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  1. As someone who has watched Look North for years, I can easily believe this. Mind you maybe Wolford is a miserable sod too and that's why he feels they would get along
  2. I've enjoyed Dates as well - pleasent little short stories. I think the characters come back through the episodes on different dates too. I thought the bloke getting with the waiter in the toilet was a bit of a daft development in last night's one though. Could only manage 10 minutes of The Call Centre last week before I had to turn over to stop myself cringeing to death. If David Brent had been like that, The Office would never have been made for being too unrealistic.
  3. I have tried Game of Thrones, watched the first three episodes and decided it really isn’t my thing. Not a fan of Lord of the Rings style mega epics with swords and dragons, although people always assume I do as I quite like Sci Fi. I can appreciate it’s well made and all that, but I really can’t get past the themes and the setting. I’m also surprised a lot of people on here hadn’t seen it, practically everyone I know won’t stop going on about it!
  4. Only 11 months until everyone in the pub starts blathering on about Game of Thrones again
  5. I also got Netflix recently and have to agree – I watch it mainly through the Xbox and is quite impressive. In honesty I did sign up when it first launched in the UK and thought the selection was a bit poor, but Arrested Development brought me back and it has impressed me enough to stick around for a little while longer this time. (BTW Sev, are you aware how easy it is to access the US Netflix, even on Apple TV? A much bigger choice and Netflix don’t seem too bothered if you do it as you are still paying them an amount of money to access their product. Won’t post the details here – maybe already posted too much…! I’m sure you are clever enough to work out how to find them if you want to though).
  6. Maybe - certainly one of the better ideas. The idea with the points as it stands is - I think - not neccesarily the three best players in the game, but the ones who had most impact. Something along those lines anyway, as often the MOTM for a side may not be the player in that side that gets most points. Combining that and consistency would be worth invesigating anyway
  7. Some good arguments regarding how the award could change. In general I do like the award actually, even though I think it has some flaws. I don’t necessarily agree that some of the winners/contenders devalue the award – if it was the exact same players that won everything else then there is little point in the award existing. I think the “average rating” thing is good in theory, but it would make far duller reading of a Monday morning IMO. Leave that to club end of season dinners and the local papers best player award.
  8. With the change in editorship, will we ever see a resolution to "Golden Boot - The Missing Years". It seemed like John had some sort of plan, maybe linking to the World Cup at the end of the year. Will it see the light of day? A shame if not. Also, new mag looks stunning. A natural evolution of the changes made in the past couple of years.
  9. Think it started around then - although there is such a massive turnover of cast that it's unsurprising it's unrecognisable from what it once was. When it started it was more of a straight-ish drama. Nowadays it's more of a long running serial - ie a soap without being a soap, much like Casualty/The Bill, both of which similarly evolved over time.
  10. Excellent! There are THREE teams that get promoted every year so it is extremely hard to keep track of over a 12 month period.
  11. I noticed the Like buttons around lunchtime. Does that mean I'm special? (I already know I don't have a life!)
  12. Yeah, I'm pretty pleased. Don't think he's ever had anything less than a solid performance for us yet. A real fan favourite in the making for us I feel.
  13. Cracking last day in the Championship all over, especially for the Yorkshire teams. Soccer Saturday came into it's own in particular! Double celebrations at Huddersfield vs Barnsley - apparently when it was clear both teams were safe the Barnsley keeper just kept the ball in his box for about 2 minutes and nobody even challenged for it!
  14. So many people have told me to get into Game of Thrones, but I just don't get it myself. Watched the first two or three episodes a few times in a vein attempt to get into it, but to no avail. Shame as I do want to like it (it looks superb on Blu Ray), but just one of those things I guess. My current obsession is Breaking Bad. No spoilers please, but just finished Season 3 and I thought the last two episodes were some of the best tv I have ever seen. Getting Season 4 at the weekend and am quite excited.
  15. Probably not for a few months - the second story was only filmed recently, while the one that was on over the weekend was filmed well over a year ago and has been ready for ages. I did enjoy it, the first part more so. I think two hours in total was stretching the concept a bit far for one story. Will still watch the second one though.
  16. I tweeted that I saw Nicky Campbell in the street the other week and that he looked surprisingly old. Didn't use his username, but he must have been searching himself as he replied to me a few hours later.
  17. Just a quick FYI regarding Sky Sports 2 being a "downgrade". Since this football season began, on Saturdays all of Sky's Premier League content from Soccer AM to Football First and all matches etc inbetween have been on SS2. Sky have noticably been shifting content around since then rather than just putting all their "good stuff" (in their eyes, not ours) on SS1.
  18. They are also at Chelsea vs Arsenal on the Sunday I think. Probably a bit of a logistical nightmare considering they probably dont have that many cameras. It is poor do after previously having said they'd do the GF in 3D though
  19. Didn't they beat Whitehaven in the Championship (presumably then NL1) final in extra time. Gutted for Haven that day - but Leigh sure went to town in extra time, fair play.
  20. Maybe, but it's not like Chelsea vs Arsenal is going to be struggling for viewers so it's not particularly balanced in that sense. Also just as a piece of information - I think Sky's magazine is one of the biggest print publications in the country reaching more homes than any other magazines just by the sheer number of subscribers. Regardless of if you think print media is currently relevent or not, or however many people chuck it straight in the bin - the magazine reaches an impressive number of people and coverage in there can do only good
  21. Not that one could tell from the title, but it is already being discussed at length on this thread - http://www.totalrl.com/index.php?showtopic=209170&st=0
  22. It's been all over the Bradford boards for months. Nostradamus, you ain't. PS - How is the Bulls' re-signing of Fielden going. You told us he was at Odsal inking the contract the other week and then you went suspiciously quiet on the matter...!
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