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  1. I do think Leigh Law has now surpassed Godwins Law when it comes to internet debates.
  2. I can't see why they would let one player choose his favourite number. The press articles say it was because he is captain and as no one else has been allowed to choose their number then I have no reason to think otherwise.
  3. Well, that's probably the issue. I'm not sure what age Hemmings is but we know he is getting on and has been retired for some years. The whole area is a minefield and it is very easy to cause offence when you don't mean to. Hemmings is probably a couple of generations away from younger presenters who would be much more aware and much better trained for this kind of thing.
  4. Yeah, I'm sure Warrington will do it proud. Just kidding anyway mate.
  5. What do you mean such an issue? RL have done this quite easily it doesn't mean people have to like them or have to think they are a good thing.
  6. As I said I'd rather see the full interview, it is important for context. It is quite clear this is about international eligibility and who players could play for. When Hemmings refers to either in the first 10 seconds of the clip then it is important to know what was said preceding that. We don't know. I'd just prefer to see the full video to make a sound judgment before I get my pitch folk out. Again, I suspect this is more clumsy and poor terminology from Hemmings. We saw that enough when he was last broadcasting at Sky and that was years ago now. I doubt he has got better in that time.
  7. For me the issue is having squad numbers in the first place. I don't like what Australia have done but if you accept the concept of squad numbers then they really haven't done anything wrong. I can easily see why they may not want to pick people 1-17 at this stage.
  8. I'd rather see the full interview rather than an edited 30 second clip (maybe there is one that I haven't seen). It is quite clear they are taking about various players eligibility and we are only seeing a small part of that. Even the start is a carryover of a discussion about another player, and this is very important for context, but is something I haven't seen. Up to a few weeks ago Young had declared for Jamaica. We even had posters on this board adamant that it was a waste of time discussing him for England because he had picked Jamaica. Hemmings seems to be acknowledging this and the fact that Young had other options, and his either comment is relevant to whoever they are discussing previously which we don't see. As far as I'm aware there has never been any debate about Farnworth playing for anyone else and I think the English as you or I comment is more regarding him being born and bred in England and not just an Australian playing courtesy of an English grandparent. I suspect this is more just clumsy and poor terminology on Hemmings part but I'd like to see the full interview to be sure.
  9. Because his uncles is Brian Foley who has been involved at St Pats for decades, and also Wigan too.
  10. I think I may try to make Newcastle now. I think it is building towards a special event.
  11. Without doubt, I meant who will be the winners of the two semi finals is wide open. Indeed its probably wide open which two of England, Samoa and Tonga actually get there.
  12. Surely this should be a decision made by the IRL, rather than cup organisers as indicated in the article?
  13. Course you were. Caught out lying then changing your tune yet again. After the other thread moving on you've now carried your nonsense across to here, it's strange how you can't leave things. I'm out, you've now bored me on two threads.
  14. Making stuff up again, I laughed at your last two posts on the other thread because they were comical. NZ were a shower at the last world Cup, I mean I specifically said losing to Fiji and Tonga and it's all in the other thread for all to see. If you get this upset then maybe forums aren't for you, talk about triggered.
  15. It's a bit pathetic taking debates onto different threads. Yes they were a shower at the last World Cup, that is why they lost to Fiji and Tonga. You do realise this is 5 years later don't you? Jesus wept.
  16. I'm not a fan of using squad numbers like this at all. I think there is something iconic about numbers based on positions and I don't think it really helps fans, especially those who wouldnt be that familiar with the game: But before league fans wonder if Australia coach Mal Meninga has outsmarted himself when it comes to the halfback debate, the Herald can reveal the number allocation relates to a new rule by Cup organisers. Rather than wear a number based on position, players have been given squad numbers for the duration of the Cup. The easiest option would have been to allocate numbers based on the likely starting 17. But Kangaroos assistant Michael Hagan devised a system that acknowledged players who had worn the green and gold jersey longest. https://www.watoday.com.au/sport/nrl/odd-numbers-why-munster-will-wear-no-7-jersey-for-roos-instead-of-cleary-or-dce-20221005-p5bnei.html
  17. It was an example of how you keep changing your argument when the flaws are pointed out. I mean I replied to you about why Australia are on the other side of the draw on the last page. You even replied, maybe you forgot. If there is one person not being honest and distorting things to suit his argument then that is quite clearly you. Your posts on the last 2 pages show that. Now you are trying to go round in circles to what has already been discussed and explained, it's boring to be honest. You don't like this format, that's fine. Its weird you are so upset by it and are trying to twist everything to back up your opinion but thats your perogative. I think it's clear the majority don't mind it and dare I say even like it. There's little more to discuss and as I said it's boring now.
  18. I have heard a few people say that. That is the beauty of this tournament, the semi finals are wide open.
  19. Are they? They don't seem like it because the difference is like the difference between night and day.
  20. That's pretty much it. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
  21. Aren't New Zealand one of those two teams? I mean keep digging if you wish, you've been doing it for over 2 pages now.
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