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  1. then increase it to a full season then. the game is already violent enough without f*ckwits like ablett trying to take other players heads off. we can also increase the fines too. fine the bloody coaches as well.
  2. number of times king says 'all time great team' or a variation of = none. zero. nada. zilch.
  3. is this like when you just made up stuff about a certain ref a few months ago...?
  4. when gareth hock got 5 matches for man-handling the ref the ban finished just before the play-offs. the sooner we start giving totally disproportionate bans for stuff like the ablett 'tackle' the better. a couple of 15-20 match bans will sort this sort of thing out. 3 matches is nothing short of a disgrace.
  5. village tavern i used to watch football matches at this place, so they may show it if she asks nicely!
  6. apart from when he did his mathers impression to gift leeds a try!
  7. how similar was it to tomkins dive, arm first, onto a prone richie myler by the posts..?
  8. which is the critical point, i had exactly the same view as you and saw pretty much exactly the same thing, the ref was 30 feet(?) lower down with several rather large obstacles potentially blocking his view.
  9. i hate to disagree with you, but it was a shocker at full speed!
  10. in a perfect world it was the wrong outcome, but the world ain't perfect! the ref only bottled it if he saw the hit perfectly or his tj's said the hit was a shocker. should the vr offer an opinion..? who knows, in this instance the right decision would have occured, however, it opens up almost every tackle to scrutiny.
  11. first, the position of the players, the 'hit' will have been shielded from ganson by them. second, he only blew the whistle in the first place for ablett being offside. third, ignore the wigan players reaction, they were 'protecting a team mate who'd just got clobbered. the wigan fans will have had the best view of the challenge as they will have seen just how high ablett's arms were, tv viewers will have seen it as a shocker because of their viewing angle too. to the leeds fans in the east stand it will have looked ok. he's not averse to giving out red cards which makes me think if he'd have had a clear view on it he would have. you can't dole out cards based on how loud players and fans shout!
  12. the ablett decision was always going to be 'on report', bailey's was the poor decision, before the tackle was complete he was blowing his whistle and shouting 'on report', he knew full well what had gone on.
  13. the completely ridiculous journey to get to wembley from norway and back last year. thank f*ck we won.
  14. after careful consideration, taking into account potential line-ups, future games, current form, the game venue etc. i can safely say we're gonna get d!cked. again.
  15. so, to almost secure 2nd place we now have to beat sts at home. woo-bloody-hoo!
  16. as a finisher he's brilliant, excellent pace and just has that knack of being in the right place at the right time. if you want someone to be able to open the aussies up with something a little bit different, tomkins is the bloke.
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