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  1. Sorry, I've only just caught up here. My condolences to you and your family.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Hard to know what to say, but I hope you are bearing up.
  3. If she had said 'thrusting' instead of 'throwing', would it have been literally acceptable? ?
  4. What? With three holes? Even a total ###### like bojo won't have three, will he? ?
  5. It won't be a problem. They'll all be dead. ?
  6. I can't remember my first pay packet, it was over 50 years ago. I can remember my first annual salary when I started teaching in 1977. It was £3333pa.
  7. My favourite limerick requires a bit of thought: The sermon our pastor rt. rev. Began, might have had a rt. clev. But his talk, though consistent Kept the end so far distant That we left since we thought he mt. nev.
  8. Once you start wearing glasses, you're stuck with them (or contacts) for life, barring laser eye treatment. If you can cope with just reading glasses, then cope with just reading glasses, imo. Opticians, like everyone else, want to sell you something and, preferably, something expensive that you have to change every year. (Cynic, me? Yes!) For reference, Carol tried varifocals some years back and could not get used to them at all. She now uses contact lenses for everyday viewing and reading glasses for close up. I just use the cheapest possible, off-the-shelf reading glasses for reading. My distance vision is pretty good so far. (My hearing is not great, though)
  9. Thanks for all the information, Futtocks. It seems like there are options out there. I'll think it over for a while and probably get a Fire stick in the New Year.
  10. Yes. I did work that out eventually. The problem is making the on/off process simple enough for my wife to use confidently. The Firestick/Chromecast option still requires a PC running alongside the TV, which means two things to switch on or off. Also, I don't really get how the Fire stick works. I assume I need a tablet or smartphone to cast the tv signal to the stick, but I could be wrong. What I really want is to be able to just use the TV without a computer, but I think I will have to wait until someone writes a VPN app for WebOS. Sorry. I almost forgot. Thanks for the response.
  11. Recently bought a LG 49" smart OLED. Picture quality is excellent, but ... I get my TV over the internet using a VPN. Having hooked up the TV, I discovered that, while Samsung use an android OS, LG use their own OS (WebOS) in their smart TVs. WebOS won't download VPN software. I have to use my desktop PC and an HDMI connector. Picture quality is very good, but depends on internet bandwidth. I now wish I'd bought the Samsung equivalent.
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