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  1. I hope it does too. And I also wish them good luck. Prob still a couple hrs drive for me to go and watch but still closer than any other (semi) pro club so would be happy to
  2. Hey all, been a long time since I've posted (work etc) but thought I'd log on to check the reaction following the news yesterday. I thought I'd add my tuppence here as I've been living in Devon and playing amateur rugby league and union down here (i.e. against teams in Devon and Cornwall) in 2019 and 2021. Firstly, I saw the news and thought 'amazing!' as it will raise the profile of the sport down here. However, re. this chat about it being a rugby hotbed etc should be treated with caution. Of course the Cornish love rugby but it's all union. Our team play in the South-West division, have recruited well over the last couple of yrs but we're under no illusion that 95% our players are anything other than Union players who are giving the game a go in their off-season. That said, there's some lads down here who are highly talented and actually love playing League. Would they want to aim to focus on League and go semi-pro? I'm not sure there'd be that many at this point in time. The game is growing at grass-roots level but it's still early days. I saw a post about Cornish Rebels and how they must have been building to this, are an example of how it will build etc etc - on one hand, yes - they've been doing great things with the women's team but re. the men's team - they haven't once fulfilled a fixture with us in 2019 or 2021 and folded at least once during those two seasons. So, I'm not sure where Eric's going to get all his homegrown Cornish talent from unless they're aiming to poach and convert a load of young union lads from the Cornish Pirates or the students at the Exeter Uni Cornwall (Falmouth?) campus who normally get groomed for Exeter Chiefs?
  3. Yeh i saw this too recently...what is going on with their eyes?
  4. Is that skerrett? Always remember the widnes fans hated him and he got no end of abuse from our lot, mainly for being a dirty bar steward iirc
  5. Great thread and some awesome pics. Cap doffed
  6. The Pickwick Papers by Dickens....love it.........for some reason I've never read any of this stuff until a few mths ago I read my wife's copy of Great Expectations that had been gathering dust on the shelf for yrs. It was wittier and more impressive than I'd anticipated.... so I will no doubt be hunting down his entire back catalogue henceforth!
  7. Aye gassed himself out doing so though...a couple of times he looked like he had nothing in the tank and fury should have gone for jugular at those points
  8. Dunno about robbery....but its difficult to see how any of the judges could score wilder ahead or equal to fury on points when fury was so dominant for the majority of the rounds....i think you could only give wilder maybe 2-3 rounds to coincide with when he caught fury and he went down....but i guess the fact that fury went down (and looked unlikely to ever really put wilder down) has additional weight in itself
  9. It wouldn't surprise me...apart from the knockdown s (one of which wasnt much anyway) the boxing lesson was dished out by tyson
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