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  1. To me it looked like a mental preparation thing (or lack of it)...wakey were making plenty of mistakes but their hunger was there for all to see...london were a gear or two lower and didnt seem as keen for it
  2. But when we had the 8's people were saying the opposite...(i.e. its not fair that 2nd to bottom got relegated following a play off system, the bottom team should have been relegated etc etc)...as gubrays says, like it or not, London hace finished bottom tonight when all has been said and done
  3. It is. And i would rather see other teams be relegated other than this team which has shown real promise, skill and endeavour at times this year
  4. I want them to stay up...when our local rugby league team started up, they contacted all SL teams to see if any would kindly donate some old unwanted training gear, wakey said yes and donated a lorry container full of last (or maybe the previous) years shirts (home n away), shorts, training tops etc...loads still in their plastic wrapping....legends
  5. Probably because, unless you are a 20 stone monster, if you run in a straight predictable line you will get creamed
  6. Which seems a little extinguished at the moment, almost like the occasion has gotten the better of them
  7. Thought it was a harsh call as the attacker looked as though he hadnt been stopped properly
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