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  1. You'll get a twenty page thread demanding to know why a rugby union journalist is using the word 'rugby' but you won't find anyone ever wondering why a soccer writer can use 'football'. What's the F in RFL stand for?
  2. I think the issue isn't that he kicked the scrote but that he did a bit of stamping too. I blame the influence of all the rugby union played on that ground.
  3. This is because there would be a constitutional crisis should there be more snow pics tagged in French than Flemish.
  4. A few days of the year when things are a bit different. It'd be like if something interesting happened in Belgium. They'd be talking about it for ages.
  5. The side roads round here look awful. Started snowing properly at about 9 and has just now stopped. Meant to start again later. The main road (on which we live) was looking bad but the plough and gritting team have just been through and it looks fine now. Lots of fun watching folk in the snow - and of course two boys hurling round the garden in it. Pleased I worked from home though - and not just so I could watch Argentina v Tunisia in the handball. Obligatory photie Royal Mail by Jon Smalldon, on Flickr
  6. Can't be. He was diehard Everton fan who only ever watched rugby league.
  7. Surprisingly good match for a semi final - should be 'interesting' at Villa Park!
  8. You can tell the age of the editors on a station sometimes can't you?
  9. I don't listen to Auntie much during the day... I'm assuming 6 Music/Radio 2 is moderately excited ...
  10. I really do like The Band Perry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tje63_DA0Tc
  11. Because, y'know, Natalie Merchant ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ynsdmd0jkj8
  12. I am listening to the insanely talented Matt Hill (aka Quiet Loner) and you can too:
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