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  1. Probably the worst kept secret for weeks, Danny Richardson signed for Cas. Was told by someone at Saints that the initial fee is £65K with add-on's based on appearances and future international call-ups that could take it up to £90K. Good move for both parties. He hasn't really kicked on and improved the areas of his game that seriously need work (game management & defence) and he's a waste of cap space just being used as a back-up for Fages & Lomax.
  2. So which of those rules did Fages break given he ran in a backwards direction after the ball came out of the scrum ? Nowhere does it say he cant also run sideways as well as backwards. Your really clutching at straws if you think that try should have been disallowed for an infringement by Fages. It was a clever scrum play that caught out a few lazy Salford players in the scrum and fooled another one who went for Roby
  3. But the laws don't state he must retreat in a backwards motion parallel to the scrum. Given Fages moved away from the scrum and in a backwards motion and then never took part in the play afterwards, then he complied with the laws. It was a very poor read from the Salford defence to follow a non-active retreating player. It was also poor play by the back rowers to didn't break from the scrum quick enough to cover the inside gap. Welham's laziness was then compounded by his whinging that he'd been held in the scrum which the replays clearly show he hadn't, he was just too slow & lazy to react to the situation.
  4. Typical lazy journalism again. Grace may well end up in the NRL in a few years time and Thompson has already said he will see out the remainder of his Saints contract and then consider his options (plus Saints have also said they will not sell Thompson). Walmsley has had several big offers from NRL clubs but turned them all down because he has a young family and his missus doesn't want to leave their family support while their kids are so young. I reckon Thompson will go to the NRL in 2021 and maybe Grace in 2023, but other than those 2 I can't see anyone else leaving.
  5. Wouldn't swap the Cowboys front row for the current Saints front row. Walmsley, Roby & Thompson are better players than McLean, Granville & McGuire. However you would probably say the opposite for their back row. Even though Taumalolo has had a pretty poor year (by his standards) he's still one of the best forwards in rugby league.
  6. Foster was one of those players who had the skills to make it but not the attitude. His goal kicking pretty much guaranteed him a place in the Saints team at that time but instead of working hard on his obvious weak areas (under the high ball and defence) he just carried on soaking up the plaudits and probably believing he was the finished article. But a few absolute howlers in games (notably away at Bradford when he wouldn't put his body on the line for a ball on the ground which led to a Bradford try) saw him dropped, never to regain his place.
  7. This isn't a particularly strong looking squad with the backs in particular looking very poor. It would no doubt have been far stronger with the injured players available but still some odd selections. Hall can count himself very, very lucky to be in that squad.
  8. Because Wikipedia is open for pretty much anybody to doctor information as much as they want, its hardly a reliable source of information and certainly not any sort of official rugby league site or statistical site.
  9. The one in the 2nd half, Thompson drives the ball in, Dudson swinging arm straight to the head/neck, Kendall gives the penalty and Saints kick the goal to make the score 20-6. Funny how a tackle like that only warrants a penalty in your eyes (or you mysteriously didn't see it) but the others committed by saints players warrant yellow cards !
  10. Ah yes Wikipedia - the font of all truth !!! Surely you should have spotted that 422 wins, 24 draws & 184 losses doesn't add up to 599 games !!!
  11. Pi$$ poor effort of doctoring the table to show wigan at the top - Actual table to the end of 2017
  12. Because it isn't !! What is illegal is for a player to jump into the tackler with raised knees, which Grace didn't, he was attempting to jump over & around the tackle and not into the tackler (don't listen to the idiots in the Sky commentary box, they're seemingly just as clueless as some on here). We see similar instance all the time where players will raise their legs, jump, or goose step to avoid a tackler aiming to tackle their legs. It was the correct call from the referee to not penalize him. Similar with the scrum try. The player feeding the scrum must retreat behind his forwards until the scrum has broken up. Fages feeds the scrum and continually runs in a sideways & backwards motion away from the ball so was constantly retreating while Roby & Taia were running forwards. At no point did he take part in the play after the ball was out of the scrum or place himself between another Saints player and a defender to cause an obstruction. And despite the hissy fit from Welham the replays clearly showed he hadn't been held in the scrum, it was just him being too slow to break and too slow to cover across. So again it was the correct call from the officials to award the try. There's plenty of comments about the Ashworth tackle on Inu and its one of those 50:50 calls we see in every match, sometimes they get penalized sometimes they don't. There were other instances of head contact in the game that similarly didn't get penalized, notably when Grace made the break down the middle in the lead up to alleged tackle jump he was hit straight around the head by Walker but there was no penalty. As for the head rub, that happens dozens of times in a game, players usually just laugh it off. The only calls I thought was clearly wrong was the Dudson knock on and the Walker knock on. Yes Dudson moved forward off the mark and lost the ball but Smith never fully released him and in almost every other type of instance like this its the defender who gets penalized. Walker was trying to offload and a saints hand played at the ball as he was trying to get his arms free, but it was on the blind side of the ref so almost impossible for him to actually see. It should have been a penalty for a ball steal but in most instance like this where the ref can't see exactly how the ball comes out he usually gives a knock on. I can't believe some people on here are whinging about the Lolohea disallowed try, it was just about as blatant an obstruction as you can get as a Salford player runs straight into Knowles and blocks him and Lolohea then runs straight through that gap that was created. Overall it was a good, fast clean game with both teams showing total commitment. Credit to Salford as they never buckled, despite Saints being dominant for the majority of the game.
  13. Presumably then you also think Dudson should have been sin-binned for his head shot on Thompson ? After all it was a swinging arm with direct contact to the head & neck.
  14. Ha ha ha - Hicks effectively ruled himself out with his pi$$ poor performance at Webley !
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