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  1. I am sure they do, the RFL will have a media agency who collate the figures from the full BARB data - I doubt it makes much difference.
  2. What on earth are you on about?
  3. The sport is rugby league (or rugby for short) the name of the competition is the Engage Super League - it's really not difficult.
  4. Do what? Show Sky how many people watch on Sky?
  5. That will explain why aussie leaguiues have discarded theirs
  6. They do include it and it must be a constant source of mystery to them. The game is called rugby league in the UK - by the way, here's the logo for Super League:
  7. There is a competition called Super League, the sport they play is rugby league - the players are all rugby players. The Melbourne Rugby team, how will they go next season?
  8. I would prefer it to be called rugby league and for rugby league players to recognise that they play rugby - but, union has decided that isn't on and so australian rugby league does what union wants and denies its own history in order not to make any waves. How do you think the Melbourne rugby team will go next year?
  9. It wouldn't make any difference - Sky are fully aware of the viewing figures as are the newspapers - Sky aren't interested in RL, they prefer the sport they call "rugby" - the papers generally don't give a toss about RL at all.
  10. Good for union and how accomodating of rugby league to deny its own history in order to suck up to union. I am surprised the ARU didn't call the ARC the NRL
  11. According to the Sydney Morning Herald football means soccer
  12. I read a match report of Wigan v Warrington in one of Murdoch's papers, it was a side bar article on a page mostly given over to 2 foreign union teams.
  13. You don't need to parrot it at all, when other, stronger, sports have decided what they are going to be called you can pick up the leftovers. Footy is taken, by the way so you are left with "league" for now - that stands out doesn't it?
  14. Wasn't 3D only in pubs? They aren't counted in the BARB figures
  15. They saw themselves as a governing body for rugby. Aussie RL is weak, they let other sports decide what their sport can and can't be called.
  16. There was never a game called northern union - there was a governing body called The Northern Rugby Football Union - the sport played was and remains rugby football, or rugby for short. Australian rugby league folk might be keen to hand over their identity to union but that is because rugby league in australia is very weak - it shouldn't be allowed to happen in the UK.
  17. God knows, the posters all used that extreme metal type of lettering so I couldn't read them - the only one I could make out were Aftermath, from Keighley, who were rather good. There was a lso a band who sounded a bit like Kreator and looked like Cradle of Filth, they were excellent.
  18. Went to an extreme metal all-dayer at the Gasworks in Bradford yesterday, 'twas pretty good
  19. I often used to see Tony Rae in the Safeway (now Waitrose) in Wapping - they sold Open Rugby in there too so it was quite a mecca for those in the know.
  20. Is that what Sale are going to be called when they take over Salfords new stadium?
  21. Rourke has been saying for a while he is interested in doing a rugby themed film although this one would probably be more union than rugby. He has been out on the lash with the Huddersfield players.
  22. White Bean and Chorizo soup from Deli Belge in Sowerby Bridge is yum
  23. Spent the journey into work loving Music From The Big Pink by The Band - i tend to obsess over this album from time to time and am currently in one of those periods
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