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  1. Given the context, I prefer psychopathic.
  2. I could not possibly inflict union on a fellow human being. Except possibly Farage and Inverdale, though the latter might enjoy it.☺
  3. Dear Diary, Exactly one week today, my sister-in-law and my step-daughter arrive to spend two weeks with us. I am dreading it. The house is not really big enough. We have two bedrooms each with a double bed, so step-daughter will be using the sofa-bed, which is in the large, open-plan kitchen/dining-room/lounge. There will be no escape. I am trapped. I can feel the breakdown approaching. (Just to be honest, I quite like it when the step-daughter stays and I can tolerate the sister-in-law - on their own! Together, is going to be a nightmare) The prospect is so bad that I have forgotten to renew my RLW subscription. I'll do it tomorrow. Be good to each other. Tony
  4. What's wrong with that? It's practically word-for-word the PM's next Brexit plan. Sorry. I couldn't help myself.
  5. And in Latin, "sinister" means "left-handed", which is why I posted that. PS. Also in Latin, "dexter" means "right-handed", hence the word "dexterity" and its derivatives. But thanks for the Italian reference.
  6. In fairness to graveyard johnny, who first mentioned "voice enhancing sweets", I used to enjoy the "voice tablets" we got from Morrisons in Scarborough. Callard & Bowsers? Proper, old-fashioned boiled sweets they were. (still are?)
  7. Left-handedness is sinister. NB that looks daft on its own, but was in response to Farmduck's post about left-handedness among twins, which is now on the previous page.
  8. I thought you were concerned about your blood pressure? Chill,dear boy, chill!
  9. Just highlights? They could have squeezed the whole day's play into those 5 minutes. Poor effort by Ch.5.
  10. "voice enhancing sweets"? Really? What's your phone number? I can do you some fantastic deals on your pension. I can arrange for you to retire on ten times your current salary. These deals are absolutely foolproof and your pension will be safeguarded.
  11. Any water left in it? I thought United Utilities, who get a lot of their (?) water from the Lake District, were predicting the impending desertification of the entire North West recently? PS. Glad you enjoyed your paddle.
  12. There used to be many stores that would have suited you. Sadly, their clientele have all but died off. This means the likes of you have to suck up the price and go bespoke. The likes of me just grab whatever Lidl has. (Actually, Mrs tonyXIII grabs whatever Lidl has, I just wear it).
  13. By evicting this poor spider, has Craig just destroyed his moderator's "spidey sense"? Things might never be the same round here.
  14. Great news. Well done and good luck to all the other posters who are seeking gainful employment.
  15. Why don't you give them a call, John? You never know your luck (look)?
  16. Cheers! Hope you get the job sorted and you can savour many more halves of cider.
  17. It must seem like an endless dark tunnel. I hope something turns up soon. In reality, I know nothing about job hunting as I've been very lucky in life. However, (you just knew there was a 'but' coming) sometimes it is worth taking a step back. Perhaps you could take a few days off the job hunt and then reassess your search strategy, go through your CV and try to read it from an employer's pov. Can you tweak it? Then go back to the search. I'm sure there are others on here who can give you better advice. Good luck!
  18. Exactly. Turn stuff off. You don't need a dumb meter to work that out.
  19. I don't know if this is a rant, but it is related to smart meters. I've recently seen loads of adverts on TV along the lines of: Fred had a smart meter installed and, with the energy he saved, he was able to power his mobility scooter for 1200 miles. That has to be ######! Changing the device that measures your energy consumption cannot, of itself, reduce your energy consumption. As a trained scientist, I am confident in my logic. Can someone point out a flaw in my logic? Please? Because my blood pressure rises every time I see these lying adverts.
  20. I was going to joke about the spelling of aquarium, but I'm sure it was just a typo. It is a bizarre headline.
  21. Well done Saintslass! I'm sure the vast majority of posters on here are pleased for you, even the ones you've crossed swords with.
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