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  1. Moaning post I am afraid Highs Attendances - Given that there was live coverage on the BBC, attendances did hold up certainly in the games I was at 18k at Sheffield for a non-contest, 40K at Arsenal, 67k at the Final. England games did hold up and the "other" Elland Road Semi drew a respectable crowd too. England - Played better footy than predicted pre-tournament. a cloud has been cast over the entire performance by losing in Golden Point to Samoa. if that had ben the result odf the first game at St James Park would posters have reacted as they did after the Semi-Final ?. The fact is they played well up to the Arsenal game, I have no problem with Shaun Wane's coaching, and to the critics of Jack Welsby I say this - I take it then you have had a bad day at work? . This is a learning experience for him at an early stage in his career. He will come good The last two quarter-finas and the two semi-finals. The world cup can be compelling viewing if you have two reasonably well matched sides competing against each other. As I stated in the Australia v Scotland thread you need a world cup of 8 teams with two of those places decided in a preliminary tournament. To avoid the blowouts that plagued earlier rounds. Kevin Sinfield - Ok not strictly world cup, but credit to the man and as he said, if we all do something for our mates the world would be a better place. Lows Travel -It's been said I am a bit of a trainspotter on another thread, but at both Sheffield and Manchester trains I was booked on were cancelled at short notice so I had to scamble on both occasions to get back down south, so less a trainspotter trhan an indicator board watcher. Then you had the Rail strike which prevented me getting to Wigan, now only the second occasion where I have had a ticket but did not go (the other was for the capital challenge when my mnother was taken into hospital). And as for failing franchise Avanti West Coast the franchise that cannot tell you if its running a weekend service until 10 days before the event... It does draw a paralell with the 2000 World Cup when IIRC, it was not just rain but also problems on the West coast line where the introduction of the Pendalino service by the then franchise hoider Virgin Trains meaning a long 3 hour journey via Leicester. England - They were a plus ands a minus, and in terms of expectation management you cannot help but feel that had they got into the final they would have had a punchers chance against a good but not vintage Australia. So deflation all round and an opportunity missed. Equally print media coverage down here which was sparse to begin with almost ceased once England exited Merchandising - I did not like the colour scheme foe the World Cup which should have been either Red and white or Red, White and Blue. I did not like the logos on merchandise and would have preferred official national team crests of the competing countries and official kit and accessories on sale. The whole RLWC 2021 (played in 2022) had a redundant stock sale feel about it which is understandable, except the England Kit for 2021 was changed for 2022 presumably with a view to fleecing fans. Clunky - James Graham has a lot to answer for for introducing this phrase into the Rugby League broadcasting lexicon. In conclusion, I will say that, overall IMO having attended in 2000 and 2013 this was the worst world cup of the three
  2. 2023 Domestic Cricket Fixtures out this time next week. ECB e-mail Derbyshire giving up home ddvantage I see.
  3. This is going to ba long one First the long journey, etiing up at 5.00am and leaving for the 08:35am out of Euton where I am pleased to report there were others going up for the final , mainly Aussies but also a group of four with someone in a London Broncos Polo. Got to Crewe OK but then almost crushed on a rammed 11.30am Transport for Wales Train to Piccadilly where the trams to the ground were starting from Market Street. Going back rammed on the trams, got to Piccadilly and the 19.31 TFW train to Crewe was cancelled due to signalling difficulties. Having learned by now not to trust Britain's broken rail network, I was on the 18.58 Northern train to Crewe. Now on my journey back I did not see any of the faces I had come up with so with the cancellation of the Avanti West Coast seven o'clock train some fans must have been left stranded in Manchester overnight not unreasonably thinking they could stroll in 20 mins before their train was due to depart. Got on the 20:38 from Crewe and all going well until problems at Rugby (station) meant a 23 minute delay in coming into London Euston so as the 23:45 pulled out of Charing Cross I was just huffing and puffing up from the Underground. I got the 00:15 "vomit comet" which terminated at Orpington and then a bus ride back to my Home Town Station meaning I got through the front door and disabled the alarm at 01:57 today. Would I