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  1. Apologies - didn’t see it. Like I say, I’m interested in a “nice to know” way but, ultimately, being right and pointing out hypocrisy will make not a blind bit of difference to whether NRL players come to the World Cup.
  2. It rather depends what he advised them on. But I do take your point about the breadth of his experience outside rugby league.
  3. That’s my understanding too. But given the past outright hostility the NRL has shown to internationale I’d be really interested in knowing what steps the RLWC took to prevent this happening. And how come we got this late before it was revealed that participation agreements hadn’t been signed.
  4. I have no idea what you mean by the last line. His CV could very well be impressive. So far he can’t include “delivered successful Rugby League World Cup” and, even when he can, I’d rather we have the best person leading the complex beast of the RFL (which may be Dutton) rather than just give it to someone because they were the visible face of one project. Because we had years of “Sally Bolton should do this” after the 2013 World Cup and it really did show up how small time our view often is.
  5. Really, why? He's just organised the first World Cup that the top two rugby league nations are refusing to attend.
  6. No. Absolutely challenge them. But accept that it will not shift the dial one bit.
  7. Being right isn't going to win this battle. Pointing out hypocrisy is not going to make a difference. Showing up the NRL for being myopic, self-interested shysters will not move anything in our favour.
  8. There really aren't. And whilst there are some "not bad" ideas from posters on here about league structures, the structure is far from being the biggest issue the game faces. But it gives the impression of doing something.
  9. Tranmere? I'd forgotten that. But now I'm getting a memory of some pitch issues which led to them either having to postpone or move games?
  10. It is, to quote Joey Tribiani, a moo point. We're not going to be in the Olympics outside of a possible - note possible - one off appearance in Brisbane in eleven years.
  11. The IOC tend - I believe - to go along with whatever the governing body's rules are.
  12. Yes, it's not a trick question, I've found a bit of a struggle to follow who's been doing what in the past year - and there has been activity in some surprising places so would be good to hear of other examples.
  13. Have any of these clubs been active this year? Interested in knowing the state of play for the tournament and the teams who committed to being in it.
  14. Isn't that how South Africa play, though? (I didn't watch it and rarely watch international union but that was my understanding of them these days.)
  15. I make only the observation that it seems that his fabled powers of recovery and stamina seem a little weaker at a tournament with somewhat more stringent testing than even the Grand Slams manage.
  16. Plus it's a team game with individual performances. No one can bail a bowler or batter out once you're out there. And you get some cretins saying that because some of them get paid well they should just up with it. Stokes has done the right thing. The door in cricket for this sort of thing was partially eased open by Marcus Trescothick and Sarah Taylor. It's good to see others doing the same when needed.
  17. Ended up volunteering today. We were out of sync with the timekeepers but it looks like a couple hopped out of the funnel and one guy, for reasons best known to himself, crossed the end twice. Anyway, all the times were fine in the end. First run back is thus next week.
  18. It'll be a cup tournament where they play the same teams some more. Be still my beating heart.
  19. They definitely had fake crowd noise for the first BBC broadcast.
  20. A very sad day. I'm properly gutted. The ownership didn't even let the players involved have a last at-bat.
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