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  1. Was your source, sauced at the time they tlld you this, becauise the club in Bold will struggle to make 2023. This reads more like one of the expansionist poster wet dreams on here rather than a strategic plan.
  2. Link Please. This is what todays anouncement said (my Bold) https://www.rugby-league.com/article/36287/rlwc2021-full-schedule-revealed-and-tickets-available?utm_campaign=650908_ENG_20211119_EML_RLWCSchedule&utm_medium=EML&utm_source=CRM&dm_i=5PCB,DY8S,67EZH,1OGMQ,1
  3. When the original decision to postpone was made RLWC stated in an e-mail to ticket purchasers Now it appears you acn only request a refund for the Liverpool Quarter Final. A lot happens in a year and this is bad from RLWC as for if demand is so high as they state, they can stick to their original e-mail of 12th August 2021 as I am sure returned tickets will be snapped up.
  4. Danny Orr as assistant coach is both a respected professional and potential head coach plus Mark Sneyd is an astute signing. Salford were successful when they were a team as opposed to XIII individuals. If they can again bond as a team they could yet defy the odds.
  5. Good on him, not the most telented player at the Broncos, but always gave 100% effort. You do not have to be a great player to make a great coach and this is an opportunity for Joe to demonstrate what he can do with limited resources.
  6. Spot on article -More chance of velociraptor coming back than the Bears
  7. Late to the party but pleased that Redcliffe Dolphins have made the NRL . The only sensible choice, God willing I hope to be at theirb first game at Suncorp in 2023 in the same way I saw the Titans first game against St George back in 2007.
  8. On Friday the 14th of January 2022, London Skolars return to the HAC to face the London Broncos, for the 2022 Capital Challenge Trophy. Now in its 17th year, the 2022 Capital Challenge will once again take place at the unique Honourable Artillery Company, which is based in the City of London. This game has become a permanent fixture on London’s sporting calendar and the traditional opening event of the rugby league year. The Capital Challenge has progressively grown in popularity and is seen as a superb day out for all those interested in Rugby League and the spread of the games appeal. Rugby League is not played on a more iconic or valuable sporting venue than the Honourable Artillery Company. The HAC is a 5-minute walk from Moorgate and the heart of London’s financial district. The crowd is limited by continual military usage and, as a result, the game is usually a sell out. Invariably up to 300 hospitality guests sit down for a terrific pre-match meal with rugby legends as guests of honour. Both clubs are committed to the development of Rugby League in the nation's capital. The majority of ticket sales go towards the development of young players in London and the south east. We have no doubt that both teams will put on a wonderful spectacle for you to enjoy. Please feel free to join us for post match drinks in a venue tbc. HOSPITALITY - DOORS OPEN FROM 12:00 MATCH TICKETS: DOORS OPEN FROM 13:15 KICK OFF: 14.15. For corporate hospitality, sponsorship and non-match ticket enquiries, please contact: E-mail: charliedehaan@skolarsrl.com Tel: 0208 888 8488. Hospitality includes a three-course meal with wine, a silent auction and Q & A with the guest speaker(s). Please note: There are no concessionary tickets available for this match.
  9. Some posters on here claim the success of either Catalans or Toulouse is a triumph for expansion. It is not for they are both French Heartland Clubs and no more an expansion team than teams starting up in billinge or methley. The true metre of both clubs success or not lies in How many French players have they brought through in the key skill positions How much better the French National side is (i.e. are they at least competitive with England) If like me you are of the view that both have too many non-French players in key positions and note the lack of success of the French national side in this era then its a pas tres bien from me and no Grand Final win to follow the Challenge Cup win will change this.
  10. You know I wonder if there are posters on NFL Boards who are tapping keyboards furiously to demand that Green Bay Packers be kicked out of the NFL in favour of St Louis which is a much bigger media markert. Somehow I think not... In thev same way if Featherstone get promoted then good luck to them and I post this as an ex-season ticket hiolder of a now basiclly defunct expansion club who Fev were not particularily fond of. The elephant in the room as always is the declining standard of the Super League in general as there are around eight clubs that are in the bottom half of the Super League / Top end of the Chamionship who are interchangable and while they do not bring anything to the table they do not take anything away from it either. Featherstone are one of those clubs as it stands.
  11. Good on the Penny Panthers.. From my perspective it could have been worse..especially in the last 10 minutes that felt like an eternity..
