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  1. A lady on fb put a photo of her mobility scooter up with the caption : "Does any 1 no any thing about this not getting me any we’re Nead some 1 that no’s any thing about these battery’s sue on me after 1 Mile". Another lady put up a photo of a water hose reel that she wanted to sell under the listing title of : "Horse Pip". My mate reckoned the last one was actually listed by Officer Crabtree from Allo Allo.
  2. I am Alex Walmsley and, for the life of me, cannot see any way in which I'd be still as effective if the six again rule was binned.
  3. Well...in an 80 minute Grand Final where hardly any player plays the ball properly, Liam Moore decides to suddenly penalise Catalans for an incorrect play the ball and give the game to Saints as the clock ticks down. I'm sorry but that was a disgrace.
  4. I know, being a Hull FC fan and glass houses etc but...surely that's not saying much?
  5. Theres a few more Lee Radford can have as far as I'm concerned.
  6. You do know this is an internet forum? Since when have facts been relevant?
  7. Possible 9 months rehab needed after operation to reattach his medial ligament which will mean him being unavailable for most of 2022. Some fairly harsh comments on social media about Hull FC getting rid but that seems a definite possibility. https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/hull-fcs-josh-reynolds-serious-injury-update-43945/ Whatever happens I hope both parties reach an agreement and can move on, whether that means him continuing playing for Hull FC or not.
  8. You should have quit while you were ahead... Unfortunately Saints have the book, t shirt, dvd, etc., etc. so they will be considered strong favourites. But I'd love to see a new name on the SL Trophy and Les Cats have the SL MOS playing for them so they must be in with a shout. Alex Walmsley is a great player and very difficult to put down but he also constantly seems to play the victim and I reckon makes more forward gain from unjust penalties/six agains than tackle busts. If Liam Moore can buck the trend and resist allowing this then Catalans have a very good chance on Saturday. Our telly will be adorned with Garlic and onions as it was for the SF but I doubt it'll do much good this time. Gallic Heroes 14 Sintellerns 21. (Oh, and Lachlan Coote to win the Harry Sunderland Trophy with a Lord Mayor's type performance...I wonder what's in store for him after that?...)
  9. I've decided to sell all my copies of "Osteopathic Weekly", "Chiropractor News" and "Which Physio". If anyone is interested, I have lots of back issues...
  10. Wigan chairman Ian Lenagan said at a press conference to unveil the new backroom team: “We are delighted to appoint from within. “This is not a cheap option, it is a big investment in coaching.” If Lenagan feels the need to stress that it's not a cheap option, my thoughts are that most Wigan fans will feel it is.
  11. Connor McGrath, take a bow, sensational finish. Thought the sin bin that led up to the try scoring play was a bit harsh though.
  12. Seriously? I haven't called you a "tool" or told you what I think you should do. I merely commented on what I thought the mindset of the majority of RL fans would be.
  13. When Catalans walk out at Old Trafford in eight days time, I would have though the only RL fans not cheering them on will be the respective supporters of whichever team wins the second SF tonight. Oh, and maybe a few small minded "traditionalists". A new name reaching the Final is great news for our sport. A French team winning it would be the greatest thing to happen to our sport since Les Cats won the RL Challenge Cup. I simply cannot understand the mindset of anyone who might think otherwise.
  14. Aha...now I see why they call him "Young" Jack Walker. Anyone know what Jack Welsby Senior does?
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