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  1. I take it the meter has run out of room to add that seventy eighth digit Anyhow the players will be meeting the supporters after the game at 17:15 by the Touchdown bar.
  2. This is what all clubs should be doing for not only increasing the attendance at Cardiff, but by also showing an initiative to the clubs supporters to purchase a season pass. It's a win/win situation.
  3. Like I say they have lost 800 supporters this season which for a club at this level will have far reaching consequences.
  4. I don't care what people on here think of me. I love Rugby League and would die for the sport that I hold close to my heart and if I have one last aim before the year is out, is to take my dad to one final game, because it was him that made me catch the addiction that is Rugby League.
  5. Unusual to say the least. I just hope Wigan win on Sunday because I don't fancy them needing to beat us on the final day of the season at the DW for the League leaders shield.
  6. Widnes look to be coming good at the business end of the season, while Barrow look down and out I'm afraid.
  7. This is the only way that I can see the Millenium Stadium being full for both days which would look impressive for those at home watching the weekend on tv. It would also feel as if the loyal supporters were getting some incentive to attend this event. By all means charge the supporters who don't have a season pass the going rate, but I feel if the RFL want anything close to a full house and with this event taking place just some six weeks after the financial burden of Christmas then they have to include this in the season pass for mine if they don't want 30,000 for day one, 30,000 for day two etc.
  8. No idea where that is but if it's half as good as our very own Fighting Cock on Preston Street then I'll be won over.
  9. Matthew is very much a Rugby League fan like myself, you'll have a good time. Just remember to make sure we all end up on the last train from Cardiff
  10. I hope what you is right mate, because there is no way we'll win at Wigan.
  11. I think we'll be going to the cheapest pub possible
  12. The final home game of the season and a game that could see a big crowd as Wakefield have very much everything to play with regards their play-off situation. I guess everyone's only going for what Peter Hood has to say at half-time with regards the amazing season ticket offer for 2011? I think we'll lose again as there is nothing from what I've seen in the past 12 games to suggest we are about to turn a corner. In fact I just can't see us getting another win all season so another depressing day at Odsal culminating in yet another loss. But it won't be the on the scale as the hammering we got last night. Bradford 22-28 Wakefield with 7,800 there.
  13. I really want us to have the green and purple away kit next season.
  14. I've stayed in the The Wyndham Arms before and I did look into it but it's already booked up for that weekend. Edit ** I was trying to book for the 11th August 2010
  15. Well if you fancy sharing the taxi, come and knock on my room door.
  16. The last time I was in Cardiff I spent a night in the cell mate (think Gansongate) which I'm not proud of and totally regret as my friend who I was with didn't wait around and went home on the train. We haven't spoke since.
  17. Bad news for Barrow and I don't have the attendance figures at hand but on the Halifax board they say that they are 700 down on last season.
  18. Last night I booked my accommodation in Cardiff for the start of the Super League XVI, well I wouldn't want to miss Bradford vs Leeds. Anyhow just by going on the Travelodge website as I use these more than any other hotel chain, the price for a night at Cardiff Central, Cardiff Atlantic Wharf and Cardiff M4 is a shocking
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