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  1. Quite funny reading comments like this about Grace. "He's too small, misses too many tackles, can't break tackles, doesn't make enough meters, makes too many errors" etc. The stats tell a different story compared to other potential GB wingers (plus he's probably the fastest winger in SL):- Try's Errors Missed Tackles Meters Average Meters Tackle Busts Grace 17 23 29 2338 8.01 92 Makinson 19 22 26 3369 8.42 103 Burgess 14 33 38 1463 8.46 50 Handley 21 18 34 2876 8.12 80 McGillvray 15 33 24 2816 8.36 104 Charnley 15 26 14 2814 8.02 60
  2. To replace a player in the 19 Wire have to provide the RFL with a signed medical certificate that proves one of their original 19 is unfit to play. The RFL then have to grant them permission to replace that player.
  3. All that stat shows is Salford base all their attack around one player. If he was at a club like Saints those would be far lower as they share their attack around much more as a team. It doesn't mean he would have that level of influence at international level.
  4. Before getting your knickers in a twist, if you bothered to read the thread properly you'll see I was responding to a comment about Lees rib injury not anything to do with Smith. I don't recall even seeing the Smith incident hence why I didn't bother commenting on it. Ferres has always been a filthy little grub of a player, but he used to be a fairly good player. Now he just a fat, useless filthy little grub and its players like him that are the reason Leeds are so dire.
  5. Another cheap shot from fatty Ferres, hit him late in the ribs after the ball had gone.
  6. You mean other than Walmsley, Thompson, Watts, Hill, Cooper in SL Oh and Both Burgess twins and Graham in NRL So he's probably about 8th best choice for a GB shirt !
  7. Pick players on form as well as proven ability at Test level. The likes of O'Loughlin, McGilvray, Watkins, Hall have been pretty poor this year and in no way have earned a place in the GB team Ratchford or Coote (not much to choose between them this year) Makinson Connor Percival Grace Lomax Widdop Walmsley Roby Graham Bateman Whitehead Burgess (Sam) Subs: Hodgson Knowles Thompson Burgess (Tom)
  8. Actually they have done it to London. They've played them 3 times this year and on the 2 occasions they've fielded weakened teams they've lost, but on the 1 occasion they fielded a fairly strong team London were totally dominated and kept scoreless.
  9. I didn't mean wire are on some sort of fiddle - its the whole deregistration system that's a joke. Injuries are part & parcel of the game
  10. They replaced that requirement with the teams needing to name their 19 man match day squad 48 Hrs in advance. Now clubs only get fined of they add players not in the original 19 without certified medical certificates for the players being replaced.
  11. The chance of Leeds getting into 5th are virtually zero. There are 3 teams that are 6 point ahead of them(Salford, Cas & Catalans), so they need all 3 of them to lose all their remaining matches in order to take 5th spot and Leeds have to win all their remaining matches. Its made even more difficult because 2 of those 3 also have better points differentials. Leeds need to make up 72 points over Cas and 157 points over Salford.
  12. When a player goes out on loan, as long as its for a minimum of 1 month their salary for that loan period goes against the cap of their loan club and not their parent club. That's the difference between loans and Dual Reg as DR players salaries remain with their parent clubs. So its only if Brown return to Wire after his loan spell this year that his salary would count on their cap. Its a complete fiddle of the system and why I think this whole deregistration thing shouldn't be allowed.
  13. Wire de-registered him at the start of the year so his salary was then exempt from the SC. If they played him last week then his entire years salary would count on the cap for 2019. They had probably already used some of his cap space to upgrade other players contract during the year as they hadn't expected Brown to play again in 2019. Playing him would probably have then taken them over the cap.
  14. Just seen the Saints Squad for the Leeds game on Thursday and Holbrook has sprung a major surprise by only resting those still carrying injuries (No Coote, Walmsley, LMS, Paolo & Roby). I think everyone was expecting a virtual A team to be turning out ! 1. Jonny Lomax, 2. Tommy Makinson, 3. Kevin Naiqama, 4. Mark Percival, 5. Regan Grace, 6. Theo Fages, 7. Danny Richardson, 10. Luke Thompson, 11. Zeb Taia, 15. Morgan Knowles, 16. Kyle Amor, 17. Dom Peyroux, 19. Matty Lees, 20. Jack Ashworth, 21. Aaron Smith, 22. James Bentley, 24. Matty Costello, 25. Joe Batchelor, 29. Jack Welsby.
  15. The official attendance for that 2007 final was just over 84K despite Catalans bringing next to no support with them. I'd say that was a pretty good effort for filling Wembley. Incidentally that attendance was 2K higher than 2008 when Hull replaced Catalans as the other finalists.
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