do it again for a Home World Cup Final . In the words of Ben Stokes abso bloody lutely. Got badges for the final from Mr Lazenby outside Old Trafford for the Final and Elland Road semi-Final. One of the big things about 2013 was the unofficial badges you could collect for each game you were at, some people had them on their scarves as a badge of honour and it was part of the fun of that tournament. At the one official store outside the East Stand I got a black tourament logo hat and England Badge which along with the plastic bag are the only non-programme souvenirs I have of this. Unlike for example the 2000 Gilbert ball (contraversial at the time), and Adrian Morely beer mat requestioned from the Red Lion pub in Watford and an unoffiocial all competing nations flag scarf from 2013. I did not tink that Samoa were going blown away by this Australia side nor were they with Mitchell's try in the dying seconds giving it a more flattering scoreline than the Samoans deserved but unfortunately as predicted, they spotted Australia two tries in the first 20 minutes and were playing catch up. Defensively Samoa were solid, offensively they were missing the final killer pass. Certainly from the East Stand upper this was more obvious that it is from the North Stand where I buy for the Grand final. Now the moans, those buying 12-14 bottles of Cawston press cider before and during the game, obvoulsly you have not been affected by the cost of living crisis. But rather than spend the entire game going up and down like a jack in he box either buying more cider or just being bladdered, often with play on the 5 yard line in from of the East Stand. Why not watch at the pub or at home rather than spoli other fans enjoyment of the game. Your behaviour was very ... Twickenham like.... Secondly, its sad and pathetic to boo Australia, though it does a good job in firing them up. They are not playing England who were knocked out by a team of Samoans whao are either Aussie Passport holders or Residents. If playing England I understand if not approve, but this was a neutral game. Finally, all I will say is if Australia foillowed the example of New Zealkand in 2000 when two teams entered as New Zealand and New Zealand Maori and entered as Queensland and New South Wales then we would in danger of having an origin World Cup final, though New Zealand might disrup that party. They are that far ahead of the rest. The 2021(2022) World Cup should have been to paraphrase Lenin on the Kronstadt rising "the flash which lit up reality better than anything else" for Northern Hemisphere Rugby League> It should be the catalyst for a review of the game, its structure and the need for expansion within the UK in the medium to long term. Sadly with a couple of months all that will be discussed on here is how "Scutterton Scorpions"* should be getting an A grade licence or not.... * For the Youth, Scutterton Scorpions was a cartoon in the old TGG fanzine for those that can remember
  4. Just pointing out if your intersted in RLWC merchandise that the predicted fire sale has begun https://shop.rlwc2021.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA1NebBhDDARIsAANiDD2ztE3YCV4wgLJfqDlsU2Ig_QjgJ6oIZ-XFJhV6UJ24VxmvPuwF2BgaAmqxEALw_wcB Personally I will be heading to where the unofficial badge sellers normally base themselves normally on the other side of the bridge at Matt Busby way IIRC. I do not understand the mentality of those not coming because England are not in the final. You will be seeing the two best Rugby League sides in the competition and anyone who thinks Samoa will be a walkover is misguided in the extreme with the Crichton try from the Lua offload last Saturday, Islander footy at its best. They can ruffle the aussies provided they do not spot them a big lead in the first 20 minutes. I was at the World Cup final in 2000 and 2013 and given my advancing years would want to be at this one, a**e of a journey or not, because how many other Home World Cup finals will I ever be able to see. If you are a Rugby League fan miss this event and you will live to regret it.
  5. East Stand Tier 2 Leave Home to walk to Station 05:30am Leave my Kent Market Town at 06:19 - South Eastern Into Charing Cross 07:18 Underground to Euston Depart Euston 08:35 - London North Western Railway Arrive Crewe 10.53 Depart Crewe 11.30 - Transport for Wales Arrive Manachester PIccadilly 12:12 post game Depart Manchester Piccadilly 19:31 - Transport for Wales Arrive Crewe 20:07 Depart Crewe 20:38 - London North Western Railway Arrive Euston 23:04 Underground To Charing Cross Departr Charing Cross 23:45 Arrive in My Market Town -01:17 Sunday morning Walk from home to Station arrive home approx 01:45 Sunday Morning Train delays on Britain' s**t train services bulit in though if I do not make the 00:15 train out of Londobn Chgaring Cross I will be walking the strereets of London until about 7am Sunday - Good job Sunday is not a working day...
