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  1. It's a fine example of where the headline and quotes selected don't really match what Liverpool University are actually doing.
  2. Details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1996_Great_Britain_Lions_tour
  3. You could do it today though they might want to put on a jumper.
  4. Really not a fan of the women's final being a curtain raiser to the men's semi finals but nice to see some ambition with the capacity of the venue being booked for the games.
  5. Britain, by and large, has so few extremes that it would be possible (although very chilly and more play lost to light and damp) to play cricket in the winter just as it has proved to be possible to play rugby in the summer. We can do most things on most days - virtually all of them in fact - so it stands out when anything means we have to stop. Whereas some other places are so flimsy that they have to abandon all outside sport for half the year cos it's too nippy for them.
  6. It'll be monumental ignorance, half baked assumptions and not being bothered to find things out - all backed up by misplaced arrogance.
  7. There are definitely differences in some behaviour but there is still gamesmanship. One thing I've found out recently, and my anecdotal experience watching this backs it up, is that women get away with a lot, lot more when a man is reffing as against when a woman is reffing. I was told this by someone who monitors referee performance for a county FA. And another example I was given which seems to be true: both men and women refs don't punish late tackles anything like as much by female players as they perceive a man means it whereas a woman is less likely to. There's quite something to get your teeth into.
  8. So not what you said and no plans at all in place for future tournaments.
  9. You won't keep your attractive younger wife with that kind of attitude. Unless she was the one punching your thigh.
  10. Same. And same. I would gladly have cut your head off to make it stop.
  11. I think, TBH, the whining is more about them seemingly not having anything in place.
  12. Dallas, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis, Miami, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, LA Rams, Baltimore, San Francisco, Kansas City, New England,
  13. In the meantime, Tonga RU will have had around ten senior fixtures in the time between Tonga RL games. It’s not good enough to just do the bare minimum.
  14. The issue is that once you have a match set up where one side is so obviously superior to the other then, whatever is done, has the potential to be the 'wrong' thing. I thought England got it right. They played as a full strength side. They didn't take the mick with fancy moves or showboating. They subbed frequently in the second half and brought on players who hadn't had masses of game time before. They also didn't disrespect their opponents by easing off, passing for no reason or just deliberately winding the clock down. They also did the right thing by working hard to get the ball back when they weren't in possession. The only thing they might have done differently is the goal celebrations but it was remarkable how many of the 20 (twenty) goals meant something. Record equalling then record breaking. Debut goals. First hat-tricks. Etc. The crowd was also really into it too. It would be very hard to just nonchalantly walk back to the middle when you've got a crowd who are happily celebrating and waving St George's flags.
  15. Women's World Championship begins today so we get to watch a lot of leaping until discovering who will finish second to Norway in a little under three weeks. One match today - the hosts Spain taking on Argentina. Bet365 gives Spain a 12 goal start which seems reasonable. 'Kick off' is at 7.30pm anyway.
  16. The NRL's lack of enthusiasm will be because it requires a bit of effort.
  17. The reason it was impressive was that England kept their focus pretty much throughout and, at no point, resorted to fancy tricks or showboating, or stopping playing out of 'respect' which always rather gives away what you think of the opposition. Latvia had a couple of decent players but there is an always gulf here and it will take a long time to close. I don't think we'll be seeing 20-0 too often - and the fact that it's 16 years since England's previous record (13-0) backs that up.
  18. You obviously didn't watch it. There was absolutely no lack of class.
  19. Kicking off on time would be a new and radical challenge for rugby league on TV.
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