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  1. Having someone of the quality of Emmitt till the end of the season is surely going to be a big boost. I am interested to know which 7 players cannot play this weekend
  2. I’m interested to know which 7 players are out and also which top player we have signed. Anyways no matter what I’ll be there on Sunday to cheers on the raiders
  3. Yeah I’m really hoping this game will be on this weekend ! Im not too sure when the players have to isolate to. I am thinking it’s 10 days that will mean the players affected cannot train and might only just get out of isolation on the day of the game. Anyways Hunslet will be a tough game and i am looking forward to it !
  4. Yes I think it’s now more important than ever that we get ourselves promoted for next year so we are all in the mix, hopefully with Workington then we have an extra derby for crowds !
  5. Yeah that’s what I heard but according to cresta in the evening mail he has overcome his injury and was ready to play against Workington
  6. Yeah I think that result today makes a two horse race for the title really, Us and Workington. Lots of players on the way back from injury by the sounds of things with Stack, Ritson, Toal X2 and A.Walne that was meant to be back for Workington on top of that Miloudi returns tomorrow COYR
  7. Yeah I for one was looking forward to my trip up to Workington tomorrow for the game ! I don’t quite know what’s up with the guy kicking off about Workington etc , I personally like barrow ground but of course I will as I’m from barrow . Yeah it’s a shame as I think barrow were bringing a good crowd up this weekend ! You brought a very vocal and good crowd to barrow and it’s a shame we couldn’t return the favour. Barrow were due to have some big players back for the game at Workington this weekend and would of been a brilliant game and could of been a title decider, hopefully it ca
  8. Cheers for that, I’ve already bought my tickets ready for Sunday now . Going to be a tough game for barrow but I’m going to go for a win. Workington 18-28 Barrow
  9. Cheers for that, I have bought my tickets ready for Sunday. Looking forward to a good game ! Good to see two Cumbrian clubs battling it out at the top
  10. Do you need to buy tickets online prior to getting to the ground or will pay on gate be available? Many thanks
  11. Yes this is most definitely going to be the hardest game of the year ! Looking forward to the train journey up there on Sunday for what’s sure to be a cracking match. I am hopeful that barrow can come away with the points and will create a little bit of breathing room for us. Town will be potentially fresh for this game just hoping they will be a bit rusty as well. What killed us in the last game was constant penalties against us so if we can cut them out I am confident we can come away with the points. COYR
  12. It’s going to be a tough game for us this weekend, Coventry are probably the most improved side in the league this year and are proving to be a good team especially at home ! Roll on Sunday
  13. That has got to be about the best performance of the season, every single player had a good game today ! With Dallimore being sent off just before half time I feared the worst, but wow what a brilliant second half from us ! COYR
  14. Yeah Barrow’s Discipline needs to improve, as the amount of penalty's we conceeded was simply not good enough and to be honest that alone cost us the game. Anyways it’s still a draw thankfully, onwards and upwards. Need a big game next week against Doncaster.
  15. I’m hopeful it won’t have to come to that tbh, but it’s going to be such a close game it’s hard to call it. Forber interception on 80 mins and I might shed a tear
  16. Yeah we should be discussing game , its going to be a really close game and I think the team that will win are the ones who keep there discipline and cut out mistakes. Going to go for a 30-22 win to barrow
  17. Yeah if you get there early enough there is usually plenty of parking around on the residential streets, yeah be careful with all the car parks around as they all have cameras up for the stores. Yeah avoid range as I’ve had a parking ticket off them before
  18. Yeah so the Tesco is a 3 hour time limit the same with the range which is next to us. The only real parking is on street parking but that gets really busy near the kick off. it’s a shame the ground is in such a built up area really as parking is a real problem, especially with big crowds. Just a heads up about Tk max/ currys they have the cameras on as well and they are 3 hours I believe.
  19. It’s honestly going to be such a hard game for us at barrow with the injuries but we have some good back up players and with us being at home I am hoping that will pull it in our favour. But it’s going to be a brilliant game hopefully and with a crowd of 3,000+ expected I can’t wait. Have a safe journey down the coast
  20. I’m sure I have seen somewhere it’s to do with his knee, but I’m not sure on timescale
  21. Just seen on Facebook that 3,000 tickets have been sold for the barrow vs Workington game this weekend . Should be a brilliant atmosphere! Roll on tomorrow going to go for a 30-22 win to Barrow, with Ritson being the first try scorer
  22. Yeah it’s got to be the biggest test of the season up to now. Only issue for us is the amount of injuries, but looking forward to seeing what team we can get out. Hopeful we can get near 3k crowd
  23. Yeah I think the B.O.D have just got them on board due to the 3 games that we have got coming up which will decide a lot for the season. I can’t imagine the bull playing centre any more, he has put a lot of size on. But wheeler can go to centre for us as he plays centre or stand off i believe. When all players are back fit it’s going to be hard to pick the starting 13 though.
  24. Liam Harrison and Gary wheeler signed for the rest of the season.Wheeler is a cracking signing with lots of experience, and Harrison is always a man who will give it is all! And I’ve heard he is keeping in good shape, be good to see him line up with Ben. Hopefully they both play this weekend with all the injures
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