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  1. I'm cooking dinner for 5 today for the mother in laws birthday. I offered...
  2. My cat has just brought a half eaten spider to show me, then thrown it at me...
  3. We had club Wembley tickets. there was 4 people on each end of the row and no one between. it was nice to hear a lot of Non league fans saying it was their first game choosing a side to support to make it more interesting. a fair few tickets seem to have been comps and there was a few well know faces doted around such as parky. you could wander down to the dug outs before the match to see what was happening and we had the privilege of seeing the cup come back down passed us. you could see the tears on seniors face and the euphoria on briers face. i couldn't say though that if i had paid for that seat it would be worth the money each year. plus posh people still fight over spilt beer. kat. p.s sorry about lack of paragraphs Etc not too good on the phone yet
  4. We got our Virgin Media magazine this week - the hightlight of the 28th August was the Cycling. No mention of the Challenge Cup at all. I also will be cheering on Leeds this weekend Kat
  5. They have sometimes had specials that stopped in Birmingham and Leeds back from Cardiff that I've been on. I think these were from Virgin and weren't very well advertised as they were very quiet. They used the old Virgin trains so they were fine even if some of the chairs had lost the springs kat
  6. It is always worth also trying the smaller b&bs around Cardiff, last time we stayed in Barry which was fine for the amount of time we spent there. Plus its not far by bus/trains Kat
  7. Typical Tory. Using my connections to get into places for free.
  8. just wanted to add anyone who hasn't got transport tickets yet to try london midlands ( if they go near you) as out ticekts are
  9. That's why I married a yorkshire woman! And you can't argue with half way line seats for nowt!
  10. Heart says Catalan, head says wire. Neither will beat Saints or Leeds at Wembley
  11. Leeds. Never write them off. You need to be a good distance ahead at half time to beat Leeds. As Wigan and Bradford have found out this season.
  12. Im trying to prepare for my presentation and interview tomorrow. Its taking a while to cross all the Ts and dot the Is but im getting there slowly.
  13. Pork chops with mushroom and leek sauce, done! Gordon ramsey eat your heart out!
  14. One of my cats is limping, but only when she knows your watching her.
  15. My kitten doesnt yet know that shes going to the vets tonight. Good news for her though is she might be able to take her cone off.
  16. My kitten is feeling very sorry for herself. She was spayed and chipped yesterday and has to wear a cone for a week
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