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  1. Now I've given my RIP to Mr Lindsay and reflected to think about his achievements. Under his watch Wigan RLFC was being mentioned alongside the top association football clubs at the time and some of those players became household names .
  2. Just seen it on Kay Burley. Rest in peace Mr Lindsay condolences to his family. Massive Rugby League man I Wigan
  3. Wilkin even complained that it wasnt right that he could hear the Leeds players celebrating in their own dressing room
  4. The great Ellery Hanley spent the best part of his career at Wigan and traveled there and back.
  5. If I could have got to my luggage I could have walked from Yeadon to Bramley
  6. Phillies fans I knocked around with and they thought my Leeds accent was straight out of County Mayo
  7. I wonder what the Cas fans think about him even now after him missing that GF being dropped on the Eve of the game. I remember being in a bar in Philadelphia following the score on my phone and explaining to locals I said I know one man who wont be in cas town centre for awhile
  8. Professional footballers I.E both codes move all over the world to ply their trade and he cant live in the Wigan area for the duration of his contract . If that is the case .there must be more to it than that
  9. 30 years old running out of time as far as rugby goes
  10. Well he wont last long if he starts posting on here SORRY SORRY
  11. Wow it must have been severe insubordination at work which is gross misconduct. I know Leeds are in a bad way but I dont want him here .
  12. He had two final warnings one for chasing a student with not so good intentions dont know wether he caught him and the on field homophobic remark on national TV and at Cas played all that great football and then that loss in the GF cant have been helped by his stupidity and missing the game .
  13. If he's been dismissed surely it cant be because he moaned about having to return to Wigan HQ for debrief . Must have gone further than moan . My flight was once diverted to LBA and we were bussed to MAN airport as I was only 3 miles or so from home i wasnt to chuffed . Lol
  14. I'm not normally pedantic, but I couldn't let that one go .best wishes
  15. Reading old newspaper reports from before or just after WW I " Forward rush " when did that stop ? And I do remember Fullbacks kicking duel
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