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  1. i believe there is also an international american football association who organise a world championship but not sure of the standard etc.
  2. I would like to think pulling on a Fiji jersey in a World Cup and representing their country and families., a World Cup that isn't beyond them, is more important than an NRL pre-season. just to highlight the bit i like in your post... that is exactly what this boils down to, no more no less.. and it stinks that these players will feel pressure from the coaches to make a hard decision, one that is probably tough on them anyway with families, they need the support of the coaches and their clubs not the pressure they are getting.. that would be looking after player welfare not all this sh*t that V'landys has stirred up!
  3. Yes, every country that opens up will see a spike. Our trajectory is nicely down so any spike is hopefully an anomaly.. but they are taking a point in time look at the simple numbers (well theyre not but thats what they are using as an excuse) so why not take that snap shot now when it is lower etc
  4. and yet the facts are that our rates of infection are falling
  5. he might want to look at the statistics to be "a little cognisant of the conditions" in the UK.. another week with cases dropping.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57962995 I totally understand his argument that bubbling for that long is tough (though many people have had to shield over the last 18 months and would have been very happy to have been just simply bubbled with mates!!!) but that then is an individual decision of whether they want to do it for any longer surely.. or in the free world it is at least.
  6. to be honest its a refreshing change. This is the sort of thing we have (as a sport) been poor at in the last few years. "Managing the Media" and "Managing the Message" are really important and they have done this well IMHO.
  7. i think the point of the whole thread is that.... no, no one can, there isnt any... their pants are well and truly on fire..
  8. But you never ask the people it affects because remember as the governing body.. you know best!
  9. and a lot is around the fact that 1 positive means about 7 people sitting out.. we test heavily here and the contact tracing is far too strict.. this should end in a few weeks and then we should be completing all matches that are scheduled. Its knee jerk without any knowledge IMHO
  10. I think it would be a bigger slap in the face to v'landys if we have an aus 13 and nz 13 made up of a real strong squad that said "I want to play"... his player welfare argument goes out the window then... Unless he is sort of waiting for them to do that and he says oh OK then but you know the consequences we want you all at pre season training on time.. no excuses... you've broken the cba etc..
  11. Don't agree... I'd buy tickets to other games but I would avoid anything involving those two... if the other games were packed but there's were half empty I think that would speak well.
  12. And had COVID cases I believe... good to see they are taking player welfare so seriously...
  13. That’s exactly it.. it’s all about disruption to the precious nrl.. no more no less. Get all players into other teams and let’s see their true colours.
  14. Well they will be now because of the millions the nrl just gave them.... wait till they need some more from a nice uk tour... sod off
  15. The bag of wind opens his laptop again! There are people who have been shielding (not in a luxury hotel) for 18 months... not a few months here or there.. they haven't seen new born family members, not been to sick and dieing relatives and all the while losing money because they cannot work, not earning millions.. There are people who, while not being in a bubble, have lost their jobs, their businesses, chunks of family etc etc This sort of thing is a celebration that that no longer needs to happen.. and they can get back to normal and be in the stands watching the game they love. Something that has kept them going.. If they players didn't actually want to come then fine that's on them and I'd be disappointed but I'd potentially understand it.. but by the looks of everything we are now seeing they want to bloody play!!! Let them play you sanctimonious wind bag... the clubs and the nrl rely on the people they are sticking 2 fingers up to... its an absolute joke. Play on RLWC and tell the aussies and kiwis (especially the kiwis.. 20 peices of silver) to sod off if they come wanting a "lucrative" tour
  16. Yep.. I mean how dare the international governing body look to run the international game.. thats much more of a job for a single national league..
  17. One example does not disprove all the other examples there have been where it is simply contact tracing. Mid August we don't need to isolate as a contact if double jabbed. Modelling is suggesting this won't be an issue come October.. unless a new super variant comes a long at which all bets are off anyway.. we are moving beyond the issues of this moment in time. Decisions made on today's data could/should be made to look very silly in 3 months which is why no other sport is making such a rash judgment about 3 months times today.
  18. It's following the modelling from my understanding which makes this sort of decision, based on what they say, so puzzling and therefore why it's so obviously horse manure
  19. Probably lower than ours (I don't much care) but mainly because they cannot get out and infect people.. ours would be lower if we were in lockdown but with good vaccination rates that would be pointless..
  20. nope i really don't because if it had they know this argument doesn't wash because the experts are saying that we can have full stadiums, we can un bubble in September and come October things will be pretty much normal... There is no way this was discussed because they know they would look stupid while other sports teams are all for coming over... there issue is solely about this 2 week problem.. this other stuff is guff and an excuse. its obvious to anyone
  21. it doesnt matter what the different levels are like because the countries are very much at different stages... its obvious if you want to look at it along with vaccinations and hospitalisations.. but lets not derail and get John getting the delete option back out agian.. its a pointless argument as they are 2 extremely different situations and not only that but where we are today is irrelevant its where we are in 3 months when they actually land that is important.. and we are on track to be more than ok by all the modelling.
  22. Tokyo is in an a state of Emergency and Japan is pretty much locked down...
  23. I said it on page 8 and i'll say it again... hes a giant windbag and the less we hear from him the better!
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