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  1. Having a cheese evening. Camembert, brie, Roquefort and Gorgonzola. Wife won't come anywhere near me because of the smell of the cheese.
  2. 24 hours in police custody is brilliant. Last night they were looking at child protection officers. Horrible but essential work.
  3. http://instagram.com/p/sngf-0yquK/ Link works but doesnt post photo
  4. Picked up my first SLR yesterday. Can tell the quality difference between that and a point and shoot. Looking forward to getting out there and taking some photos to be proud of. First stop in 2 weeks, Southport air show!
  5. Downloaded first season of Ray Donovan on sky and not got round to watching it. Anyone seen it?
  6. Yesterday was a good day. My gran came out of hospital, confirmed funds to pay off holiday and paid deposit for safari while we're there
  7. I have just seen a copy of the draft itinerary for our personalised safari in Sri Lanka in March. Im not sure I can wait that long!
  8. I briefly turned over from BBC breakfast this morning for a fix of Susanna Reid. It lasted a couple of minutes before switching back to BBC
  9. My bike is off the road until i get new tyres. Current tyres are bald after 390 miles of riding
  10. Ive been told that on monday im expected to attend a H&S briefing on enhanced site risk assessments. A fact and a briefing im sure will be wholly uninteresting. I'm not sure how I'll sleep sunday knowing its coming...
  11. Stewart lees comedy vehicle. Went to see it as a work in progress in london in november and never laughed so much
  12. I may have allowed my cat to eat curry sauce. Im dreading the smell later...
  13. Weve booked our first foreign holiday in 8 years. 2 weeks next march for our 30th birthdays in Sri Lanka
  14. Generally good stuff there but would steer clear of the sausage. Poor quality skins that make the sausage collapse when cooking
  15. We had one that was passable. Had nothing on.bread made by hand
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