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  1. 10000% agree with you here. Cowardly by radford.
  2. Hardly think that's fair advertising the blokes business on a forum.
  3. I had a package holiday booked via Tui however we was flying with a different airline (Emirates) the airline has cancelled the flight, however weve heard nothing from Tui. Need help
  4. Craig Greenhill from hull and cas he was a hard man
  5. I'm sure our sport is a bit like another sport I can think of
  6. Hull are more sarcastically trying to win the SL. No were near winning it.
  7. It's his inability to turn the game into hull fcs favour when things aint going there way. That for me is the mark of a proper player, he's very much a passenger when hull are under the cosh.
  8. I mean what chance as sneyd got in fairness behind, Taylor as his prop
  9. Kelly Lomax Austin Fages Hastings Widdop Connor Seizer Gale Maloney Are all better half backs then Sneyd
  10. He's so passive in defence, he's a bully type player. Interms of only looks decent or has a impact when his team are dominating the game. Not in the top 5 in the league possibly top 10
  11. Clearly his biggest problem is injuries, sneyd rarely injured but is garbage, Connor, plenty of hull fc fans would pay his taxi fare out of kcom stadium I'm sure
  12. He's the best out the 3 at Hull Fc, Connor big baby spits his dummy out threatened to leave if he wasn't stand off. His niggling ways have been worked out and now are just detrimental to himself and his team. Sneyd, basically a good goal kicker, that's it. Kelly can defend awesome in attack, can play either, 6 Or 7 got the x factor about him
  13. Looks to be leaving hull fc at the end of this season, does this mean there ain't offered him a new deal, or has he turned one down??
  14. Centre is the most difficult position on the field to defend, don't beat yourself up too much.
  15. That's one of the best post I've seen in a long while well said sir!!! ??
  16. All the haters be out soon, jealous of Wire. What a excellent signing this is get on G.I and up the Wire!!!!
  17. Getting fed up now of hearing these whining owners, get on with it. It's happening to everyone and count yourself lucky you or a family member hasn't got the virus and died from it. Somethings are more important I'm afraid
  18. He doesn't have a week off all year round, on my estate
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