I don't remember him being an injury faker either !
  4. Introduce that and Lattrell Mitchell would be 'on & off' more times than a red light in a whore house
  5. I'd consider Lomax's injury serious given he was advised to stop playing and have surgery but given they'd already lost Dodd for the year he opted to play on for the rest of the season. He's had multiple pain killing injections throughout the year to allow him to play. Whether he pulls out of the England squad remains to be seen but I don't think he will as he's said he'd love to play in the WC as it will be his last chance to play in one. I suspect he'll continue to put his hand up to play and then have surgery straight after the WC.
  6. Lots of players try to milk penalties during games across all clubs, but 2 of the most persistent fake injury actors this year have to be Levi & Myler.
  7. Pies by 20+ Leeds scraped a win in France but lets face it, it wasn't because they were great they were just slightly less poor than Catalans were on the day. They went there with a game plan to niggle & disrupt the dragons, and it worked, but wigan are the absolute masters of "s***house tactics". As soon as Isa starts with his late hits, Powell starts with the elbows in the tackle and Smithies rubs his head in the players faces Leeds are going to react. Personally I can see a fair few yellows handed out in this game and possibly the odd red card too. The extra space will then let French & Field run riot.
  8. People seem to forget that saints have been without their first choice half since Easter and Lomax has played most of the season with a serious bicep injury. Also without their top try scorer from 2021 in Grace and leading metre making forward in Walmsley. Salford are without Croft, but In terms of key players missing Saints arguably have suffered more this year.
  9. There's a big difference in improving a young player who has technical aspects of his game that need work and someone like Connor. With him its not ability, its attitude. When things aren't going their way he's usually the first to either sulk & disappear completely in a game or run around like a headless chicken and do something stupid that gets him binned or sent off. He's also lazy in most games with a terrible workrate, and as a FB his defence is awful. I've never seen a FB do as many disappearing acts when the opposition score tries as Connor does. I think the big question is, if he leaves Hull - who would want him, certainly at the kind of money he'd be looking to get ??
  10. There's no hate, fact is he just isn't anything special at all and nowhere near international class. The only thing I do hate is Aussies trying to push their 2nd rate players into an England shirt !! If he's not good enough to be considered for a call up by Australia then he's not good enough for England either.
  11. Now now UKT don't you know you can't possibly criticize an Aussie player for not being good enough. Forget the fact Hastings was garbage when he last played for GB or that he's been ordinary all year for Wests. He's an Aussie and he plays in the NRL so he's automatically world class and should be picked for England
  12. Oh give it a rest - you tried on the other thread. King is absolutely a bang average player in a bang average team. Even with Walmsley now missing King still isn't good enough to play for for England !!
  13. All but confirmed that Hopoate is gone for the year, he pulled up in training again this week with his hamstring injury. Percival has been training this week but a decision wont be made on him until the last minute as he has to pass a fitness test. Lees has been on 'light training' this week (no contact) and like Percy will have a fitness test. Mata'utia has been training and looks certain to return so thats one positive for Saints.
  14. Now confirmed Walmsley's foot injury is worse than originally thought - Gone for the rest of the season and the WC as its a 2 months+ recovery time.
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