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  1. Doing a job in Toulouse https://www.to13.com/actualites/trent-robinson-intervient-a-lassociation-du-to/
  2. http://www.catalansdragons.com/photos-1185-1201-week-end-3-4-decembre/ These pics from last weekend indictate what the club is about and what I think Mcllroy will be getting involved in - Elite 1, U19s and Women as well as Super League
  3. Paul Would Trent Robinson be over visiting the French inlaws in Toulouse. In the stand near to you the people mentioned also where Bernard Guasch and Neil Mcllroy the new Sporting Director
  4. Best set of games since some time. Avignon poor in the opening game against Lezignan 0-16 after twenty minutes but after that the home side got stuck in - finished 6 a piece after that. Baby Dracs best effort this term. Seven of the team Saturday played against Wigan for the Dragons in SL last season. After a slow start new coach Eamon O'Carroll getting them now in shape. Biggest surprise of the lot in Round 8. Last time I saw them Limoux put 50 points over FCL with their Maloney/Normam in tag. Where did that come from yesterday? Pia still undefeated at home and with their new international players from SL. How will they go now into the new year. Really interesting see how they'll go. Toulouse ran them close in Salanque yesterday after their first win last weekend. They have 4 bonus points the highest of the competition. I thought Villeneuve would have got their first win against St Gaudens at home. One of the other biggest shocks of the year so far is what player/coach Mitch Garbutt has done up below the Pyrenee mountains
  5. Pia Line up today against Toulouse Elite 1 with 2 internationals. A Kiwi in centre Dean Whare and French second rower in Benjamin Jullien. Also former St Esteve Hugo Salaboi forward. Impressive Next weekend the Catalan derby between the Baby Dracs/Pia . Think the game will be televised live on ViàOccitanie
  6. In R4 Avignon well beat at Limoux 46-14 but two weeks later gave Albi run for their money. Should be good today against Lezignan. If they get a win shows their in the run for top 6 and the run-offs come the Spring. The three Aude sides have had domination in recent times. Could SOA, Albi and on coming up on the rails watch out for Pia.
  7. A Scot I think - who has become the Sporting Director at Gilbert Brutus after spending nearly twenty years at the Clermont Top 14 rugby union club. Taking over the CEO Christophe Jouffret position which was made vacant some years back. This post though is very different to the one Jouffret held. Mcllroy role will be that of developing all the teams at the Dragons from the Academy upwards. He feels that the recent World Cup indicted a need for improvement. He wants to see more French players than overseas players in the long term at Brutus.
  8. See that Pat Moran has returned to Avignon. From Newcastle, Rochdale and London Broncos. A decent prop - should help the Provence club in their hope of a top 6 finish come the Spring time
  9. Limoux did yesterday as we thought ran over St Gaudens with ease. They did the same too with FCL weeks before. Their Australian half-back Templement didn't play Sunday and they expect to have their other Australian full back Santo back next month. This coming up weekend Championship holders Carcassonne are up at L'Aiguille to take on the Grizzils. Should be a belter. The Canari have up to now beat everybody at Domec with ease - with games being over by half- time. Yesterday it was the opposite until the hour mark with Pia showing up. The former St Helens forward Paulo leading the visitors with aplomb. Pia were in the game till nearly the hour mark after having two players yellow carded earlier. Good to see Toulouse reservers to get their first win of the season at Arnaune against the younger Dragons reserves. The Perpignan side lead up to half-time (12-22) but the more experienced out-fit roared home (38-28)
  10. Going into Round 7 we see 1 to 7 teams have won all home games presently. Encouragingly including Pia who were promoted and St Gaudens who hardly won a game last year. It will I think come to an end this weekend for the latter as they host Limoux. Last night a super game up in the Tarn with Albi just about got over Avignon on the bell after leading most of the time. SOA were hopelous recently at Limoux but last night a different team. No sign of big brother Miloudi yet to wear the Albi colours but his lttle brother Amine had plenty of tricks in the blue and white of the visitors here. TO reservers and the Dragons reservers should be interesting this afternoon too. The Toulouse out-fit interesting. They have players who look like could be in the Championship come 2023 with the likes of Lima and Marguerite who played for the French 'B' team against the English Knights add on tothe likes of Biscarro, Australian Pelligra and Brochon who has played Super League with the Dragons
  11. See that forward Hugo Salabio has joined Pia. Jullien and Whare two international players - who have come from the Dragons are expected next month too. The Salanque side could be heading up later on.
  12. It's worth remembering that France were only 18-14 down at Bolton at half-time against England. Against Samoa the injuries in the backs made it impossible. England should go without NRL players next April. France with Bousquet and Navarrete fit adding along with other forwards Sangare, Springer and Dezeria could make a difference up front too.
  13. The Lezignan centre Bousquet was sent off for biting in the 16 th minute. The home side were already six poins up and the visitors couldn't put the finger in the dyke. Four tries added on for a 28-4 lead at the break. Another 6 tries followed. The only light in the FCL was the two tries from the new Aussie Norman. A bit bizarre that FCL a week before saw the same thing happening but in their favour against Pia. Like too - that also had players yellow carded and finished with eleven. Interesting too that Limoux lost their winning run at Albi the week before but this time the home side could win in over time after having a play dismissed early in the second half.