  6. As someone who was there. Well played Samoa. They were marginally the better side and deserved the win. Kudos to England in the way that they fought back from the dead but in the end it was the lack of a cutting edge from the halves and the own errors that cost them dear. Negative postings about Shaun Wane, as someone who was critical of his appointment, I have absolutely no issue with his coaching over the world cup. He is the latest in a long line of coaches who have been charged with making a silk purse out of the English sow's ear, so to speak. It's a sad but true fact that the Pacific Island nations have caught up and overtaken England. IMO the world ranking is now: Australia New Zealand Samoa Tonga England Fiji Papua New Guinea Now there can be some movement between 3 to 5 as, the way things currently stand, it's a coin flip between England , Samoa and Tonga. But this was not the case previously. And as for the impact of England's exit on the Northern Hemisphere's credibilty, as has no doubt been mentioned, the bulk of the England side is either current or ex-NRL players. The NRL of course being a Southern Hemisphere competition. If you want to see how a Super League side fares against an NRL side, note France's performance in the tournament, and as a poster on the French thread pointed out, it matters not how many French clubs there are in Super League but more how many French players get into the NRL that will determine if French RL upgrades it's international standing. I was part of the third of the ground (in the corner in section 12) that spent the first half with the sun in their eyes and was plesantly surprised at the 40,000 plus figure announced. which must reflect seats sold as the middle tier was empty behind the sticks. At least four merchandising outlets around the ground but sadly selling tat (i.e.. Just how hard is it to produce a tournament cap with the correct official logos of the competing nations on it as opposed to your unofficial logos) but that's a seperate thread I do look forward to next weeks fire sale outside Old Trafford though. Got the old London Broncos jacket out of mothballs today and spotted just one other similarily attired bloke outside the ground. If you do not live in the M62 bubble coverage of the World Cup has been sporadic It's now going to fall off a cliff. A lot being posted on how England will have to get on bended knee to get southern hemisphere sides up here but it has always been the case if there are enough dollars involved an Aussie or Kiwi side is more than happy to come up here give England aa absolute trouting and count the dollars on the return flight. More likely with the NRL's proposed International window will be England travelling down under to play the pacific nations in Australia / New Zealand, as with the NRL contingent in the England squad likely to increase further in future, going to where your players are based is only logical even if it means fans up here may be starved of international footy. England's exit absolutely is a blow to the sport in nthe Northern Hemisphere, when your a minority sport you need all the publicity you can get. There is a lot being posted at present in the heat of the moment but some sober reflection as to how the game iteself got to where it is in this country is required and that will be unpleasant reading for many "heartland" fans who fought against expansion of the game in the UK.
  7. End of the day, KIwis did not have a cutting edge or the bounce of the ball and that was it. Ultimately it is indeed a game of inches and fine margins. Kangaroos well and truly rattled this game.
  8. In this country we go one extreme to the other, prior to the game at St James Park England were given no chance against Samoa, now it's the reverse. As before you have to stick with the process and win the forward battle to build the platform for victory. England need a win for the credibility of Rugby League in the Northern hemisphere for if it is a Australia v Samoa final the air will go out of this tournament like a slowly deflating baloon With my track record on tipping in the northern hemisphere, you will be gratified to know I make no prediction for this game. It's too serious. Incidentally listening to the whining from down under about England's "soft schedule". May I point out that the sage Phil Gould predicted there was no way England could beat Samoa on twitter. We know the outcome there. Now it's the "soft schedule" - You cannot have it both ways chaps.
  9. Two points I will make about this match Firstly, this is a good but not vintage Kangaroos line up Secondly, Maybe due their soft schedule, the Kangaroos will suffer "All Black syndrome" tonight where a side who has had comfortable wins in the opening rounds of a global tournament chokes under pressure from a better opponent.
  10. Was it not the case that the Championship fixtures werer going to be announced today so we were confidently told by a TRL poster - That would answer the Summer bash question
  11. Spot on a media beat up, No threat is credible without a broadcaster ready to pump in million of dollars.
  12. Brilliant for the first 30 minutes, then a bit off the boil undertstandably as with the game won as a player you do not want to risk getting an injury befdore the semi-final. It was a question of killing off the last 50 minutes. The look on the PNG fans face when the cameras panned on him afer 20 minutes said it all. Great win the circumstances.
  13. This is not a given, England need to respect their opponents, Those of us wioth long memories can recallbeing down at half time in the 2008 world cup to PNG and of course remember who won when the played Great Britain on the last tour Respect your opponent, go through the process and stick to the game plan. Not able to be there today courtesy of the RMT. So for the benefit of those who are going to carp that the stated attendance is not what they saw with their eyes, I am sure I am not alone in being a ticket holder not be able to come. Seats sold is what is quoted as the attendance, before you book that Specsavers appointment...
  14. Just got back Whinges Britain's broken rail system, My EMTtrain going up was 25 minutes delayed, Going back a tree falling between Chesterfield and Sheffield caused my Train to be cancelled. They let me on the earlier train which was on divert but that got into Kings Cross 40 minutes late. No RLWC staff at thev station nor adequate signposting to Bramall Lane. In contrast to previos events there was no one there to meet and greet fans or point them in the right direction. Cue a lot of groups looking at their mobiles for directions. No badge sellers, in previous world cups there were always match badge sellers not so now, One merchandise outlet on the corner of John Street and Bramall Lane. Inside the Ground there was No Block FEB6 just go to the Row you on the ticket One Video Screen located in the corner between the John Street and Bramall Lane Stands so if you were in the Bramall lane stand where I was sitting you could not see the replay screen No pre-match entertainment to speak of and no cheerleaders. Dutton has allegedly said he does not care about the fan experience, and I know there will be an inquest on TRL post world cup but having been to both the 200 and 2013 World cups, this is by far the worst fan experience. Sorry if this is all sounding a bit clunky, there were some positives. The crowd I thought about 10,000 would turn up, but the announcement towards the end of the game was 18,760 give yourselves a round of applause saids the announcer and to the other 18,759 attendees all I will say is that you are the backbone of the game in this country to turn out in a meaningless match with the result not in doubt. England, when the Greeks scored in the far corner to make it 10-4 the game could have gone two ways, either ending up with a 38-12 win which would have posed a few questions, or the 94-4 demolition job. 95% happy with England's intensity which bar a disallowed try was a near 100 point scoreline. I would say you cannot argue with a 90 point thrasing but as this is TRL there's always one... Jack Welsby, I have been cracking on about Victor Radley, but I also feel thjat Jack Welsby is the other player that needs to be on the pitch for England to progress. I would argue that England have not produced any world class players since Sam Burgess but step forward Jack the only homegrown product IMO who is a serious contender to be in a World XIII.
