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  1. You said, which I presumed meant teams from your own conference: Everyone in each conference plays the same teams the same amount of times and your table is only those sides.
  2. Surely the genuine test for a RL fan is if they take the time to rearrange the shelves at any newsagent they are in to give Rugby League World a more prominent place and banish one particular sport to the deepest, darkest corner behind everything else.
  3. Standalone Origin weekends are key to having a meaningful in season international calendar. If they happen then the possibilities are endless. He raises some good points but some of it is lost sucking up to his paymaster with the holier than thou attitude of everything the NRL does is right and what everyone else does is wrong. Also how many of these plans has Richardson actually come up with? He comes up with more plans than some posters on this forum!
  4. That goes without saying. Not sure what that has to do with what you quoted though.
  5. It's not just their fathers making their name though. Rugby League is the sport they grew up playing and was their first love. All their comments always show that they have a nagging question in the back of their minds of whether they could make it at the highest level of Rugby League.
  6. There is no reason why it has to be anyone in particular. However for all their knockers Sky have consistently put their money where their mouth is. In comparison, as far as I know, the likes of BT have never even bid.
  7. Sinfield hiding behind the guise of GB is just a cop out. As is hiding behind the absence of a bunch of players who are largely either the wrong side of 30 or whose form doesn't deserve selection anyway. It's real head in the sand stuff.
  8. The comments of Sinfield don't fill me with much optimism: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/50367304
  9. This is obviously great news. The continued expansion of the women's game is great to see.
  10. Well he has already played and achieved everything already in RU, bar actually winning the RU World Cup.
  11. Many elite RL athletes make a fortune.
  12. Indeed, it's all free and easy publicity. More importantly it gives the perception of RL being on the rise again and being able to compete with RU once again for players.
  13. According to this anyway: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/10306774/leeds-ready-to-follow-torontos-sbw-move-with-george-ford-on-their-list/ It would be great if Leeds and other clubs follow the Lead of Toronto and sign players like this.
  14. Oh certainly. I'm sure the referee would have had a great game if they had won.
  15. England need a coach who is actually based in England and working with players for 11 months of the year, in training camps, giving feedback etc, and not just appearing for a few weeks at the end of the season. That coach needs to be watching players on a weekly basis in the competition where the vast majority of players play. He also needs to be in a position to assess and analyse young players coming through. A coach based in Australia has seen a completely NRL centric approach and an increasing reliance on an aging group of players with a better the devil you know attitude. Bennett has no idea about the younger players coming through to replace these players. I was all for the appointment of Bennett. He has done some good things, notably shoring up the defence but there are clear signs of us now going backwards. All coaches have a limited timespan when it comes to impact and it now is certainly the time to move on.
  16. Stop being a NRL fanboy and open your eyes, its pathetic. The English clubs don't need to. They could play France mid season as it is and win easily with 3 from each club. I'm sure the English game would love to schedule more top quality internationals mid season. We all know that wouldn't happen due to the NRL's interference like in Denver. We all know that NRL clubs wont let English players fly to England mid season even on a free weekend. You are blind to this and the realities of the situation. This is my last reply as you seem to troll against the English game and Super League in every thread.
  17. So you really think that the ref wasn't impartial? That is an awfully serious allegation.
  18. No you said And here you see how SL supports the International game Its clear that they do, as they always have. Only those with little knowledge of the game or its history would say otherwise. Its not even a co-ordinated international weekend. Its whatever the NRL choose to do, they do not co-ordinate their schedule with anyone.
  19. Its good to see Greece win. Greece qualifying for the World Cup should substantially bolster their fight for the game in their country.
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