  12. Penrith v Souths, I feel like Prince Charming with the two ugly sisters.....
  13. Winners - Manly Sea Eagles, Melbourne Storm Ponts total - 76 Least Points - Penrith Panthers
  14. Poll - Manly Sea Eagles and Penrith Panthers Points Total - 82 Most Points - Manly Sea Eagles A very un-Rooster like performance against the Titans with three soft tries conceded inb the second half that saw the Rosters cling on in a classic . This might not be The Rooster way under Trent Robinson but it's a transition season in Bondi. Manly's Turbo's will keep the Sea Eagles in flight up to the semi-final. The Wabbits rattled the Penny Panthers last week and if sudden death is not motivation enough then the fact that it's the Battle of the West should be motivation for Penrith. Brad Arthur is the Jason Garrett of the NRL like the hapless former Dallas Cowboys coach he can take Parramatta to a certain level before the parra attitude turns the fans parralytic. Parra neeed new leadership but I fear Brad has bought himself a return ticket for 2022 Thanks, but I will play to the final hooter..
  15. Balanced article from Matt Shaw https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/london-broncos-part-time-rfl-21527544
  16. Winners - Melbourne Storm, Sydney Roosters, Penrith Panthers, Paramatta Eels Points - 189 Poll - 4 Teams I think we are all tipping the same teams this week !. Best game of the round and most likely upset is Paramatta and the Knights. Parra are not playing in Bankwest and Brad Arthur rested first grade last week I am not sure you can turn the tap back on, but out of respect for Peter Wynn who was very generous to me a few years back I will stick with the Eels.
  17. Gonna be an interesting last episode of Tales from Tiger Town following this performance. I did think the Dogs could sneak a win but this is an absolute trouting. Concord tomorrow morning
  18. Rickys Raiders Routed by Roosters, Chooks Create Canberaa Coaching Crisis ?
  19. Winners - Sydney Roosters, Melbourne Storm, Penrith Panthers, Brisbane Broncos, Manly Sea Eagles, South Sydney, Gold Coast Titans, West Tigers. Points - 324 Away wins - 4 Poll - Eels v Panthers A front loaded round. Ricky's rebounding Raiders face a reinforced Roosters side needing to regain momentum, I would love to have tipped the Sharkies but a depleted Melbourne is the Storm and the Sharks are the Sharks so I tip Melbourne not to lose two in a row. Souths reserve grade to beat a SGI whose once promising season has fallen apart. although I have tipped the Tigers in the final match of the regular season I would not be surprised if the Dogs bite a chunk out of the Tigers. which could be the final chapter in the tale of woe that is Tiger Town this season..
  20. Stonking Game - Loved that Brian Carney quip pre-game about Eddie Jones "Eddie Jones thinks Rugby League players need to be fitter to play Rugby Union. We've had a magician in the house now we have a comedian" - Quality ! That said, these sides will meet again in the playoffs, when Warrington may have a full deck of cards to play with. They are a mercurial side that as the end of the first half showed do not need that much posession to put points on the opposition. St Helens are the most consistent side in the league but when its a one-off game I would put money on Warrington. That said, having a good coach helps, and that Steve Price interview with Jenna Brooks brought to mind the word Clueless... It will not be a problem for Warrington next year though.
  21. I would have the perfect tipping record had it not been for Brad Arthurs revenge and a new Parra attitude. I actually think that works for the Storm because if you go on a winning streak sooner or later it's coming to an end and rather now than the playoffs.. If your looking at the fixtures in particular the first three of Round 25. The playoffs are starting early with three absolute blockbusters to start the round. The Sunday games though are less inspiring....
  22. Winning Teams - Newcastle Knights, Canberra Raiders, South Sydney, North Queensland, Cronulla Sharks, Melbourne Storm, Manly Sea Eagles, Penrith Panthers Total Points - 320 Home Wins - 5 Games of 50 points or more - 4 North Queensland are getting some cattle back rthis week so I will back the Cows to snap their losing streak against a Dragons side whose fire has been extinguished. that's my shock. A compete shocker is Des Hasler's decision to play Tommy Turbo against the Bulldogs. if Turbo gets injured pre-finals....
  23. or UK viewers =- episodes 2 and 3 - change the playback speed to 0.5 - Ignore the distorted Madge image from Episode 3
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