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  1. of course it's enough. because we won the cup last season, plus, i'm, the eternal pessimist. and? at some point we won't be winning anything, then you can return the gloating in spades!
  2. i totally agree. i've been saying for years that mcguire at leeds could be be a world class full back. i'm all for players learning new skills/positions, chris bridge at our place has played almost every position apart from prop. with tomkins the potential is there, greater than myler/eastmond to become a genuine world class half back. it's wigan's choice to try and turn him into billy slater mk2, in sl that will probably work, especially in a team that bosses most of it's games. in the international arena, i'm not so sure, plus who replaces him at so..? don't say pryce!
  3. i'll get back to the first part later. in a bit of a rush. how are we 2 years further along? we were ###### last year, the cup win masked some glaring deficiencies. we won't win anything this year. leeds will sweep the cup/gf. fans are fans, i'm yet to know fans of any club in any sport who don't have an element of 'we're the best ever' when they win something.
  4. there is no briers v tomkins debate. they're both at opposite ends of their respective careers, i just like the fact that everytime they're on the same pitch together one of them seems to pull out his autograph book and gaze on in total awe at the other! then he's got a decision to make, does he see himself as a full back or half back. personally, shifting england's best half back to full back is madness and if wigan/mcguire is doing it to accomodate his mate from melbourne then i'd be ###### off if i was a wigan fan.
  5. oh absolutely, he's selfless too, learning a completely new position to accomodate(sp?) brett finch goes above and beyond.
  6. excellent performance from the pies. that's the hubcap sorted. good to see briers emptied his pockets before washing his shorts last week and tompkins(sp?) was able to turn out.
  7. absolutely, i seem to have heard it all before though...oh, wait, i know where...
  8. the trophy started being awarded before a grand final took place, so the captain of a st. helens side and a wigan/bradford side.
  9. they're not too big at all! i'd happily groundshare with widnes.
  10. hmmm...seems that way. in fairness he was on the same train.
  11. dave hadfield, bolton station. dave hadfield, manc picc, legging it (i'm being generous ) for a connecting train.
  12. there was a guy from rochdale on radio manchester praising the rfl for all the help they gave them. it was a while back.
  13. when i saw him in the world cup in 2000 he looked bloody phenomenal, a fast, skillful half back who was built like a second rower. but it never quite happened for him after that.
  14. the fact that i've done it would suggest i am. if it causes you some emotional distress, my apologies.
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