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  1. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/tragedy-adam-walker-troubled-rugby-7664281
  2. Jackson Hastings has put it out on twitter so looks like it's confirmed. Bloody awful news.
  3. Has anyone mentioned the Western Terrace yet?…. I was just wondering…
  4. After Hull KR, Leeds are the team I dislike the most. However, after the disgrace of the RFL disciplinary this week, I’ll be rooting for them later.
  5. BREAKING NEWS : Following a successful appeal by St Helens, the RFL are delighted to announce that the 2022 Man of Steel Award will be taken from Brodie Croft and given to that nice young deserving man Jack Welsby.
  6. Looks like my IT "skills" have surfaced again, I'll see what I can do...apologies.
  7. A mate of mine was lucky enough to buy this photo off an internet auction site some time back. He's been in the RAF most of his life so it held a particular interest for him and he's had it reframed. He sent the following note with it : "Here’s another piece of history for you, bought this large original photo a few years back and re-framed it. WW1 relaxed the inter-code feud and led to ‘mixed RU/NU’ representatives playing together in military teams. This photo was taken at Headingley. Hull FC’s Jim Devereux is featured as well as Huddersfield & GB’s Harold Wagstaff. There are NU players on both teams." So, some famous names amongst the gathering, anyone throw any more info about the game?
  8. BREAKING NEWS: "Oscar Pistorious is to be released from prison immediately following a successful appeal from St Helens RLFC to have his murder charge overturned".
  9. We just have to hope that either the RFL twitter and facebook accounts have been hacked or they realise how corrupt they appear right now and backtrack with the excuse that they've been hacked.
  10. Someone has just pointed out that this isn't on the official RFL website...just the facebook version... I don't suppose?!?!
  11. Ahahaha!!!! Only in RL and only in the run up to a GF. FFS!!!
  12. Always seemed to struggle against Hull FC.
  13. Has the sailor in the crowd near the end of the video just walked straight off his ship to watch the game? Threepenny stand looks just like it did in the 1980's.
  14. I hope you lot are able to watch this, it's astonishing... https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=345795530656776
  15. Like I said, I so hope it's true, but as with a lot of stuff on the internet, it may well not be. If you haven't got anything good to say, please don't bother. Thanks.
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