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  1. I'll give that a whirl, sure the missus next to me in bed wont mind too much!
  2. I'm having a bash at Ulysses by Joyce....i gave up on the forward /introduction which was 6 chapters of lofty waffle but the first chapter has been most enjoyable (though the Latin references sail over my head) so far and seems well worth persevering with
  3. Shawshank Redemption, Stand by Me, Green Mile and The Shining were good adaptations.......but there were some shockers too - Carrie, Christine spring to mind and The Stand did not do the book justice (though I hear they're having another bash at that soon)
  4. Stephen King's Bazaar of Bad Dreams - his latest collection of short stories, some are good, some are ######, most are just plain weird
  5. Who's game? I suspect Chris Morris has been involved in the production
  6. there's no better look to pull during such a task
  7. 12 yr bunny heaven Xmas present from the ma, just cracked it open - cheers ma and cheers all
  8. The return of Luther wasn't too shabby last night
  9. more heavy rain today .....though 80mm is expected rather than the 300mm they got the other day......it shouldn't be too bad but even that 80mm has to go somewhere and everywhere's still saturated apparently....
  10. From wiki: A one-hundred-year flood is a flood event that has a 1% probability of occurring in any given year. The 100-year flood is also referred to as the 1% flood, since its annual exceedance probability is 1% A common misunderstanding exists that a 100-year flood is likely to occur only once in a 100-year period. In fact, there is approximately a 63.4% chance of one or more 100-year floods occurring in any 100-year period.
  11. Cheers folks, they still cant use the loo or have shower though as there's nowhere for the water to drain obviously...still, they're counting their blessings....some roads are open again in Kendal but more rain is due this week though
  12. The Kent had receded a fair bit this morning thankfully so my mum was lucky enough to avoid getting the house flooded, just!
  13. Someone knocked round earlier saying that the local leisure centre was available for them of needs be....dont think they'll get evacuated but reckon the kitchen, hallway and garage will be pretty wet when they come downstairs in the morning....they're higher up than plenty others in the town who were almost level with the river when its normal, they've all been evacuated hrs ago apparently
  14. River is now a few inches below bottom floor level of her house, downstairs is kitchen and garage with living room at first floor, needless to say they've shifted everything of worth to the first floor and are camping upstairs....apparently it's never been this high....they're in for a bumpy night
  15. Mum's house is next to the river Kent in Kendal, garden's flooded already, luckily the house is higher up but its creeping toward them!...eek...
  16. Max Cooper - Resonant States https://soundcloud.com/max-cooper/resonant-states
  17. Did anyone else see that documentary on BBC 4 last night - Storyville, Cartel Land? Relly good but terrifying expose to what's been going on in rural Mexico......with no law enforcement/government support some locals took up arms to defend their villages from being terrorised by local drug cartels such as the knights templar......they were doing so well until they lost their way....
  18. Lol, not a fan of the pixies or Depeche mode then?
  19. On reflection, I may have been a bit hasty on the judgement of the aldi black 8yr...granted I've had 3 glasses of merlot but I'm sat here with a double measure over ice and tbf it ain't too shabby
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