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  1. It's all covered here: https://www.ft.com/content/5a1a8d10-d2cd-4467-b877-06146cdb48e1 It seems that there is strong scepticism about the 'doubling' number. And also, quite crucially, PNG didn't commission the report themselves so it's not them suddenly going, "Actually, there's twice as many of us so you better give us even more aid."
  2. I'm not saying it should leak - quite the opposite, really. Because, in RL terms, it stands out. Normally there are leaks and briefings left, right and centre. But for the IMG bit ... basically silence. I don't have a problem with that. But the fact that it is happening is noteworthy.
  3. I am very, very, very, very confused by the quality of the Microsoft Publisher anniversary branding as a logo. Are we going full on retro to the Windows 95 world of 1997?
  4. 2020 is a Covid year. I'm not sure you'd see the Swans suddenly become majorly profitable but the last year before Covid would be 2019. 2020 was a Covid affected season and they played mainly outside Sydney or to empty houses*. * = Insert own joke here
  5. I like that he's managed to create a career out of what talent he has but ... I have never understood how he gets so many co-commentary gigs (in live games, I don't watch enough magazine style programmes to comment on him there) where it is obvious he has done so little research on the players and teams involved. It should not be possible for me (me!) to know more than the bloke on the TV.
  6. Why or how would it become a big deal? Not saying it's not an interesting or inspiring story as it genuinely is but - and this is a more broad point - RL in general is *absolutely terrible* at talking about its history in any meaningfully engaging way. We just don't really have the (searching for a better phrase) [social] media eco-system where this kind of story is going to find an audience.
  7. Nah. We've heard this before. It's the same software that did the RLWC tickets so everything is now double counted.
  8. Strange response to my helpful comment that, having checked, yes, the crowd of 10,550 came about on the day of a free ticket offer.
  9. Entirely because England went for it and then declared when they did. The pitch is a joke.
  10. The short journey from my front door to Westfield in the Mid Sussex League. Today's opponents: Reigate Priory. So a Mid Sussex League match featuring zero teams from mid Sussex. Reigate Priory are an interesting one. Founded in 1870, they were one of the teams to buy a share of the first FA Challenge Cup and entered in 1871/2 (the first tournament). However, drawn away at Royal Engineers, they decided not to travel so the Engineers proceeded to the next round by walkover and became, in due course, the first losing finalists. Finished 2-2 today. We had a sin-binning, a straight red card and a fair bit of action. Crowd of about 40. Westfield will be expecting more when they eventually move into their much longed-for new ground next year.
  11. We could see an eight day Test unless the batters decide to get out.
  12. Seems unlikely. There's only 1,000 people interested in rugby league in Wales. (Was that this thread?)
  13. We have countless clubs selling memberships that don't make you members of the company. So what are you a member of in that case?
  14. They have to nominate like for like replacements in advance. I think it's been around for a couple of years now.
  15. But it's not hidden. It's really clear about what it all means.
  16. It's a benefactors circle, enhanced membership, non-voting investment with perks. Really not sure why some people are getting hung up that a £500 contribution doesn't, actually, give you a controlling vote.
  17. Good to see clubs using smart ways of getting people to commit more money in return for a few extra perks.
  18. We should be men enough to learn from netball where England have two nations who can be guaranteed to be competitive when they tour. Coincidentally, they are Australia and New Zealand. But Oz and NZ don't want to be touring all the time. So England now play regular three-match series (that they are highly likely to win 3-0 a lot of the time) against Malawi, Jamaica, South Africa and a couple of others. The promotion around these is all about building a sort of club England brand - remember when the RFL was going to do that too - and the games get on TV, play to decent crowds and are mostly sold as a celebration of the game. I really do not understand why we can't do that for rugby league - other than some perverse belief that everything we put on has to be perfect (and guaranteed in advance to be that, see also the obsession with RLWC super groups) or else we might as well not bother.
  19. This doesn't just apply to internationals but is repeated across all areas of the game.
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