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  1. Hopefully this doesn't effect Salford too much.
  2. I just think choosing a location based on cost is completely the wrong way to go about it. From a strategy point of view it's pretty terrible. I really think in terms of getting the Challenge Cup right there are many ducks to be put in a row first. Then there are key questions to be asked about where any move to the heartlands would leave Rugby League in this country with no major events in London. We simply do not play enough internationals to depend on them being played there, and when we do we rarely play there anyway. If we are sticking with an earlier Challenge Cup outside of the Football season then stadium availability should never be an issue and similalrly costs should always be okay, especially if a team is going to rip up a pitch anyway.
  3. Lets leave it at that because you aren't adding anything and I'd just be repeating my previous reply.
  4. I can't say moving from Wembley to a 52k stadium in Liverpool seems like a good idea to me. The North West already has the Grand Final, I don't think the North West is the place for the Challenge Cup final too. Moves like this are the start of the Challenge Cup becoming the Regal Trophy in my opinion and pretty soon we will have 20-30k rattling about and calls to move to the DW or Bolton. It completely devalues it and there is no going back. I would like the RFL to have a proper crack at making the Challenge Cup work at Wembley for a good few years first, I genuinely don't think they have done this or invested in it since we moved back to the new Wembley.
  5. I'd love to know what the marketing and promotion spend was to achieve whatever crowd they did and how that compares with the Challenge Cup Final. I know they did full, multi days events in Trafalgar Square etc, which can't have been cheap, and I knew all about it and I am no fan of Baseball. I strongly suspect they spend many, many multiples of what the RFL did on the Challenge Cup. I firmly believe that the lack of investment into the Challenge Cup overall and the gameday/weekend experience has seen it get to the position it now is.
  6. Yes I know, it's been said repeatedly on this forum and I don't expect anything. I replied to a specific point about athletes that dont make the NFL.
  7. I remember thinking the same after we beat Penrith but we somehow won the next match easily too!
  8. Not that I am saying to move away from Wembley but it certainly ain't cheap and I highly doubt there aren't cheaper alternatives.
  9. Selling it as the best sport by a mile isn't really a good sell though is it? Sure RL fans may think that but fans of every other sport also think that about their chosen sport. Let's face it RL fans saying its the greatest game etc hasn't exactly worked so far.
  10. How are you measuring a considerable drop off in talent? That is a really vague wishy, washy statement. The talent pool in the US is huge, loads of talented athletes don't make the NFL. Combine tests show that. They also don't show this considerable drop off that you are talking about. The rest of your post is just you adding other reasons than the post I replied to.
  11. In terms of what RL would look for there would be very little difference between those that make the NFL and those that just miss out.
  12. Yeah, I think you are quite correct that this is a completely different role with different resources. I know Blease is highly regarded and may do well. He is though Salford through and through, even making sacrifices just to keep the club going, who has worked wonders on a shoestring budget. Leeds is a completely different beast with different demands and I think it's far from certain if he has the skills Leeds need. Then again he may work wonders at a big club, it will be interesting to see.
  13. Viewing figures in and good to see a considerably higher average than the RU final. No doubt the clash would have had an affect on the overall number. Nice dig at copycat journalists too :
  14. Loads of empty seats in the bottom tier too. It's hardly hugely different especially when you account for a few thousand more.
  15. I've never watched a sport where I don't feel like this at some point, usually quite often. It's perfectly normal.
  16. Absolutely this. Figures pre 2017 need to be taken with a pinch of salt and this is the highest crowd since then.
  17. There's been plenty of entertaining finals since then. Sure yesterday wasn't a classic but not every final of the 60s, 70s and 80s was either.
  18. Yes you are correct there, previously the match was always a very short curtain raiser and it was played much closer to the men's final itself, not 5 hours before it. I also suspect the kids wouldn't change playing at Wembley for anything, empty stadium or not.
  19. It doesn't normally sell out though, last year they got 61k. That is also the equivalent of our Grand Final too. I don't think you can underestimate that Twickenham is the home of English RU. They own it and have a latent audience all year round to tap into. It's quite different than turning up to Wembley once a year and trying to get a crowd.
  20. This is the trouble isn't it. We actually have more decent international teams than ever before but absolutely zero will to capitalise and build on it. Indeed it is quite the opposite at times.
  21. Well that was a lot more comfortable than I expected and far from the classic I thought it had the potential to be. I really did think it would be toss of the coin stuff but Warrington seemed well off the form we've seen this season. Wigan just did what they needed to do and looked far too solid for Warrington.
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