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  1. Maybe it's just the fact that a lot of kids have to play Union and get little/no choice at many schools. The RU schools competition is very serious and pretty professional in outlook so obviously it's going to be a key source of Rugby talent.
  2. Leeds do seem to completely collapse in the second half, it's happened a few times this season.
  3. Typical RU patronising quote shocker: “We are a sport that wouldn’t do some of the tactics we’re seeing from rugby league,” Hore said. “We’re a sport that has traditionally been known for nurturing young people – and done a good job of it.
  4. You've only made 8 posts, it's Dave and his 12 that is all me, me, me
  5. No need to apologise at all. Anecdotes like this are absolutely relevant to why the game is now where it is.
  6. I'll just keep flicking between whichever game is the closest. Thank goodness we are kept well informed of all the games so we can do that.
  7. It provides a few talking points but I think it's like the author is trying to frame things to fit a conclusion. Much of the history stuff conflates a lot and isn't really saying anything that we didn't already know. I'm not sure if what we see now is really a new tactical change, just an extension of what we have seen the last few years. It's certainly not like some of the stark tactical changes over the previous 3 decades that were pointed out. The data arguments include a lot of variables. The deception and dummy runner aspect isn't a great deal different. Sure players like Field and Walsh are special from the mismatches that are created but I'm not convinced it is incredibly different than Tomkins did at Wigan a decade ago. It's more much of the same with different teams utilising the players that they have. Stuff like outside backs making yards has been done plenty of times by the teams that have those players at their disposal. Different teams play different ways to suit the players they have.
  8. Just realised I got this email too. What a joke the RFL are. There are 11 sections available in the entire stadium out of 148 and you wouldn't particularly pick any of them if you had a wider choice. This just leads to people playing a waiting game and potentially then not even bothering at all.
  9. I suppose the difficulty will be persuading the better players to sign for Leigh. It's something that hasn't really happened at youth level in my lifetime. Maybe Beaumont and Leigh's new standing can change that.
  10. The restriction in the first place was ridiculous considering its a 90k ground that we won't fill anyway.
  11. Great news for Leigh, it really is a must for any SL club.
  12. I thought Eden Park was remaining as a bigger stadium option, its not that long ago since a fortune was spent on that took and it doubles as a Cricket ground. Plus it holds 50k. Any new rectangular stadium would then see the Warriors, Auckland Blues etc play in it.
  13. I really hope Wigan don't sign him for a third time. Should have never signed him the second time.
  14. Yeah strengthening the international game argument is nonsense. That could be done overnight already if the NRL wanted and I am certain the RFL/SL would go along with anything that meant more quality internationals, no matter the time of year.
  15. I was replying to a quote about women's internationals and creating a market for them and am talking about creating a market for the women's game generally. A final at a major ground is about the only game I'd make an exception for because it is evidently what the players themselves want.
  16. The first thing you need to do achieve that is to scrap the constant double headers and lumping the men's and women's game in together. Both games need to be treated as standalone events in their own right.
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