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  1. Reserves were never a bad idea and it was a poor decision to scrap it. Clubs were short sighted and scrapping it was a quick win to saving a few quid. Hetherington then persuaded his idiot friends in the RFL that DR was the answer to all their problems and both he and the RFL hierarchy 'sold' it to the rest of the clubs. If you want to talk about disaster then DR is what you are looking for ! Reserves provides a good pathway for players to remain with their parent clubs beyond the age limits of the junior ranks and there's no reason why a properly run and fully participated in reserves competition can't grow to be a very strong competition. It will have teams essentially made up of SL players who miss out on the 1st team 17 plus players not quite ready for regular 1st team action. Given most of these players will all be full time its likely to be a higher standard than the Championship before long.
  2. He's an Aussie citizen with an Aussie passport who's played all but the last few years of his career in Aus. He could apply for a British passport I suppose but even that would still keep him on the non-Fed quota.
  3. The only gate receipts that go into a central pot are for the cup and play-off's. There's little chance clubs would vote to hand over their hard earned gate receipts to other clubs as it penalizes those who have worked hard to increase their fan base to a sustainable level and rewards those that haven't. Every club in SL has the potential to attract 10K plus crowds every week its just that most haven't managed to engage with their local communities effectively enough to achieve it.
  4. McManus doesn't want it removed. The last time the clubs had a vote he voted to keep it but to see it substantially increased so that SL could start to be more competitive with the NRL and yawnion. He argued at the time that while Saints and a small number of other clubs could have a sustainable business without a cap there were a large number of other clubs that couldn't, so it wasn't on the best interests of SL to remove the cap at this time. He also stated that believed the current cap level was far too low and its low level was holding back the more sustainable clubs. The cap has been I place long enough now for clubs to improve their positions but they couldn't keep it at that low level any longer.
  5. McManus has already said that Saints are forecasting to make a profit in 2019, and even if they weren't they could easily afford a cap increase. All their directors are multi-millionaires in their own right so they dont rely on just 1 'sugar daddy' to support them. Saints have no external debtors, all debts are owned by the clubs board of directors. McManus may be the chairman but he isn't the main money man at the club, that's Mike Coleman, he put the bulk of the extra money needed to build the new stadium.
  6. What guff ! There's nothing stopping Toronto from signing Latrell Mitchell now and making him one of their marquee players. They'll just have to cut 1 or 2 other players from their squad to accommodate him under the total cap limit. If they really wanted to they could sign Mitchell, Tedesco and say Boyd Cordner and pay them £10M each and have each as their marquee players. They just have to then manage the other 22 players in their squad to stay under the cap.
  7. Not sure teams have finished their recruitments yet. Saints haven't signed anyone but Woolf has already said he's actively trying to recruit at least 1 of the current Tonga squad and Saints have left space under their cap by releasing Danny Richardson, Adam Swift and Luke Douglas, plus the addition of a 3rd marquee spot.
  8. Went back & checked - yes it was Dom Young who played on the wing at Saints back in round 18 in June. I remembered him because he stood out so much for his size, particularly as a wingman. Sadly for him on that day he also stood out for the numerous errors he made. He was thrown into an already badly performing team, but hopefully it didn't do any lasting damage to his confidence.
  9. Gotta agree about Costello, not seen anything yet to convince me he's anything more than a squad player. Wont be long before Simm & Rizzelli overtake him
  10. Is he the lad who played for Hudds 1st team this year in the game at Saints ? If so, he had a real mare - looked way out of his depth
  11. You can see why Saints were happy to let Richardson leave. At 17 he's already a more complete player and while I don't think 2020 will be his break out year (unless there's long term injuries to Lomax & Fages) he will definitely be getting some game time. The other Saints player who I think will break into the 1st team tis year is centre Nico Rizzelli. He's the one to watch for me along side Dodd.
  12. Have to apologized yet to Matty Lees for the late cheap shot that put him in hospital and ended his season ?
  13. Not cut out for the tough world of construction then Bleep I started work at 16 laboring on building sites as a summer job for £30 a week, one of the most enjoyable times I've ever had. You needed a thick skin as the banter was what most people would call extreme but it certainly toughens you up for the real world. The pranks that were played on people were like nothing you'll experience anywhere else, particularly if you were one of the professional trades like plumbers or electricians. Plumbers knew that if they didn't complete the installation of any new toilets in 1 day then by the time they got in the next morning they would fine their shiny new toilet 'full' and would then have to clean it out by hand before installing it. Similar for electricians, if they didn't manage to run all their 1st fix cabling in 1 day or if they left their plans lying around showing the cabling routes then the labourers would lift up the floor boards to go to the toilet, carefully relaying the boards and then sit back and laugh as the electricians then had to thread their cabling under the floor the next day through their mess. And woe be tide if you left any items of clothing lying around, boots & jackets were regularly glued or nailed to the floor or wall. I worked a couple of summers for Eddie Cunninghams building firm alongside former players like Tommy Cunningham and Roy Haggerty (Haggy was still paying for Saints at that time in the late 80's). One of my best memories was playing (supposedly tag) rugby at lunchtime with them using a house brick as a ball. Even tag rugby for Haggy involved taking your head off or trying to break your ribs with the brick with a hard pass Oh the days !!!
  14. Your view just shows why Bennett was so poor then. If Widdop was indeed the dominant half then he should have replaced Hastings with one of the other 3, all of which have far better running games than Hastings. And if Hodgson was giving poor, slow distribution then he should have replaced him with Clarke.
  15. Your only as good as your last game - and Hastings has had 3 consecutive poor ones for GB. An underperforming player brings no stability at all.
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