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  1. That's right - other clubs breach the cap (some of them repeatedly) and get a slap on the wrists, Wigan don't breach the cap and get fined 200 grand and docked league points. Leeds breach the cap every season but have a business structure so labyrinthine that it's impossible for the RFL's "independent" cap assessors to ever understand it, so Leeds never get done.
  2. WHHHOAAARRGGHHH!!! How good was that? Becoming Superleague champions and extending the Scousers' Grand Final nightmare all in the space of one evening - turned out nice again!! Wigan finally get that monkey off their back whilst St Helens' metamorphosises into a giant Silverback Gorrilla. And it's such a relief to finally be able to unwrap this tin foil from around my head!! See you next season.
  3. No mate, that was the time we put 60-odd on you lot at Knowsley Road and you Scousers were creeping out after 35 minutes - you really showed us how the Wigan walk should be done, that night. If it is Saints v Leeds again, I don't think I'll be alone in giving it the cold shoulder.
  4. If it is Saints v Leeds again I won't be going, I won't be watching on TV and I won't even be interested in the result. Please, please, please Let at least one out of Wigan and Huddy make the final, preferably both.
  5. Excuse me but Boogie hasn't shifted to admitting anything - I am merely playing devil's advocate. I have never supported the cap and I never will support the cap. Rugby League cannot prosper in a free market context whilst it continues to behave like soviet communists. All my arguments against the cap have been ridiculed in the past but they will all now be trotted out by the self-interested to justify why it should now go. My interest lies in why this dramatic change-of-heart should occur at this point in time.
  6. Tomkins = occasional hothead and bonehead who will be chastised by his coach for his rulebreaking actions on the pitch. Bailey = serial thug and coward who will be praised, rewarded and encouraged by his coach for his rulebreaking actions on the pitch. 'nuff said.
  7. Nice to see that you are prepared to concede that it is rather convenient.
  8. Interesting nominations don't you think? Nominating two Wiganners means that the whole Wigan playing staff will have to give their 1st preference vote to Adrian Morley and are barred from casting any votes at all for Sam and Pat, if I understand the rules correctly. Can anyone confirm this? Wonder if it is allowed to abstain? If Richards doesn't win it will be the biggest injustice since Trent Barrett was robbed in the name of a substitute.
  9. Yeah and the dickhead Leeds fans who smashed all those windows in the Wigan supporters coach injuring two girls the last time we were at Headingley are in a league of their own. I'm hoping Saints pick us with the club call. Then I won't have to put up with Leeds' team of professional thugs being urged on by their gang of enthusiastic amateur thugs and I won't have o contemplate putting 20 quid into Hetherington's back pocket either.
  10. Correct - it is cheating in my eyes and in the eyes of most RL fans. It is cheating in exactly the same way that Leeds' and Saints' and Wires', etc, etc creative accounting is cheating but have they ever been punished to the same degree?
  11. Mr Hetherington has been arguably the most strident promoter of the cap for years - it will be interesting to see if he agrees with you should the continuation of the cap come up for a vote between the clubs.
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