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  1. Problem is with Bullard is that he would've been used to an environment where banter and general mickey taking is the norm. I don't think he was vicious or nasty in his banter but Jake was simply out of his league.
  2. Can't be bothered with 'sleb anymore since Bullard and Forde got voted off.
  3. She's not coming over very well on IACGMOOH. Had a bit of a barney with another contestant and she was very condescending and patronising.
  4. Compassionate? Seem to recall when she was health minister that she recommended that elderly people who couldn't afford energy bills should wear long Johns. Principled? She had an affair with a married man.
  5. Jimmy Bullard is going to do well out of IACGMOOH , he seems like quite a likeable individual. The playboy girl also has her charms, a very good sense of humour. Shame that Edwina Curry has been put in there though.
  6. I'm about halfway through. The two main characters are very unlikaable but it's very compelling. Trying to get it read before I see the film.
  7. It's a bit difficult to get Yorkies to leave their county.
  8. Not a bad lineup for IACGMOOH. Not sure if I'll watch it and Packem has got a point. But then again it is good 'guilty pleasure' telly.
  9. That is a little gem of a programme. The pleasures of simply being read a story. I like the weirdness of some of the stories, very Roald Dahl-esq.
  10. Yeah, hope it can keep up the standard. They have obviously taken the look from the Arkham series of video games and I like seeing the bad guys 15 years prior to the comic book with little (or sometimes not so little) nods to their future selves. The Penguin and Poison Ivy were well done.
  11. Dave, although I think last nights episode was the last in the series (which was very good)
  12. I'm late to this but Gogglebox was good fun. So much so I missed Modern Life is Goodish with Dave Gorman.
  13. Just now in the middle of a lecture some PFY from IT decided to take control of the teaching desk machine and to install some updates and reboot. This rendered the machine useless for around 10 minutes. Are IT types lobotomised when they get the job or are they just monumentally stupid.
  14. Hope this wasn't a certain M. Gledhill late of this parish. http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news/latest-news/guilty-verdict-driver-denied-hitting-cyclist-141249 As the family of the victim says, a sad case where there are no winners.
  15. Obviously there is selection bias and thousands of hours of footage have been carefully edited, but it is heartening to see the good work that goes on in schools. I was surprised that things have changed considerably in the 20 years I was at school. For better or worse there seems to be a much more casual attitude by staff and pupils in their behaviour and approach to the lessons. The discipline and support systems that the schools have in place are more thought through than when I was at school, i.e., having a non-teaching counsellor overseeing the `time out' room. Perhaps this isn't a fair comparison since my school was put on special measures just after I left.
  16. I caught up with that on the iPlayer. The acting was very good but couldn't be doing with the 'lets stick a go pro on the end of a rifle' type shots. A small detail that they caught that I liked was that the professional BEF used their middle fingers on the trigger to free up their index finger to work the bolt action on the Lee Enfields. Quite haunting hearing the voice of the soldier who was severely wounded and captured by the Germans.
  17. All of the IT people I have experienced are muppets. I may not have had the pleasure of 'experiencing' your mate. IT and sys admin types are just those who weren't clever enough to do Computer Science
  18. My problem is that I had a two hour lecture planned where I needed to use a particular piece of software and was told it had been installed in the lecture theatre. When I went to use the software it requires an admin username and password to 'make changes to the computer'. IT's response was that they checked it was working but forgot that users don't have admin rights on any machine. So the whole lecture that I had planned had to be done off the cuff. This is to final year students who have an assignment in two weeks that is worth 40% of the unit where they will need to use said software.
  19. I like it. Been using it since beta 1 and like that `flatter' look.
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