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  1. I'm not that when 2020 started I imagined spending a Sunday morning watching Mandarin-language commentary of Taiwanese baseball on twitch. We're 4-1 down since you ask.
  2. 80kg today, assuming the conversion on google is right. Tiny Ginger’s birthday present of a table tennis table arrives today. He’s quite good so I may die.
  3. The company my parents use seems (touch wood) unaffected at this stage. The local companies here that run from Hastings to the continent are also taking bookings for later in the year. But in a world where Tui shed 9,000 jobs and Virgin just leave Gatwick, there can’t be any certainties about anyone.
  4. Werder Bremen because I went on a German exchange to Bremen in the 90s and whilst I was there Werder won the Cup Winner’s Cup. Last week, I endured a 4-0 loss but today against Freiburg “we” came good and edged a game where “they” threw everything at us 1-0. I must be getting into it because on 90 minutes with Freiburg hurling everything at the Werder goal I was heard to yell, “Just ****ing launch it, you useless ****s.”
  5. It's gone into administration at least once in the past decade and, I'm sure, has had 'restructures' and closures outside of that too.
  6. "Hibs fans are just Celtic fans who couldn't afford a train ticket" I first heard that one from a Celtic fan.
  7. It's fine. A few days ago the Chinese media were reporting that the situation in Jilin was under control. And, if this pandemic has taught us anything at all, it's that we can trust everything the Chinese government says.
  8. I don't think there has been anything confirmed from the UK government on that but there was a Northern Ireland five-step document which took us to December based on everything going the best way possible and the relevant line there is "Spectators can attend live events on restricted basis".
  9. We just got a £16m loan because the government made a manifesto pledge to deliver the Rugby League World Cup. Some recognition of the importance of that competition should feature. But I don’t see much criticism. The first option makes the most sense to me. The others I think are based more on fantasy than reality and could do real damage to the RLWC.
  10. Where does this bizarre idea come from that we're guaranteed huge crowds on Boxing Day and New Year's Day? They tried it in the "whatever the league below Super League was called at the time" and it was so successful they don't do it any more. It's been nearly 30 years. Let's not extend the season into January because the Chairmen are all getting mixed up between "when things were better" and "we were younger and it was all more fun".
  11. No internationals in any of the models? Ho hum. The most sensible is the most modest - model 1. As that would also give some flexibility if there were any problems later in the year.
  12. Not seen it covered on the TV but seeing reports from police social media ... Camber and other local beaches are apparently 'overwhelmed'. Joy.
  13. Football is endemic in this bit of Kent and East Sussex in a way that makes most of the rest of the country look like it's a marginal pursuit. Even union barely exists locally beyond being a good runabout on a Sunday morning for a fair number of kids (though, again, that number is dwarfed by the number of kids you see at the local junior soccer teams). Combine that with a genuine shortage (this isn't making excuses) of pitches and playing fields, and it's hard to see how even the most committed volunteer(s) could put together anything other than a merit team. And that's before you get to exactly where the nearest opponent is. Are Sussex Merlins still going? Even that would be a fair old trip in a coach.
  14. Greece RL "distance themselves" from the Euro XIIIs. Also point out that you had to 'apply' before you could join the meeting. Which is interesting. https://forty20.news/greece-rl-asks-for-new-euro-league-application-to-be-disregarded/
  15. A direct failing of the government there who will not remotely care how many poor or 'weak' people die.
  16. Not with the hotel closed and no ability to host concerts.
  17. [1] Yes. Just checked and steps 3 and 4 alone have 244. They will have season tickets. Step 5 has 320 and that will be a mixture of clubs that do and clubs that don't. All 566 will charge entry to matches as that's a requirement of being at that level. [2] Just a weekly national newspaper, and local coverage. You're right. There's no way anybody would have mentioned it.
  18. The season for most clubs ended about eight weeks ago. If it was going to happen, it would have happened.
  19. Yes, I get that, thanks. But the games that were played have been entirely scrubbed from the official record as if they never happened.
  20. Yup. I can think of precisely zero of the hundreds of football clubs who had their seasons voided who have refunded ticket purchases and season tickets. Cricket is slightly different because, as of right now, there doesn't look like being any county cricket played.
  21. Yes, I think Hearts have been thoroughly screwed by this. I am very biased though as one of my most joyful experiences was watching Hearts beat Hibs 1-0 in a particularly fraught Edinburgh derby and I always enjoyed my visits to Tyncastle back in the dim and distant. I've no problem with deciding titles but pushing through relegation just doesn't sit right. The issue with Leeds, if it becomes an issue, will be that the Football League and Premier League are distinct entities. They don't have to agree to anything. That said, the money Leeds in the Premier League will bring instead of - sorry @Niels - Bournemouth may make them find a way of coming to an arrangement. I can't see them going ahead with an irregular number of clubs.
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