  14. The 16 yr old USA Asian lad gave me one of the best images of the whole RLWC today. He only came on late on looking lost with the French 45 yr old man of the match. The youngster with little space just about did it with a lovely delicate inside pass to his partner to get their one score. I saw on the replay the teenager jumped for joy. Fantastic!
  15. What a game at Albi 22-22 all against undefeated Limoux. It took eleven minutes in overtime for Pierre Carivenc to get the ball over the cross bar.and the Tarn side the victory. This now gives the Grizzles with the the two other Aude sides with one losses followed by Albi, Avignon and St Gaudens with 2 losses after five rounds. That leaves new comers Pia with 3 losses all away from home.Crushed at Lezignan with Australians Malony and newcomer Norman from Toulouse to the forte. Pia had it hard just after the break with one sent off and a second player yellow carded. The bottom gives us with 4 losses. The Baby Dragons, now more than ever called with such a name, with one win against Villeneuve/Lot. The Catalans were all over the place at Stade Domec as the Canari ran riot first half. To their due though the visitors respounded with some gusto which may keep them on an upward curve later on. That leaves us with TO Elite 1. They have only played four games as the opener at Villenueve was posponed as some players were called up to play for the French 'B' team to play against the England Knights. The last two games though have seen them go down by just 2 points once against Lezignan. I think there's a chance to see them also better times.
  16. The two best maybe FCL-Pia along with Albi at home to unbeaten Limoux. The Catalan club unbeaten at home and gave Limoux a tough game up the Aude valley earlier. Albi after losing away at both Pia and Carcassonne need to show up in the Tarn on Saturday. On Sunday last year's champions Carcassonne face up to the Dragons' reserve side at Stade Domec after the young side got their first victory against Villeneuve last week. Be interesting to see if Morgan Escare turns out for the Canari. Interesting too up in the Pyrenees with home side St Gaudens receiving TO and hoping to hold on to their undeafted two home game record. The visitors with no wins yet but got very close last week against Lezignan - just two points the difference
  17. Noted former Villeneuve players in forwards Masselot and Biscarro. The latter to look out for in this new look out TO Elite1. The back line too looks far better than last yearwith Laguerre at full back with centre pair of Lima and Marguerite both who played for France 'B' against England Knights recently. On the wing the youngster Depeyre coming of age. They looked bigger than FCL in a all white out fit too. Still no commentry on the 'streaming' but location changed to the opposite side facing the granstand which had a fair few supporters on. At last a new electric score board too at last which worked
  18. 4th Round best by some distance. The 'streaming' at Pia best ever - views aroung the ground extraordinary . Maybe near 2000 crowd too. Albi in front up to a half time 6-2 but the home side came home late on. Albi solid but need to get Hakim Milhoudi on the pitch. Limoux only team with clean sheet so far. Avignon struggled yesterday even if getting to the home sides line enough. The other young Milhoudi - Amine though has some delicate touches. A good signing for S0A. TO Elite 1 still with out a win but if they play as they did yesterday - will not be long. Lezignan who beat champions Carcassonne last week just heid out 28-30 courtesy of Maloneys goal kicking. The home side scored more tries too. Can see them getting some wins at Stade Arnaune this season.
  19. 16-44 16-38 20-36 42-20 First win for Dragons reserves v Villeneuve/Lot Saturday Got better one by one. Youngest crop this year I think first years had several 25 yr plus players. Last year 22/23 years may be. First look of St Gaudens since some time at Carcassonne yesterday. Only 18-14 behind to champions Carcassonne at the break. Garbutt Player/coach doing a good
  20. 16-44 16-38 20-36 42-20 First win for Dragons reserves v Villeneuve/Lot Saturday Got better one by one. Youngest crop this year I think first years had several 25 yr plus players. Last year 22/23 years may be. First look of St Gaudens since some time at Carcassonne yesterday. Only 18-14 behind to champions Carcassonne at the break. Garbutt player/coach doing a pretty good job there with Misky,Minger and Tabu in tow. Good to see them moving up at last
  21. See that the Dragons reserve set-up is linking up with the Elite 2 Ille club just up the river. Maybe to give everybody game time.
  22. Good having ten sides now though. This R2 gave us something we haven't had in a long time. Over all the losing sides averaged 18 points with the winners 26 across the board. St Gaudens who won just one game last season turning over Lezignan Champions in 2021.With Mitch Garbutt in charge turned over a HT 6-16 to win 30-20 against a side with Maloney and Baitieri on board Toulouse Elite1 lost at home to Avignon but lost three players injured including two players who featured for France 'B' last week in Marguerite and Biscarro. The younger Miloudi - Amine featured well at full back for Avignon too.
  23. I think you have to start up front. France missed Bousquet and Navarret as well as Springer. Hopefully the latter will be OK for opener. Think that would have helped. Sangare was the only one who showed up Saturday as he did against England last year in Perpignan. Got tries against both Tonga and England. Hope his brother at TO Elite 1 can follow !
  24. Is that right - Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson has joined the French Group in England?
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