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  1. All this talk of Williams, and how GOOD he was, he wasnt even the best half back for Canberra. Big wow he's English n had a half decent game.
  2. Remember redhill playing in Hull against an orchard park team. Redhill won the game, however their didn't want no fight that day I do remember them been rather intimidated by the players and crowd. School bully came to mind
  3. We'll win the league I just like to add quality as you can't have enough of that
  4. Is the frampton Warrington fight on modbro
  5. This happened in hull about 8 year ago 2 brothers it was I think their got sine die
  6. Straight into my dream team oooooooossssssssshhhhhhhhh
  7. Anyone travel to anfield for Liverpool fixtures from hull area???
  8. He's apologised via twitter, case dropped!!!!
  9. He has to be sold now, LFC can keep defending him its bad for the club name and no1 is bigger then the club!!!!(I'm a LFC fan aswell)
  10. What do they expect I'm not sure there spent any money in either window did they?
  11. Player of the season, surely Suarez as been player of the SEASON. Yes bale has had a few good months. RVP started well but hasn't done nothing in last 2 month, Luis Suarez has been mr consistent all season. Loved gerrards quote saying if he don't he'll be the best player ever not to have won the award, and rightly so politics will be the only reason if he don't. That would be so wrong no one can doubt the lads ability on the field, and that's where the award should go to the player who has been the best all season!!!
  12. I'm actually a scouser who likes hull fc as my family are from there and I wouldn't support the closes team as its st Helen's and I can't stand them, do people from a city/town HAVE to follow there local team? Surely then it goes down to amateur teams don't it do you go and support the most local team t you
  13. Sturridge will be a great signing love his arrogance YNWA
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