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  1. No it just needs professional athletes to start behaving professionally and not like total knobheads. The vast majority manage to do it, it’s just the small minority who ruin the good name of the sport. if Walsh and some Melbourne players now end up unemployed for the next few years then tough titty.
  2. Well Leeds it is then for Ferguson given they don’t seem to mind signing ones who beat the #### out of women
  3. I agree Walmsley has been not only the most influential player for Saints this year but head & shoulders above every other front rower. The guy made as many metres on his own as the entire Leeds pack a few weeks ago and yet performances like this barely get recognised in the mos scoring.
  4. Don’t worry mjm and sks can have a week off I’m still sunning myself in a Caribbean beach until Friday. it’s hardly worth baiting them this year anyway they’re just also rans
  5. Not for the first time this year either. Only a few weeks ago they were completely outplayed by 2 kids in Welsby & Dodd.
  6. That was the Ferguson of a few years ago, he’s a long way past his best and a waste of money for any SL club.
  7. Watson took time to get Salford where they were so it would be harsh to get rid if Marshall so quickly. Watson can’t be that great he’s now got a full budget at Hudds and they’ve done nothing this year.
  8. And the silly season has started early even before this years over. Nice of you to at least include the current back to back SL champions and most successful SL era club as the 6th most eligible club, neatly behind the bankrupt bulls, a French team who have never even competed at the top level, and a Wigan team with no stadium of their own, oh and to also include the quaint yawkshire village of Featherstone in place of 4 current SL clubs, 3 of which are bigger and in the same geographical area
  9. Not good signs for Catalans going into the playoffs, thumped at home by Hudds and now a full strength team beaten by a Wigan team who have been average most of the year.
  10. Pretty sure the winger in debut Shay Martin is Tommy Martyn’s lad.
  11. So much for your super french players. Put 12 overseas players in your team and they're competitive, put 12 french players in the team and they get tonked at home by Huddersfield
  12. Now who's clueless - There's no such thing as the league title !! There's a league leaders shield and the SL Title is decided by the GF - CLUELESS
  13. Congratulations, they've won a virtually meaningless hubcap. Start crowing if they're ever champions !
  14. Hate to break it to you but neither team have won the league title, SL or Championship, the Champions are decided by a play-off system.
  15. Except none of the other clubs were parachuted directly into SL partly on the back of promises to significantly increase french player numbers at the top level and provide a much stronger national team with a view to having regular competitive games with England / GB. I have nothing against the French clubs as a whole and if Toulouse win promotion then good luck to them, they'll have earned the right to be there, unlike Catalans. It was a similar story with Toronto, they won their way through the lower leagues and earned their place in SL, and I was more than happy to see them in SL on that basis.
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