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  1. Prefer coley to things like cod. Thicker, cheaper and not as flakey
  2. Our local abbatoir will order it for you. Was in there and someone infront was buying 2 whole goats. £130
  3. Coming up are new series of both the thick of it and red dwarf.
  4. Tried suckling pig and oysters while in London for the cup final. Both lovely
  5. Had to take the cat to.the emergency vet last night, kept her in overnight on iv fluids and referred her this morning to our normal vet for observations. My pocket is now £400 lighter. Thank Christ for pet insurance. With any luck I might get my wembley funds back before the trip!
  6. Our credit control team are known in our office as the 'Sales Prevention Team'. They wated to refuse credit to Skipton Buildig Society for a job worth about £30k because they didnt give us 2 trade references
  7. Just watched this: and remembered how much of a legend Chris Morris is.
  8. P1000633 by stimpo66, on Flickr Taken in St James Park in August
  9. Ive just joined flickr so will be putting a fair few on there and ones I think are good ones I'll put in here. Feel free to have a look - http://www.flickr.com/photos/stimpo66
  10. I left work in torrential rain yesterday and my phone got soaked. Its just started working again...
  11. Bit squiffy after a few glasses of whisky. It quelled.the anger at the enforced watching of x factor and strictly come dancing
  12. Last day of holiday today. Back to the office tomorrow and its going to be hell
  13. My cat has just jumped over the wall into next doors yard. Chased their cat, stopped at their back door, had a sniff and toddled in. She acts like she owns their house as well as this one!
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