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  1. Yep, I know a few of your Hull FC fans had said that you will never score enough points to win, and tbh after the pressure you had on us in the first 20, you really should have been well ahead. I agree mate, it should have been disallowed, my comment was more on the rules, for mine a double movement should be penalised if a player has been stopped and had another go, but agree that as things stand, it probably should have been disallowed. Yep, as angry as I was with Riley's pathetic effort (more and more regular these days), Briscoe's hands were amazing on getting that down, it's the kind of stuff we rave about when the likes of Inglis does it...
  2. I'm a bit confused by all this 'directing a team round the park' thing. What are people expecting, because tbh I don't think we will ever get that from Myler, he just isn't that kind of player. He is one of two halves, you don't need both halves to be controlling players. He does stuff that many other halves can't do. On top form, I would go with Tomkins and Eastmond, but Myler is certainly not far behind and would do an excellent job. His short passing game and stuff close to the ruck is excellent as oposed to Briers' wide and long passing game. It works brilliantly for us. Wendall - not sure we need trashy thread titles like this.
  3. I like Cooper, but would expect him to miss out for Carvell, who was outstanding in the semi last week, and is ahead of Cooper at the moment. There are at least two players who will miss out from last night.
  4. Decent win in the end. I expected a tough one like this, but we certainly helped keep it close with poor ball retention. Defence generally heldup well, just a horrendous miss by Riley (personally if Bridge is back next week, I would have Riley out of the team), and a lucky bounce off the knee caught us out. There was plenty of good fortune for us I think it's fair to say, it would have been interesting had Westwood's try been referred. I think it would have been disallowed, although personally feel it would have been harsh as his momentum was nowhere near stopped. Thought Riley's first try was forward but tbh, had we been more clinical it could have been a frightening score. Atkins still has some development, but his running with the ball is outstanding, and at times he was terrorising the Hull defence. With Briers, I'd like to think that we would have been much slicker and ruthless.
  5. You can get them priced relatively reasonably on ebay (or you certainly could in previous years). I think you just get access to a couple of nicer bars and toilets and maybe a free programme. Maybe they have different levels...
  6. I believe that can and does happen, and I agree that it is frustrating, especially when thousands of fans have had to sit up in the Gods because these prime seats aren't being used.
  7. To be fair, these people/companies have paid for the tickets, if they want to decide at the last minute, then they are well within their rights to. Trakl makes a good point, technically these tickets have been sold, surely we could announce a full house, although it doesn't seem too honest.
  8. Agreed, but the point is the same. Clubs may get around 10k for a regular game in Union, but put them in a final and the whole town will get behind it. I was addressing this from the point of view of the two finalists sets of fans rather than the RL community...
  9. There is a huge difference between a regular game against a lower league team in an early round, or even a Semi at somewhere as lacklustre as Widnes or Hudds. Both Leeds and Wire had good followings at their respective semi finals, but this will always double/treble when it comes to a final.
  10. Absolutely agree. Always had a soft spot for Wales, as some of my favourite players in the early 90's were from there. Allan Bateman, Kevin Ellis and Jonathan Davies were brilliant and served Wire and Wales RL very well. I even remember Wire putting a coach on for the Wales v Australia game in Cardiff in 1994! How can we have blown so many opportunities after that 1995 WC? We had 30k for an England v Wales game at Old Trafford! I have always found Welsh people to be appreciative of RL, and it was really good seeing so many genuine Wrexham people watching the Crusaders at the Racecourse Ground. It would be nicer if there were more, but hey, that's for next season now.
  11. That was proved last year. The simple fact is that Hudds took fewer than Leeds will, and I reckon there will have been fewer neutrals for a game between two clubs not known for appearing in finals.
  12. They can be resold, although think you may have to go through official channels (although they do just appear on ebay). I would think that this game would be pretty attractive to neutrals, and would hope that take up on these seats will be pretty high. Can't wait now, ages since I've been to a live match, can't even make tonight's last home one of the season!
  13. Don't think there was any need for this comment tbh. The only sport that will attract fewer fans from each team for a final than a regular game is football, and that is down to Wembley's capacity if a couple of big teams get there. I'm not going to turn this into a Union thread, but that sport is exactly the same.
  14. I think that Hull will be tougher to beat than that, however I am hopeful of a good performance due to the reasons you state above. We have a pretty healthy squad at the moment, meaning that some major players will probably miss out on Wembley, so I would expect the players to be well up for it.
  15. IMHO it wouldn't increase the crowd by much, if at all. You could get 7 games for
  16. I think you are perhaps being a touch harsh on Peacock there, he has certainly taken the game to the Aussies and Kiwis each time he has played them. I do agree that it may be a blessing in disguise though and a chance to bring in some fresh blood in that position. Graham and Morley will make solid yards all day for you and it would be good to have a bit of change of pace and energy to come into those positions and possibly step up the tempo. As a Wire fan I am slightly biased but Paul Wood has been outstanding so far this year, and it is gutting to see how his potential International career has been ruined by injuries, including a broken arm (IIRC) in his one GB game. The likes of Lynch, Crabtree, Fielden as well as a few others would do a good job IMHO.
  17. You may have a good shout with the three mentioned above, although I'm not sure that Wigan and Warrington will dominate. Whilst they are the top two teams, there has been very much a good team ethic at the two clubs, as opposed to three or four star players standing out. Look at Wigan - Amos Roberts was being tipped for MOS before his injury and has been in and out of the team since, yet the team has continued without him. Similarly when Warrington have been without Myler, Briers and Bridge at different stages of the year. I like to see a decent spread of players in the Dream Team, as just because a team is in the top 2 doesn't mean they have all the best players. For too long, we saw that with the GB team.
  18. Surely the important thing here is what Saints forecasts were. If they budgeted to have this loss, then there are no issues. If this loss came as a result of missing key targets around sponsorship and income then it is a bigger issue. Plenty of companies plan to lose money as part of a longer term growth plan.
  19. I'm a bit baffled then. When you refer to scoots, what are you talking about? He has only made 2 runs from acting half all year, and that isn't a prop's role. Also, not sure what you are getting at when questioning his passing and tackling.
  20. You are talking about Jamie Peacock (the Leeds and England prop forward) aren't you Dave?
  21. Once again non-Wire fans turn a thread around so it is about Warrington, yet no doubt the Wire fans will get the stick.
  22. Yet more irrational bashing of the BBC's tv coverage of RL, which IMHO is second to none at the moment. They did two live games from the last 4N, including a live game between Australia and France (when have they ever done that) and covered them well. I would certainly expect that Dave Woods would be over there and probably commentating on the couple of games the BBC get.
  23. I've pretty much always been of the opinion that Fielden gets a lot of unfair stick from some Wigan and rival fans. Sure he has had a bad time in spells, and isn't necessarily as effective as he was five or 6 years ago, but he is still a bloody good prop. For some reason people seem happy to see aplayer like him now struggle, when I actually really enjoy seeing props like him doing well, and if it's a bit of biff that winds him up then that's good for me. I wouldn't be upset to see him at Warrington or in future England squads.
  24. Yep, although I think it is fair to say that this selection wasn't simply due to his RL abilities. The bloke is an inspiration, and it is a chance to further raise the profile of the work he and many others are doing.
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