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  1. I agree - Penrith form team all year and playing some fantastic footy. Its was just the Roosters bad start that's put them further back on the table, easily the 2nd best team all year behind Penrith. Hoping for a Panthers win !
  2. Don't know about Abdull's past disciplinary record but Lineham's is poor, he seems to be picking up bans every year for various indiscretions.
  3. Yet they somehow always manage to find enough money for the yawnion 6 nations. Last time they put in a joint bid with ITV worth £65m / year and that was just to televise 25 games. Assuming it was a 50/50 split the good old Beeb was shelling out £32.25M a year to show just 13 yawnion games.
  4. Forgot about Albert. As well as being an NRL player he was also a part time sprinter and while at Newcastle he ran an Olympic qualifying time but chose not to go.
  5. If I remember correctly I think former saints2nd rower John Harrison was 6’ 8” (remember him the famous head the ball try for George Mann)
  6. Apollo perellini fastest prop I can remember playing lee Gilmour for 2nd row shaun Edwards, Shaun long or Danny McGuire for half back
  7. It depends on whether you 7 or 8 points behind If its 7 you need a try first and foremost so running it is the best option, as if your then only 1 point behind it brings the drop goal into play If its 8 then you might as well take the 2 as you need a try and a penalty to just draw anyway, so take the 2 on offer and then go for the try.
  8. If anything I think its Saints left side that's more vulnerable with a likely pairing of Simm & Grace. The right side is likely to be Bentley, Naiquama & Welsby, all decent defenders with the mobility to cover wide plays
  9. Good close game on the cards for this one. Rovers buoyed by their win last week and Saints with a few injured players back like Taia, Fages & Naiquama
  10. Like Leeds one of the options offered by Saints is that the value of the games missed due to Covid this year can be deducted from the cost of your season ticket over the next 3 years. The deadline for this option, a full refund or donate the money to the club has to be made by 15th September.
  11. Its bad enough that they're using this fudged system to decide the Top 4, at least the overall winners will be decided on the pitch. I seriously hope they're scrapping the LLS and prize money. Imagine if say Saints or Wigan play 20 games and they win 17 - Giving them a league points total of 34 and a win ratio of 85% Then say Catalans only manage to play 15 games and they win 13 - Giving them a league points total of only 26, but a win ratio of 86.6% meaning they finish top. It would be absolutely farcical to award a trophy and a £100K cheque to a team who won 4 games less than the teams immediately below them.
  12. Its completely descended into a farce now. The opportunity to 'manipulate' your final league position means clubs will be trying every trick in the book. Lets say Saints, Wigan or Warrington win their next 5 games played, they've reached the 15 game minimum and their win % will be such that they are virtually guaranteed a top 4 place - so the remaining games become meaningless and theymay not play them by manipulating Track & Trace to get games cancelled. I'm not saying that clubs would do this, but when you have a system that is so open to abuse and difficult to regulate it questions the integrity of the whole league.
  13. There were similar arguments in the NRL not that long ago and they took that bold step, going even further than most have suggested for SL. They offered licences knowing that some established clubs would have to merge to form joint ventures, and if they didn't one of both would disappear. They created new licences in paces like Brisbane, Gold Coast, N Queensland, NZ & Perth, and while some like Perth were spectacular failures the majority of these clubs have thrived. Look at Brisbane they are arguably the biggest RL club in the world and they came from nothing just a few decades ago. While RL has always been more popular in Aus than it has in the UK they took that bold step and it didn't take long before TV companies and sponsors started to come on board and the money followed. Its been far from perfect with numerous examples of mis-management both at club and governing body level in the NRL but on the whole its been a success.
  14. There was little wrong with the licencing format we had last time, it was just pi$$ poorly administered by the RFL. They had criteria like stadia, revenue etc. but every time it looked like one of the current top flight clubs wouldn't make the grade they moved the goalposts to keep accommodating them. Set the criteria for the stadium, set the criteria for financial stability etc. and stick to it. Everyone then knows what they need to achieve in order to gain a licence. If you don't meet it, or can't maintain it then you don't have a licence - Simple !!! If it means starting with only say 10 clubs then so be it, and then keep adding licences until you reach the desired number (say 16). After that you can replace clubs who fail to maintain the standard required.
  15. That result was coming ! Rovers played well against Wire but just came up short, they played really well last week against Saints, but again just came up short. This week they continued with they playing style but cut out a lot of their silly errors and they outclassed Wigan across the park
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