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  1. To open up to families they need to forget playing on Friday nights at 20h30. Non of the out of towners can make the game and most teams train on Friday nights, it's a big shame the French derbies are going to be on a Thursday night too.
  2. 30 mins away, a village in the Minervois, 30 mins from Carcassonne and 25 from Lézignan Sorry I thought the question was aimed at me until I read it again
  3. Villeneuve v toulouse today at 15h French time on via Occitanie, Catalan a Lézignan on Catalan YouTube today 16h30 French time Tomorrow Carcassonne v st Gaudens 15h Carcassonne Facebook Limoux v Albi 15h limoux YouTube ?
  4. Don't forget the Catalan have to pay a bond too just incase they get to the final, another reason toulouse didn't want to play in the cup, as well as extra travel costs.
  5. Written in the local Perpignan paper today that the Catalan have to pay the travel costs etc for referees and visiting teams in the cup, just as toulouse have to for every home super League game, so it looks like the agreement has been carried over to super League for Toulouse
  6. I live here in France, from the 14th march you no longer need a pass sanitaire to enter public and private building, stadium etc, you only need a mask on public transport and in medical places,
  7. The age categories are different in France than in the UK. It's 1st January to 31st December UK it's 1st September to 31st August,
  8. The need for vaccination to enter stadium finishes on Monday,
  9. Joe turned 20 yesterday so I don't know if they're planning a u20 euro comp or a u19s euro comp,
  10. It was enjoyable to watch Toulouse last night, French elite 1 players holding their own in a super League team ex French fringe super League players playing very well and getting game time in super League, Toulouse look like they're adapting to the speed and physical needs of super League, it's all good news for the French national team. Maybe I'm being too positive . Players with super League experience are now playing both in elite and super League, ex NRL players in elite too, The elite top 6 play offs will be very interesting this year and they'll be very tight physical games, top end RL is looking up in France we now need to work very hard on everything below the top 6 in elite, The French u19s have names a 60 player train on squad and will have players with super League first team experience like Cesar Rougé and Joe chan and players playing regular elite 1, so the tests v England could be very good to watch. Back to French bashing and negativity now
  11. Sangaré and Springer changed the game when they went on for Toulouse tonight they're two big athletic blokes!!!
  12. It's definitely happening on the 14th march, coincidentally it was announced a couple of hours before macron announced he's going to run in the presidential elections again,
  13. Yes which means I had my third dose for nothing!!!!! Well I suppose I was able to keep going into places for an extra month!!!!! Gutted I had it now!
  14. They're staying in Montpelier and training there for a couple of days apparently.
  15. They'd keep a team each in elite, players not playing for the Cathares can drop back to their club of origin, it could work as a lot of young aude players are good enough for elite but not good enough to play in the best 3 teams in the elite so would be able to stay at their club and play elite instead of drifting down the divisions and often disappearing from the game., the level may drop in elite but the games will be tighter and another opening for the talented players to play a higher level, I think they want to go directly into the championship so they'd get more funding from the region as they'd expect more traveling supporters from the UK, I think it's the only way forward as the elite league is good to watch but not attracting people into the stadium or interest as most prefer to watch the super League, just look at the Catalan team, their reserve team gets hardly any fans in the stadium even though there's often a very good game and super League squad players in the team.
  16. MC meekan starting with dezaria, Chan, Séguier and kasiano on the bench
  17. They're already mentioning the cold weather and lack of props in the French local newspaper, 20 degrees in Perpignan yesterday and it will be 2 degrees at kick off time.
  18. Moa is defence coach at the Catalan, casty coach at Toulouse and Toulouse elite, I can't see him coming out of retirement, I can't see Maloney giving up the well paid easy life of traveling and playing in the elite comp to lose with toulouse every week
  19. A hit up after a walmesley quick play the ball helps, Maybe some forwards are intelligent and choose the right time to take the ball up
  20. Sorry to tell you but they've changed the design since Christmas. Reminds me alot of Toulouse rugby union.
  21. Thomas lacans is very dedicated, he's not very big but handles himself well at 9 and 6. He's quick with a good step too, His kicking game could be better but in a full time environment he'd excel, Baptiste is very skillful, especially his kicking game, he's quicker than he looks, maybe he has a flaw in his defence but again it could be worked on, if the Aude team ever appeared in the championship I reckon they'd both be recruited. Thomas was in the Catalan academy u19s as a 16 year old. They both played elite 1 at 17/18.
  22. The French team won't have any elite players in the team, they'll all come from super league or the championship, Fabre is a very good player and doing well at full back, Boyer was playing and helping with the coaching in Toulouse elite team, he is looking to get a club in Australia at cup level if possible,
  23. GB headguard for the titans full back? Jaylan de groot.
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