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  1. One of several very good and insightful replies and match my own experiences
  2. He is only suggesting 14-16, physical development really starts in the academy so missing out little there. For me the proposal makes sense, my only inclusion would be the pro game/clubs having an impact more from 14-16, running camps and competitions of some sort. They are important to push the elite
  3. They would use their first team fringe players so yes an increase but not that many. Saints signed 7 reserves players, filled a team easy with 1st teamers and a few U19s
  4. Not when I played, (80s, 90s) the odd one might say something very occasionally but nothing like today, nowhere near.
  5. I agree, I'm not saying there's nothing wrong with it, just that I question it was done knowing the player didn't have the ball.
  6. Why do you think those X players and judges saw it differently ?
  7. Or, could they play in the third tier after SL becomes two leagues of 10?
  8. I guess the only person who really knows the truth is Isa, we are left to speculate. I cannot imagine why he would have done it had he known Welsby didn't have the ball though?
  9. He intended to smash him for sure, but he mistakenly thought he had the ball after a terrible read and didn't mean to go into his head. Those were my thoughts and panel seem to think the same, 4 sounds about right but he may appeal. Ever wondered how the disciplinary process works? Former SL ref explains the process in this #Rugby show https://youtu.be/u_nWi5xRnno
  10. Super League clubs are meeting today to discuss the return of reserve Grade Rugby, or Steam if your as old as me . Pros and cons, do we want it?
  11. They can blow for everyone of those, but that would slow the game down. Players cannot get back onside quickly enough, quick play balls would be penalties, it would be a pen every other PTB. I believe they balance it out. If there's a surrender tackle and they play the ball quick, or step forward to play the ball they actually shorten the ten, they allow play to continue as there's no advantage gained. If they don't surrender and win the ground battle then they will blow as you gained the advantage, hence the perception of inconsistency where I don't believe there is. Do we want the game to flow or do we want a pen for every infringement even if it doesnt affect play? It cannot be both Ian touches on it in the modern ruck episode on this list https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxE2HKdRQnvg4PJLj2Z52mQlG_gD1_1i7
  12. Similar to my previous point, asking them to go to the mark is to keep the game flowing. Sometimes a penalty seems harsh for the infringement, this is why the 6 again came in. For me playing the ball again or handing the ball back if passed after the held call is fine. The attacking team have been punished as the play has stopped and the defence gets set, seems proportionate to me. But yes I can see why it's perceived as incorrect or inconsistent. I think the perception of inconsistency is greater than the reality.
  13. They changed the way this was reffed a few years ago. If the player isn't involved in play they ignore it to reduce the amount of offside calls and stopping the flow of the game. This is where I worry about people blaming the ref for stopping the flow of the game, they don't blow they are inconsistent, if they do they are stopping the flow. Seems they are blamed regardless. If not coaching which I also don't like, they will be blowing more as they will have to, then people will complain the ref didn't manage the players
  14. It never used to happen at all, but it's become complex where it wasn't such as the ruck, so sadly I feel it's evolved into this
  15. Great post even if I do disagree I don't think the classroom teacher student comparison is a good one, refs apply the laws of the game, teachers are there to develop and educate people, that would be a comparison with a coach not a ref. Your view that refs need to control players better to stop the abuse is placing responsibility on the wrong person, I consider his victim blaming and whilst you and others place sole responsibility for 'boiling over' at the ref, nothing I could say would change that. Again using a tired old metaphor, a lady in a short skirt walks past a building site and gets wolf whistled at, do we educate the lady to wear different clothes? If she walked a different way, or wore different clothes she wouldn't be whistled at eh? Not a great way to make a point I know but the only one I can think of at the moment . I am not saying refs are completely blameless or don't make errors, the point I disagree with is justfying the reaction in real time, this should be done through constructive review which happens but fans believe it doesn't, hence these episodes with Ian. You cannot blame the ref for the abuse they get, even if they have a poor game they should not be abused. Some horrendous abuse of young refs in the community game, all justified by the same reasons, they failed to control the game, they made errors, they upset my players by poor calls, it's true I've seen this abuse on refs as old as 13/14 with adults not believing there's anything wrong in this abuse. It's very very sad. What is 'manage players better'? again the whole responsibility thing is the wrong way round, players and coaches manage players. Refs will always always make errors, therefore by this way of thinking, players are always justified in losing their cool without responsibility, because the ref made errors that led to them being frustrated. Also very worth noting that players and fans get decisions wrong at times, they lose their cool as they believe they were hard done to, only to realise after the ref was correct, who takes responsibility then? Refs get reviewed, coaches can make points after the game when the mist has settled, this is then more constructive than permitting players to lose cool and have a go at ref on real time. I respect your view and appreciate your time making your points but I respectfully disagree. I also accept it appears I am one of very few with this mindset towards refs Your points are very well made even if we disagree, would be great if you could out them on the YouTube comments section, we may be able to use them in a follow up episode as I think this is a great hot topic and one that creates opinion and divide.
  16. There is absolute doubt that refs affect all games though. Easy to blame the ref. Good refs manage the players, indisciplined players of ignore this and continue, that's not the refs fault. Players poor discipline is not the full responsibility of the ref, players are responsible for their own actions. I think people forget that refs are there to call the rules, they cannot be responsible for players acting up, it really is that simple. When did this blaming of the ref start? It's a real focus shift Reminds me of the old story, kid burns down school, parents ask who sold them the matches. I may be on my own thinking this but I truly believe the focus on refs has become too much of a obsession and blame is disproportionate. The abuse refs get at all levels is also a huge concern, we are really struggling to keep and attract refs
  17. Very difficult, we try to create laws of the game to stop this but it's a battle. Coaches will argue they are doing what they need to for their team
  18. It's impossible to ref a game without perceived inconsistencies. Players fans and coaches will always believe the ref gives the opposition something they don't get. I think the 'inconsistent' argument is overplayed
  19. Their impact I believe is much less than you describe I feel it's a form of victim blaming and manipulation blaming the ref for players frustrations and behaviours. If I do something wrong at work is it my responsibility or my bosses If I fail to control my anger do I take responsibility or is it someone else's fault who made me angry It's feels like an extension of the "not my fault" mentality and an easy blame for fans, coaches and players. I agree 100% that refs make mistakes and this can be frustrating, but how you react if entirely your own responsibility. Players , fans and coaches are often also wrong, people get angry at perceived errors, only in the cold light of day realising they may have over reacted. It's a slippy slope I believe to blame the ref for players conduct and the flow of the game when they can only call what they see. There will always be errors or perceived errors and calls that go against one team, holding the ref to account for this leaves them in an impossible position because at least 50% (1 side) will not agree. The change of focus to the ref I touched upon in the episode with Ian, I first remember Alex Ferguson using these tactics to shift blame away from players which in turn pressurises the ref. One of his players when a manager at Leeds I think it was, the Scottish winger name escapes me. Once said in an interview if you pressure the ref you may get the next 50/50. This I believe is often just a coach tactic which then fans accept, all the time shifting focus. It's not that they have zero impact but the focus and blame towards the ref is hugely disproportionate in my opinion.
  20. Indeed, but I felt the point was more around the flow of the game and the entertainment is affected more by players than the ref. Yes people seem to judge the ref based on this rather than simply applying laws of the game
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