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  1. The same type of article appeared here in France a couple of days ago in the equipe magazine, does rugby have a cocaine problem, big photo of James Maloney half a page and not a word about the union players that have tested positive,
  2. Lézignan play Villeneuve next weekend for the last game of the season, Playoffs 30 April or 1 may Semis the 7)8 may, Finale 21/22 may
  3. Limoux v Villeneuve on via Occitanie at 3pm French time Albi v Lézignan on YouTube at 7pm French time.
  4. The VIP is sold out, 1360 or so passes sold. Not bad for a Thursday night when good Friday isn't a bank holiday here
  5. The carcassonne v limoux highlights are now on the carcassonne Facebook page
  6. I doubt it, mourgue will be there or may.
  7. Rugby league managed to get a full page in the equipe newspaper yesterday, Amazing what bad news does for publicity.
  8. Saturday 16h st Estève v st Gaudens at st Estève ground, great little cafe near the ground in st Estève called chez Kim, it's owned and run by the kedhemi family, Mathieu plays for Carcassonne romain at xiii Catalan and his dad was one of the best number nines around,
  9. Xiii Catalan may be playing on the Saturday versus st Gaudens at st Estève, there may be an elite 2 team playing in Perpignan but I don't know the exact day they play just the weekend they play
  10. No they can still finished third due to a mad rule that says if teams are equal they go on the goal average between the two teams, so v limoux Carcassonne are -2 and a Lézignan -4 or something like that, they need Lézignan to lose one of their remaining games or limoux to lose against Villeneuve next week, limoux have lost four games but won defensive bonus points in each of the four losses,
  11. It was a cracking game at Carcassonne yesterday, two good teams, physical game even the score was high.
  12. All the other players caught taking recreational drugs have received 2 year bans in France.
  13. The sharks have published a few things on social media but it looks a bit like they're trying to provoke a reaction more than actually making a comeback, too many bridges burnt for this almost phantom 3 man club.
  14. A few teams where made to stop their season after not being able to fulfill two games, the two Montpellier teams had to stop their season because of this, the red devils played and won a friendly last Sunday, I was speaking to Keiran Lewis after the game Carcassonne be st Gaudens and he played at Montpellier sharks earlier this year and he mentioned it's a club built on lies and false promises. The red devils have money etc to fulfill games but just can't find enough players
  15. A few players missing for Catalan but you can only beat the team in front of you. laguerre and rouge should have been playing but only arrived back from Huddersfield at 7am Saturday morning, le cam was suspended and played for the super League team, cozza, segieur and romano also played super League.
  16. Maybe an expected to win bug . Villeneuve had a a couple of players with flu too.
  17. Toulouse beat Catalan in elite 1. Catalan play Carcassonne at Brutus on Saturday live on via Occitanie.
  18. Yes they do this in France up to the semi finals,
  19. Yes you're probably right, maybe one bad read, the rule in NRL clubs is usually if one jams in the rest jam in. So he did what he is asked to do.
  20. It was his side's second row that got sent off, so it's logical that they attacked his side more, a couple of bad reads by him, but i guess it's not easy defending on the wing when your missing a player on your edge.
  21. Carcassonne v Villeneuve at 18h30 French time tonight, Lézignan v limoux at 15h French time Sunday. At Lézignan the u15s u17s play limoux in the morning followed by the u19s v limoux then first grade.
  22. Now that Toulouse are also in super League the French team is starting to look quite strong, (just players with super League experience) Escare, mourgue, gigot, Miloudi full back Marcon, Yaha, Franco, romano, escare wings Centre jussaume, romano, gigot, laguerre, Miloudi Marguerite, Halves, gigot, fages, Albert, mourgue, Rougé Props dezaria,segieur, cozza, Springer, navarrette, Sangaré, Bousquet, goudemand Hooker da Costa, Marion, pellisier, mourgue Second row goudemand , Garcia, segieur, Stefani, le cam, Julien, Lock Garcia, goudemand, Marion, or a prop at lock. Plus a few elite and championship players that could be surprise inclusions
  23. They've Morgan escare too for the full back position.
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