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  1. Almost forgot I'm seeing the Manic Street Preachers on Thursday. I have form when it comes to forgetting to go to gigs. Bought the missus and I a couple of tickets to see Steel Panther and totally forgot the gig was on. I don't like the way that tickets go on sale long before the gig.
  2. Problem is with Bullard is that he would've been used to an environment where banter and general mickey taking is the norm. I don't think he was vicious or nasty in his banter but Jake was simply out of his league.
  3. Can't be bothered with 'sleb anymore since Bullard and Forde got voted off.
  4. Well I never. Obviously these two missed the memo.
  5. That implies that she actually thinks about what she says.
  6. She's not coming over very well on IACGMOOH. Had a bit of a barney with another contestant and she was very condescending and patronising.
  7. I don't know, people from Stroud are a bit backward and insular (although I don't reckon backward enough to elect a UKIP candidate). Strood on the other hand
  8. What law has been broken? It's perfectly legal to take a photograph from a public space. There is also no libel case to answer. I single tweet cannot be seen as harrassment and the address of the house wasn't tweeted either. I like how you call her a socialist yuppie and then accuse her of being a bigot in the same post.
  9. Compassionate? Seem to recall when she was health minister that she recommended that elderly people who couldn't afford energy bills should wear long Johns. Principled? She had an affair with a married man.
  10. Jimmy Bullard is going to do well out of IACGMOOH , he seems like quite a likeable individual. The playboy girl also has her charms, a very good sense of humour. Shame that Edwina Curry has been put in there though.
  11. Doesn't look good for Labour at the moment. Tbh I didn't think the tweet was that bad, although in hindsight ill advised. We all poke fun at people with poor taste and it's a bit of a stretch to equate a raised eyebrow at a few St George's flags and a white **** van with an attack on the working class.
  12. Usually when someone starts throwing terms like that around I immediately dismiss them as not with listening to but I thought I'll give you a go It seems that Evans has the support of his girlfriend, family and friends as well as the PFA. He has already lost his job. Evans is legally entitled to work in the UK. What is your point?
  13. I'm about halfway through. The two main characters are very unlikaable but it's very compelling. Trying to get it read before I see the film.
  14. I remember when the gamergate hashtag was created to highlight the website gamespot's treatment of a journalist who gave their sponsor a negative review. Now it seems to have been hijacked by scumbags.
  15. There seems to be a rise in extreme misogyny on social media. The abuse that prominent women got for backing the call to put Jane Austin on the £5 note and the whole gamergate episode.
  16. Its not hard, just make yourself sound thick. A performance of Clarke's that I liked was in the film ID about soccer hooligans.
  17. It's a bit difficult to get Yorkies to leave their county.
  18. Not a bad lineup for IACGMOOH. Not sure if I'll watch it and Packem has got a point. But then again it is good 'guilty pleasure' telly.
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