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  1. Pick one player from outside the England Womens WC squad who should be in there.
  2. If Womens Rugby League is going to continue to grow then I think the players need to be semi professional. How can we make this happen, central contracts for the top 30 players ?
  3. We need to get from 3 strong teams to 4 as soon as possible. Wigan have 4 internationals in their team but 3 have been out injured, hopefully some of their younger players really grow into top SL players. The Giants are a young squad with promise but are probably still 2 years away from really competing strongly, I think Warrington are the club with the resources to improve over the next couple of seasons. when we get to 6 really strong squads that will be absolutely awesome.
  4. Leeds will be back, they still have a couple of strike players to come into that side. For Saints, Jodie C stepped up when it mattered. Vicky Whitfield off the bench was great and Paige Travis again very good.
  5. I’ll hopefully get to see some highlights at least of Leeds v York. Saints v Leeds will be great final and I expect the Rhinos to put out a stronger 17 with Caitlin Beevers and Ellie Oldroyd back. Saints look very well coached l, I love how deep they get in attack.
  6. I hope Rhiannon Marshall works hard on her game & fitness because at her best she is one of the best players in Womens SL
  7. I wonder if that’s an oversight, I thought Grace Field is in the squad. She played in both tests last season. There’s about 5 players who I don’t think should be in the squad. Hopefully most players remain injury free and give themselves a real chance off making the squad.
  8. I really think he has gone backwards at The Bulldogs, he hardly ever hits it up now and is always the dummy runner. Very disappointed with him.
  9. Warrington we’re impressive against the Army, they look well coached and have decent size & depth this season. they would compete better than Cas.
  10. Leeds definitely have excess players and so too do York city Knights now.
  11. Hollie Dodd signing for York knights is huge, probably the most talented young player in the League
  12. Agree and the 2nd tier of the Women’s SL is going the same way with Warrington & Fev Rovers making good signings and looking much stronger than their rivals.
  13. Leeds Rhinos are building a really strong squad with a lot of depth for 2022.
  14. How is Gavin Marguerite playing these days, would he be worth a place in the squad ?
  15. I think that’s a pretty fair structure, hopefully the Giants can sign one or two more top players in addition to Shona Hoyle. They are a young side so a bit more experience would be handy. Can’t wait to see how Erin Stott & Amelia Brown go next season.
  16. I think England will be much stronger when Georgia Roche returns from injury at halfback. Lots of credit to France who I believe have only played twice in 4 years. A few of their players impressed and they just need regular games to build on. England is improving their depth which is good to see, most of their forward pack from the PNG series were unavailable for this tour.
  17. I think you can add York Knights into the mix too, they are adding a couple more quality players soon and they’re squad is very young so they’ll push Leeds & Saints. Other clubs will know they need to invest more to compete.
  18. I think Emma Hardy (York) & Ellie Oldroyd (Rhinos) can break into the squad next season.
  19. Leeds Rhinos were without Tara Moxon, Eloise Hayward, Shannon Lacey, Danielle Anderson, Amy Johnson, Ellie Oldroyd, Elycha Watson & Adoaha Akwiwu.
  20. I’d love to see teams in the bottom half sign one or two Aussies/Kiwis to help them out. The NRLW doesn’t normally start until September so there is a window of opportunity there.
  21. Well done to Leeds Rhinos coach Lois Forsell for not making excuses because they never mentioned once that they had 8 top line players out injured and most of them England Internationals. Heard a rumour a former women of steel is joining the Rhinos for 2022.
  22. The Giants have a youngster on the wing who should win rookie of the year. Amelia Brown has been a revelation.
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