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  1. Yes its classed as careless dangerous contact so still a penalty, opposed to reckless or deliberate dangerous contact with the head which should be a card.
  2. They've got to give all clubs some air time I suppose, lets face it neither are going to be in the mix for the big games at the end of the year, play-off's or GF so they'll not be getting any televised games then.
  3. He's been offered a new contract at Saints but I understand he's looking for an NRL move rather than a different SL club. So unless he doesn't get an NRL deal someone is going to have to offer him big money to move in SL.
  4. Nowhere near i'm afraid, long way behind Lomax in several aspects. While neither have particularly great kicking games, both are really good defenders, but Lomax has a far superior running & passing game than Fages. While he's undoubtedly better than young Dodd right now, i've seen enough of the young lad to suggest he'll be an all round better player than Fages in the future. He already has a far superior kicking game (inc. goal kicking) and is well known in the junior teams for his ability to take on the line. I do think Saints should try to keep Fages for the next couple
  5. I think they need to be cautious in how they apply this rule. Happy to see a card for head contact when its due to a swinging arm, shoulder etc. but it shouldn't be a card if the player is slipping and is about 2 feet off the ground as its then almost impossible for the defender to change their tackle once they've started it. In instances like this it should just be a penalty, a card of any sort would be harsh on the defender when they never had any intention or poor technique to hit the head of the opponent.
  6. Yep got my ticket for Saints V Salford on Monday. Not sure what the atmosphere will be like though with only a 4K crowd
  7. What, no, they can't be. We keep getting told on here that Aussies are a gazillion times better than anything British or French, they're absolute world beaters that turn useless, poorly skilled SL teams into class teams. Maloney was supposed to be an NRL and Origin superstar, so he can't possibly be useless. Surely it must be all those non-Aussies around him in the team that's just making him look bad !!!
  8. Got my ticket this morning too. Annoyingly though even though we have a group booking our seats have been split up, though only 1 row and a couple of seats apart.
  9. He was called back to play for Qld because they literally had nobody else. Doesn't change the fact he was utter garbage in a Warrington shirt
  10. You can add the likes of Andrew Johns, Allan Langer, and going back to just before SL the likes of Fatty Vautin & Michael O'Connor were complete flops
  11. Like other Warriors players he was forced to choose between his job and his family in 2020. You can hardly blame him for wanting to put his family first and choose to sit out the season rather than be forced to not see them for an unknown length of time.
  12. Paasi & Mata'utia - proven internationals so yes happy with those signing's. Thompson, jury is definately still out on that one. Cant say he was a signing that filled me with any sort of excitement and think there were other players out there they should have looked at first. Guys like McMeeken were available and would have preferred Saints went for him rather than Thompson. As for English talent rising to the top, these guys need time to develop but all too often they get discarded for an average overseas player because of the fear of having a bad season and being in a relegat
  13. And herein lies the problem with SL and our National Team. The competition over here is flooded with bang average overseas players. There's probably 60+ of these guys in SL right now. Just think how much better our National team could be with a player pool of 60+ more English players to choose from playing at SL level every week. I'm not against overseas players coming here but most (not all) only do so because they can't get a regular spot in an NRL team and they know SL clubs will throw good money at them instead of investing more in their own juniors. This is in part also down to
  14. There's a reason not many people have heard of Copley & Moga - because they've done nothing of note throughout their careers. Hurrell & Naiquaima have both represented their countries multiple times and in KN's case it the national captain. Both a clear step up from the likes of Copley & Moga who offer nothing that you couldn't get from a British player
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