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  1. And the prime Minister has announced that crowds can go up from 5000 people too! Shame, all those foreigners bringing covid into France with them, seriously lots of British number plates on the road over here and less Belgian and German plates, figures show most French people are holidaying in France instead of traveling to other countries.
  2. We did east v west as a French trial à few years ago for the French u19 team, at 6 he was amazing and he was only 16 I think, he moved to 9 and ripped the opposition to pieces, classy player just as with alot of French players on the small/light side but if he can handle the defensive side I think he should stay as he is, they bulked Albert up and he lost his pace and step, Albert has slimmed down again and looks miles better for it.
  3. Consistency and not wanting to be the centre of attention, which is the two things almost all the refs in France don't have/do
  4. Thompson does a lot of work but seems to always be the support runner to another forward and second or third man into the tackle. Tough work but the aussies don't seem to have 3 to 4 players in the tackle and all his tackles seem to finish with him around the legs, in the early games it was like he was pacing himself, maybe the new coach has noticed that and told him to do more in shorter stints. When he does take the ball up he runs very hard and often wins the tackle and gets a quick play the ball
  5. He'd make less metres in the pack. Yes he's passed it and wouldn't have scored a couple of the 5 tries that the other winger scored, but he does a job and can't be blamed for not trying or not getting scoring opportunities.
  6. I've stated before Albert has shed some weight and looks very fit. He's played full back a couple of times. I don't think he'll ever breakthrough at the dragons as he'll always be a squad player behind the foreigners. But with lots of games in a short period may give him a chance to play more.
  7. Morgue at full back or Albert? According to the local paper morgue starts at full back. According to the journalist 1 morgue 2 Davies 3 langi 4 folau 5 yaha 6 maloney 7 drink water 8 bouquet 9 mcllorum 10 moa 11 Tomkins 12 Whitley 13 Garcia 14 casty 15 Maria 16 kassiano 17 baitieri
  8. If he's not getting scoring opportunities on the wing it's not his fault, if he's not doing his work in the middle or coming looking for the ball it's his fault, by his stats he's not being lazy, with Robinsons game plan I reckon he'll be happy with halls performances and stats, the roosters play with speed through the middle and prefer to hit a second row outwide one on one and get another quick play the ball than pass to the wing and get caught close to the touch line.
  9. Bateman and Williams make a good partnership on the right hand side.
  10. Thats baptiste fabre, excellent stand off and great kicking game, he's still at albi, he did a month in leeds a couple of years ago, That's the problem in France he has the talent but if he wants to go any higher he has to go to st esteve and play elite there and hope to get looked at by the dragons, goffin went from villeneuve to the catalans and was last season playing in the under 19s and elite 2 at baho, he went from scoring tries for fun outside pita Godinet in elite 1 at villeneuve to playing under 19s at st esteve. He really seemed to be struggling in Perpignan with confidence and injuries.
  11. Rougé hasn't been forgotten about, the article is the 4 signing 2 year contracts César is an excellent player, playing under 19s at 15/16 can play lock too, pity his brother has decided to play at pomas this year after a year out, he's a very good prop too.
  12. I've no idea, they never got picked for the France u16 or u19s, maybe they don't qualify yet as they left the country for a while, or maybe they feel more kiwi than French
  13. I reckon chan will be the frirst to break through, 18 still growing, skillful, quick,hard running tough defender, with a normal kiwi side where they'll smash you and then tap you on the back to say sorry, plus when it gets tough he does! He was playing under 19s at 15 or 16 and stood out.
  14. He got out of quarantine quick he was on TV the other day at the canberra match, or is quarantine just one way with australia?
  15. Probably cheaper flying and hiring a car than ferry, tolls and petrol
  16. When he came to lezignan to speak to the club he had a job offer in a builders merchants in lezignan I heard, tuilagi has signed for carcassonne xiii from the union side with an offer for a job with the council (job for life) Carcassonne council have quite a few ex players, t'y Pau, Fred banquet, Daniel divet, as do most councils that have a big rl following. I get quite a lot of plumbing work from the villeneuve minervois council and 3 players work there full time who still play for the club. Who you know not what you know etc
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