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  1. No - in fact just yesterday I heard from a usually reliable source it's Potter but the club is still ironing out the contract.
  2. I've never seen a team have to do so little to get a win as Hull did yesterday. Seriously, I mean talk about gifting someone the win. The first FC try, the Bulls players were tackling themselves FFS! Apart from the last try (which was spectacular by the way) they never properly threatened and the Bulls just utterlly collapsed from the start. The team did superbly to get back to a draw IMO - it was a completely different Bulls side who came out in the second half but the last try for Hull really was the gamebreaker - which was strange as there was plenty of time left to get the win, but it took all the wind out of the Bradford sails. Gutting - yesterday sums up the past two years for me. Also - what a lot of bizzare decisions by the ref and his assitants yesterday (for both sides before anyone starts). From Hull getting the tap on the 20, despite Tansey apparrently touching the ball before it went out in the opening sets - to the Touch Judge apparently overrulling a decision the in goal ref had made despite the touchy being about 40 meters away and the in goal fella 2 meters. Then the decision out of the blue to give the Bulls a penalty for Hull not playing the ball properly in the first half! You can't tell me every other PTB was correct in that game, so why blow for that? I'm not saying these decisions affected the outcome of the game at all - but it needs to be pointed out - the decisions weren't wrong because they were going against us or anything - they were just downright mad a lot of the time!
  3. Maybe, but the problem is how many 8 year olds actually read the mag? They are better served by matchday programmes for that sort of thing. Plus now the mag is properly bound, it's a lot harder to "pull out"! When RLW used to do the pull out posters it was a jack of all trades mag, and consequently was a master of none. It instantly reduces the gravitas of the mag in the readers mind, regardless of the rest of the actual content. It would be ok if RL had a "Match" style mag, as that's where you would expect posters of football stars - after all you don't see posters of players in Four Four Two. Of course RL is nowhere near popular enough to sustain that sort of kids mag. Since they got rid of the posters and the like, RLW is a much more focused and considered magazine - and all the better for it (IMO). I'm sure if John has a massive outpouring weeping for their return, they would be back. I wouldn't hold your breath though as I think it is the first and only time it has been brought up.
  4. One of the most outragous statements I have read on here in some time.
  5. Well at least I'm giving everyone a warning now, instead of people having to work it out for themselves! And the same to you
  6. Joined the smug ##### brigade and just bought an iphone. Then ate a Ginsters stake slice for lunch.
  7. Although it's always a faff, I love matchdays like that while it's all a big rush!
  8. In Fallowfield, but quite close to Withington. Was wanting to get a bit further down Didsbury way now I'm going into postgrad and my housemates will be working, but the house has just totally been done out from head to toe and is looking pretty nifty, so decided to go for it. Plus no deposit to pay!
  9. Just sorted out my new house in Manchester, and I'm chuffed about it.
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