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  1. Where in that process (either before DA arrives or after) are the multiple times they failed to pay people? I don't really care about the rest now. We have professional rugby players not being paid what they are owed whilst bootlickers peddle sob stories about billionaires not having easy access to the (to them) button money required to make that right.
  2. Given the number of colleges and conferences now opting out of an autumn season, there could be some Saturday games for Sky to show.
  3. It was a feature of the BBC match report which also included a photo of the Wakefield team standing.
  4. Interestingly (?) I did a bit of googling about the channel and it seems that they don't really buy the rights for anything. They have a few sports they'd like to bid for but don't have the money to and the few they have paid for are all for rights "in five figures". But they are free to air so it can't hurt the Catalans being on there, even if L'Equipe aren't that enthusiastic.
  5. This was the suggestion put forward on Radio 4 this morning. They'd narrowed it down to pretty much the location via their track n trace set up as well. I make no further comment at this stage.
  6. Bootlickers lick the boot of the money man and pretend that this is fine because life is hard and no one, least of all the professional sportspeople they watch, should be paid a fair wage for what they do.
  7. Sky seem to be showing the barest minimum of Blast fixtures as possible. The rest will be available, in the same way as the Bob Willis Trophy, via streaming.
  8. Not currently. Must have been up for about five minutes.
  9. A very long winded post to say that it's fine for David Argyle as a man and Toronto Wolfpack as a club to walk away from their obligations to the people who actually play the sport because, well, life's tough get over it. The ability of some supposed fans to show slavish devotion to the money men but contempt for actual sports people is always quite impressive.
  10. No, I think this is different because it is so high profile. You won’t get any support anywhere for any kind of exceptions to support clubs outside the pitifully small area of the M62 corridor now. EDIT As an example, the failure of PSG meant the hoops for Catalans were tough - and there was a pretty long gap between the death of one and the acceptance of the other.
  11. This is the gutting thing. There was, and still is because I'm in it, a middle way. Of feeling of being thrilled that Toronto was a possibility but also increasingly concerned about the noises coming out regarding dodgy dealings, missed payments and the whole host of "don't pull back the curtain to reveal what the Wizard really looks like" concerns. They've set expansion back decades.
  12. He's choosing not to pay players who are under contract to him. For three months and counting. I don't care whether that's Toronto or the Hastings Mighty Love Gods, someone who chooses to do that should not be welcome anywhere near our game.
  13. Other sports do, whether that's player's unions or association. Not always perfectly but there's far more player support available, including payment of missed wages.
  14. A lot of people are going to have been burnt very badly by this in many different - and the game of rugby league itself will be damaged. But we all know that the real villains just dust themselves down and walk away.
  15. They do indeed: https://www.theaa.com/european-breakdown-cover/driving-in-europe/what-do-i-need Also note the changes from the end of the year.
  16. I really like the format and would like to see it expanded for future years. It seems more natural than the two division set up.
  17. I still love the fact that cricket created a three division set-up where you only play teams within that division but then the two best winning teams which, you would think, could come from the two weaker divisions out of three, are the ones who will go through to the final. Said final being played five weeks after they've crammed the season into four weeks. It's beautiful. Anyway, Blast fixtures and women's domestic fixtures (eight regional centres I believe) announced on Wednesday.
  18. It's a really odd selection of stories today. There's a high placing for a funny bit of baseball that would normally be on the bottom line rather than in the main selection for example.
  19. He will now. There's an anonymous post on a web forum pointing out his mistakes. He has been ENDED by this.
  20. It's worth noting that whilst it's possible, just, to justify Hiroshima, it is absolutely impossible to do so with Nagasaki. This handy thread gives a primer as to why ...
  21. This is an area where having a realtime SatNav is helpful as it converts the km/h limits to mph and also puts up the ones that are known about because they're standard (and therefore not necessarily signed) in urban areas.
  22. Calais to Zurich on the route planner looks like it may involve as few as two actual road junctions so could be one of the easier journeys given that once you get used again to being on the right, it's all pretty straightforward. I've used a Garmin SatNav with Europe maps without any issue at all. A couple of times I've used my phone - just on its basic Maps app. One time worked perfectly, the second I could not get it to stop acting as if I were driving on the left which meant its announcements for roundabouts were just wrong. Each journey I have a good old look at the map before setting off so I know which places I should be looking out for on the signs in case things aren't clear or the SatNav goes stupid or whatever. The only time in Europe I've genuinely struggled was trying to negotiate the Antwerp Ring which is totally mental and the signage, unusually, just does not really help.
  23. Not really. You’re not playing rugby league if the game’s not sanctioned by a rugby league body. In the same way, if I have a kick about in the park it’s not officially football unless the Sussex FA say it is.
  24. Is World Rugby League still a thing? I swear those guys were paid by some in rugby union to wreck RL international development.
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