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  1. Oh bad, 1:02 but it was after 40 mins of weights then planks when I had no strength left really. I still find it really beneficial though as an extra and can definitely feel the indirect gains when doing weights etc.
  2. Whose full of love for the Mail? I think it's a terrible newspaper and deplore some of its reporting. I cant help but laugh at the irony though when this comes from a person that constantly quotes the Guardian then derides it when it doesnt suit.
  3. Weights done, Sally up, sally downs done. Trained 4 times so far this week. Not bad this working from home lockdown lark is it* * Yes I say that in jest as I realise others have been badly affected
  4. How many extra beds does the extra capacity equate to?
  5. The Daily Mail is normally one of the staunchest defenders of everything Conservative, maybe not quite at the levels we see of a couple of people on here but close. However throughout the Coronavirus pandemic they have been very critical of the Government and its actions, certainly in the online editions. That has been especially so over the last week or so. That speaks volumes really.
  6. I used to love playing that as a kid.
  7. Did anyone watch Horizon? Very interesting and a little scary seeing how much the UK Covid-19 numbers could be underestimated compared to Italy and Germany due to the much lower numbers of people being tested compared to those countries. I would also make anyone flouting the lockdown watch it to understand the impact of their actions and how staying at home stops the spread.
  8. And you think its competing now? They are almost completely different markets geographically and attract different demographics. I really cant think of anywhere where RL is competing with RU. In almost all RL places RL's competition is Football, its certainly not RU.
  9. Boris moved out of intensive care, which is great news, but still in hospital.
  10. When you see programmes in the schedule like at 7:30pm tonight on ITV Lockdown, How long can it last?, allied to some of the media this week and reporters questions in the briefing, its hard not to think that some of the media are trying to push an agenda. There has been a big change in emphasis this week that isn't reflected in anyone I know.
  11. Yeah quite surprised because I only managed 1:23 on tuesday when I did no other real training too.
  12. There are countless other aliases that you may know him by instead.
  13. I feel your pain with that. There is nothing more infuriating than talking and being constantly interrupted by people leaving and joining.
  14. Cardio done for 1hr (30 mins bike, 30 mins cross trainer). I then managed 1:36 of the bring Sally pushups which is a great improvement. I also did 1:18 doing it to leg raises.
  15. And that's just the ones that are known about.
  16. Yeah I agree with this. Personally speaking the lockdown has benefitted me with huge savings in transport costs and commute time and in many ways has improved my quality of life. I certainly feel happier with much more time spent with the children. Living in the country lockdown isn't too much of a burden either. I certainly have every sympathy with those that are much more greatly affected by this, including several family members and friends who have been furloughed, and fear for those that I know that work in the NHS. A good friend lives in London and his situation sounds pretty awful. Everyone's circumstances are different and I am certainly aware that I am, currently anyway, very lucky in all this.
  17. And if that scenario plays out then they may have at least 7 days off, and possibly anything up to 10 days off the following week. On average it is still 1 a week.
  18. I couldn't believe the question about opening schools again. Talk about idiotic.
  19. I did it after my weights today but obviously did far worse as a result with 1:02. Interestingly I did feel stronger whilst doing my weights after doing it for 4 days.
  20. What the Telegraph has been doing of late is so dangerous. The media have a responsibility and important role in all of this and what the Telegraph are doing isn't helpful in the slightest.
  21. I also think that with the general attitude towards those that are less well off in the US, particularly when it comes to welfare, health etc, that a lot of people are going to be more severely affected than in the UK and wont have the same level of care and support.
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