  15. The "clunky" world cup . Started early on by James Graham now everyone is at it. Although clunky does sum up much of the BBC coverage....
  16. Like "midland hobo" I am not going to be able to get to the Quarter-final at Wigan next Saturday, coutesy of the RMT . So I suspect I may also get an automated e-mail which is actually common practice. As to whether it is tickets sold or actual bodies at the game, it varies within sports depending on the organisation / club. I can certainly recall being at a late season LA Kings Ice Hockey game at the Staples Centre when en route down under one year, where it was half-full in the arena but a sell-out reported in the press so seeing is not always believing..
  17. Spectator Guide for you https://www.rlwc2021.com/uploads/docs/BramallLane_SpectatorGuide.pdf
  18. Coming up from Kent for his one, It should be one sided and England should set as their main objective not letting Greece across their try line. along with no clocking off as in the last 20 minutes of the first half and last 10 minutes of the second half against a plucky but outclassed France. I would leave Victor Radley out, he is too important to this side and the Roosters where it was noticable this year in the NRL the difference when he was on and off the firld. Going to cost me but , Never been to Bramall lane and It is the World Cup...
  19. https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/plans-confirmed-for-game-in-usa-manly-sea-eagles-ashes-tour/ba938161-66b7-4722-b989-ac6d751d09b4
  20. There is two main themes coming out of this World Cup ; Firstly, Teams of predominatly NRL players or teams with a mixture of current and past -NRL players (and I include England in this) are towelling sides made up of Super League and championship players. To hear Brian Noble and Kyle Amor talking up Ireland to beat the Western Sydney boys (that's Lebanon to you) was comedy gold and, fair play to Kyle he spoke of his embarrassment post game over that. If expansion of the game in the UK adopts the "field of dreams" approach (i.e stick up a pair of Rugby posts and they will come) then International Rugby League, sticking with the Film analogy, adops the "Hamburger Hill" approach.(i.e take ground at high cost then abandon it) In 2000 Ireland had a game in Belfast in 2013, theyin played Cork,this year nowhere near the Emerald Isle. They have no creduible international programme outside of the World Cup, at which point a heritage side is cobbled together of Super League and Championship players with a sprinkling of NRL players some of which have swopped nationalities in between World Cups. If you really want to grow the game then you have to have sides with a credible international programme, playing in the country they represent with players making a commitment to represent that country.alone. The game, it was a (ball) steal for the cedars which would have made Gavin Clinch proud. Pleased to see Abbas Miski back in action. When he played for the London Broncos he stood out much like seeing Eric Clapton busking on the London Underground. Whlie on a Broncos theme, if Cedars Coach Michael has to Cheika his diary to juggle between the Cedars and Pumas, the Tony "sniffer" Rea is on hand to take the training session. Pleased for my friends in the Western Sydney Lebanese community.
  21. That game was hard going, I watched till the end, probably watching some rank London Broncos sides in the last decade has made me immune to watching a side being totally trouted. I was waiting for someone to come out with the line that Spectators should have a 50% refund as there was only the one International side on display... Australia technically white hot, but not a good advert for the game north of the border nor for the sport of Rugby League to a nationally televised audience.
  22. Posting as someone who does qualify for Scotland (and Wales) through his Grandparents. The only only way that you will increase interest and competitiveness in Scotland, Wales and Ireland short of a Pro Franchise in Super League, is to have aa annual home international tournament between England Knights, Scotland, Wales and Ireland post the Super League Grand Final and let things grow from there. And before you ask, the French should be playing the full England side annually. Sorted...
  23. 8 Team World Cup - Australia, New Zealand, England, Tonga, Samoa, France and two qualifiers from a tournament between the smaller nations (Simler to Cricket's current T20 world cup). At least this way the two qualifiers would be the "best of the rest" and likely to be more competitive. This does not gurantee no blowout scores but migfht things more respectable.
  24. Unhappy at getting the hook from "hook" https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/teams/dragons/no-loyalty-and-honour-dragons-legend-shreds-club-as-burgess-reveals-griffin-rift/news-story/5cc692c0eab08d79395db64a7c983cd3
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