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  1. Perhaps that's a bit harsh on Buderus on reflection, I'd say a disappointment rather than a massive disappointment. He was solid but not spectacular and didn't live up to his grand reputation. I stand by my thoughts on Robbie Ward, he's too small a hooker to cut it at the top in my opinion. Reminds me of Logan Tomkins
  2. Much like with Danny Tickle, if you can keep him fit, he'd be a great signing for Widnes
  3. Average/solid at best. Very similar player to Laithwaite
  4. Can't see Robbie Ward cutting it at Super League level, certainly not the top level. Thought Buderus was a massive disappointment when he came to Leeds too.
  5. Yeah him and Cuthbertson (and to a lessor extent the form of Stevie Ward) are the main reasons for their improved league position
  6. Surprised Leeds have let Aiton go, he's been great this season
  7. Given that it is rumoured they have put their hand in their pocket for the stadium build I'm not sure how this applies
  8. I understand there is a rich benefactor in the background which tied into the stadium build but don't think he/she wishes to be public. How rich I don't know.
  9. The Dragons have the second highest commercial revenues after Leeds at over £10 million per annum I believe so this allows them to pay more
  10. Why's it a sad state of affairs? It's the nature of business/sport and it's up to the other clubs to improve to reach to top. Just look at any other sport - Premier League, Union, cricket, it's no different The academy is key and Widnes know that- it's no surprise that the top clubs have the better academies. Then they need to develop their commercial base and revenue streams.
  11. Other clubs like Warrington and Huddersfield have developed well over a 20 year period to be up there challenging for honours. There is no reason why Sheffield can't be in a similar position in 20 years or maybe before then
  12. What you're mistaking Parksider is that Sheffield aren't planning on being at Old Trafford in 2 years time. This is a long term project, it's taken them 20 years to get back to full time and may take them another 20 to be challenging for honours. Rome wasn't built in a day. They are building a solid base with their own home, youth development, commercial sponsorship which will be a key area to grow for their future prosperity. How about we celebrate the great developments of a well run club instead of picking holes in everything
  13. Sorry to hear that. The RLEF or RLIF should be providing some funding and is it not possible to get grants from EU/Sport Scotland? Will the SkyTry initiative be going over the border?
  14. Totally agree getdownmonkeyman and scotchy. I think the best solution is return to U18s and U20s and allow 3 overage players to play per match in the 20s. This allows first teamers returning from injury or not playing to get a game. It should also lead to less DR. Returning of the reserves though would be disastrous
  15. Fair point, I probably should have re-phrased to 'solid in the tackle'. He's not the worst reader in defence though, but sometimes gets a bit excited and jumps the line
  16. The problem with mid-season ones is Catalans throw their toys out their pram because all their (French) players are selected and only a few from each club in the rest of Super League are, so they feel they are disadvantaged for the next game. That said, given the spread of French players in Super League, and the fact there are so many antipodeans in the Catalans team, it's a difficult argument to sustain. The FFR have about as much power as the RLIF though, and the Catalans President throws his weight about and gets his way
  17. I disagree, I think he's a good centre, very good in attack and solid in defence. Definitely an improvement on Phelps, he has the ability to break the line. I suppose Warrington are looking at his age and injuries and salary cap and think they have enough options with Atkins, Evans and T King
  18. I thought the title of the thread was about something altogether different! At least it would explain their poor form this season!
  19. True but they could always cock up the incoming and outgoings and end up with a loss, so decent all the same on rising distributions throughout the game. I do feel the culling of development officers was a short sighted move though and very difficult to rectify when done as a lot of the good work and goodwill is undone. But I suppose that is systematic of not having a proper laid out international calendar whereby they could rely on future revenues
  20. You can say that again.........
  21. So because the NWC are of the view that everything that Australia does is best, they've spat their dummy out?
  22. U23s is a daft idea, really hope they don't bring that back. The standard would be poor and teams would struggle to field teams week in week out. Plus it is costly. Would rather loans/DR or changing academy back to U20s or even U21s.
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