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  1. YCCC are released end of Nov, I’ve heard 27th but not 100%
  2. It is at the same ground next season though and it’s not the Puppies tbf ?
  3. I’m in again, will get you or Graham the cash before the end of the season ?
  4. Could be he felt the hamstring that has kept him out recently? His dad was sat in front of us earlier this season and both are totally bewildered why he’s not getting more game time
  5. Ill discipline and poor game management is costing us every week and has for the last 2 years. Surely we can pick 17 out of all the lads and loanees who can put 80 mins together. i think we need another 6 wins to stay up and no idea where they are coming from. So frustrating and can’t even listen or read Greenwood’s comments anymore!
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