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  1. Anything on the undercard worth keeping an eye out for?
  2. That's exactly why im better staying up, get a few bevvies in and make a night of it...as ive found previously with early scheduled boxing or rugby league games, with all the best intentions/will in the world, when the alarm goes off at 5am, your brain says "no way, pal - this is the weekend"
  3. I wasnt sure if i could be harrised staying up till 5 to watch this...but im a bit intrigued....i think fury brings that to a bout
  4. Loll..."macc and me" remember watching that at the cinema when i was a kid...thought it was terrible even then....the alien communicated by whistling and was addicted to coca cola
  5. Bless bellew...he was doing so well early on but once the fight got to halfway you were waiting for the inevitable...caught with a big left, goodnight vienna
  6. A little something i tried tonight which i recommend...i have a 15yr old glenfiddich which is lovely and sherry sweet....for some daft reason i opted to squeeze the juice of a couple of tangerine segments into the glass...the result is all the original flavour but the sharp alcohol edge taken off which results in a smooth flavour....this whisky is sweet and fruity anyway but not sure how it would go with the smokier, peatier drams
  7. agreed - surprised its PPV, would have been prime for BT (bit disappointed it's not on there actually)
  8. Good turnaround from AJ...an upset was looking on the cards initially but as the match went on he eased into it....caught him with a couple of belters at the end
  9. There's been patches...when i played for them all was fine. When my little brother played for them there were some issues....mainly sideline (i.e. dads who used to play) idiots but a few on field discipline issues too....paul Farrell who runs the club is a lovely guy, calm and sound and has been the backboneof the club for decades...it saddens me that all his hard work gets undermined by "hard case" dick heads (whether thats on or off the pitch) the ethos was never "be dirty" historically....if thats the way it is now then im disappointed, but i doubt it is
  10. tad unfair.....there's been some great coaches, players and volunteers involved at West Bank over the years and hopefully some are still involved. From what I understand, a lot of this recent bad rep is due to some numbskull supporters who are spoiling it and dragging the club down
  11. I really like those heritage GB shirts, cotton, big collar, no sponsor....£65 though!
  12. Shared a half size bottle (only got two wee drams each out of it mind) of glenfiddich 15 .... Had forgotten how nice this stuff is....much better than the 12 and personally preferable to the 18...a nice, sweet fruity flavour to it....think my next purchase will have to be the full size bottle
  13. When will this be and how can we see watch (other than attending)
  14. Joshua just kept parker at bay with jabs, the kiwi couldn't really get near him
  15. bit meh really....glad I didn't pay for it
  16. Browne made himself easy meat tonight....bizarre strategy.....the knock out was brutal, feared for the worst the way he went down and stayed down too....hope he's ok
  17. cant understand the premise of drinking cold whisky?....always seems like the warmth is what you seek out of the drink, surely serving it at room temp aids in releasing the vapours for you to soak in through the nose as you're drinking it
  18. have you tried a wee dram of each of them yet? If so, it would be interesting to find out which one you prefer.....I've tried all of them and would say my order of preference would be the Ardmore (if it's the 12yrs old one it looks like?), Laphroigh then the Talisker Skye
  19. think Tesco are also doing highland park for roughly the same price....much better Imo, fruity/spicy rather than peaty/smoky
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