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  1. Is it haram for dinosaurs to eat Muslims? Sorry for my blasphemy. I just can't resist temptation.
  2. You are NOT sh't! Never believe that about yourself. You are a very strong person with firmly held beliefs which you defend very ably against a great many people who hold opposing views. Do not put yourself down!
  3. Not snow, but weather related. The view from my balcony right now. The air is full of sand from the Sahara. The tree centre-top is 200m away and the houses beyond it are 400m away. At least it's warm at 27 or 28 celcius.
  4. Oh my! That brings back nice memories. Wooden raquets. Whatever happened to them?
  5. Wow! My post was seriously tongue-in-cheek, but thanks for the detailed reply. My interest in your motoring preferences is largely down to a mate of mine who is a car mechanic who dabbles in a bit of car dealing on the side. He won't personally own anything other than BMWs. The last time I saw his car, he told me it was worth 70k. I could easily believe him as it had every comfort enhancer I could think of and some that sounded like they belonged on the Starship Enterprise. I pull his leg about this BMW fixation, too.☺ For myself, I couldn"t care less about the make of car I drive, but I can't be doing with breakdowns so I have bought new cars for the last 20 years or so. A Fiat Brava (I know the jokes about Fiat, but it was a damn good car). On return to the UK, I got a Hyundai i20 (very pleased with the car, disgusted with Hyundai Motor Finance). On returning to Greece, I got a Hyundai i10 (small, but there's only me and my wife). I like the i10 and it suits me as my annual mileage is only about 5000 (8000km/yr). Happy motoring, Craig.
  6. Craig, what is your attachment to ultra-expensive German cars? Your old Audi needed a brake pad for about £4000, didn't it? Now BMW are trying to overcharge you for something. There is a pattern here.?
  7. I've just killed a fly with my bare hands. The Donald can teach me nothing about bravery and unarmed combat!
  8. It surprises me, too. I respect gj's opinion on many things, but I think modern English has made the distinction between few for countable nouns and less for non-countable nouns for at least 100 years. It is only recently that I have noticed a blurring of this distinction and I think it is mostly down to a decrease in the use of 'few'. Of course, English as spake by Shakespeare, was very different.
  9. Thanks. That kind of explains it. It doesn't explain what purpose a basic check serves, or have they discontinued the basic DBS?
  10. Wouldn't Huntley have been cleared through DBS or CRB in order to get a job as a school caretaker?
  11. Maybe you should tap your wife to stop her timing out. Just don't tap her too hard!
  12. Shakes head and orders another kilo of wine. In a universe full of imponderables, alcohol is my rock. Mind you, reality is merely an illusion caused by alcohol deficiency. More wine, waiter! And a side order of crayfish, marbled or not.
  13. Actually, there are quite a lot of thick people out there. The more I see on the internet, the more I wonder how on Earth they graduated from primary school.
  14. That shouldn't be the case, though, should it? We should all be entitled to the same recourse under the law. Shouldn't we?
  15. Just thought! That's another example of your favourite quote: speak softly and carry a big stick. If only that sort of action were available to all.
  16. A year or so ago, I watched the "Hairy Bikers" in Morocco. They somehow wangled their way into some kind of 'Hen Party' to watch the women cook chicken. As part of the celebrations, the women were using henna to paint intricate patterns on each others' hands and Si King got a 'tattoo' on his leg. The use of henna tattoos must be okay in Islam.
  17. Ckn, it's not a 'who you know' situation, it's a 'what someone knows about you' situation. No need to feel bad at all.
  18. Here's an interesting one. Our daughter sent us a package last year. She works in the Post Office in Proudfoot's supermarket in Scarborough, so she sent it by Royal Mail and put our full address on it. The Royal Mail palmed it off to DHL couriers. Problem! Our village (like most in Greece) does not have street names and house numbers, we use a PO box at the nearby crossroads. The courier can't access the box and have no way of finding us. If we know it's a courier delivery, we get people to include my mobile number so the courier can contact me. With Royal Mail, we expected the Greek Postal Service to deliver it, so no mobile number. Because our daughter worked in th PO, she was able to trace it and get a tracking number and we eventually recovered the package from ACS couriers in Rethymno. Just a thought, but in similar circumstances, stick a contact number on your packages.
  19. I have no idea what you lot are on about and can't understand how Oscar Peterson and Helen Shapiro have anything to do with it. Shakes head in dismay. "Nurse! Nurse! It's time for my medication."
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