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  1. Falloon must be have the worst defence for a hooker i've ever seen, glad he's only here a year
  2. Why we would want someone who stubs a cigarette out in somone's eye promoting our sport, i have no idea. Shameless
  3. Roby showed in the recent test series that he is still our best hooker. Hodgson is improving and will in all likelihood take over that mantle in years to come. Clark is some distance behind both
  4. Reckon it could be Nigel Wood, there's enough of him to go round
  5. Nothing wrong with that, he maybe being liberal with the truth but our cousins in the other code have made a living of that
  6. It's amazing the lengths that Union will go to, to try and eliminate TGG, dirty tactics again.....
  7. Who was that - Maher? He played last season and actually came through Cumbrian Regional Academy.
  8. Catalans won't do anything until they stop blaming everything on the referee. They need to look in the mirror
  9. Catalans got a lot of decisions going their way in the first half. Ref seemed to even it up in 2nd. Cats have only got themselves to blame
  10. Does Northwich still have a team? Always surprised that RL has never gained a foothold in Stoke
  11. Shame he can't kick or attack though eh? And is also ordinary in defence. Better than Burrow my ######
  12. The halves aren't clicking but they're not the main issue, they're losing the forward battle and the ruck so any halves are going to struggle on the back of that. And their star backs have been poor too. I actually think their biggest loss is Ward
  13. Thought Beau Falloon looked really ordinary, he certainly isn't going to help them
  14. Why does Angela Powers keep asking Wigan if they feel better about the grand final now, what an idiotic question. Ridiculous journalism, embarrassing really
  15. I wish more would, some players media skills are non existent and I'm not just referring to Wigan players. I can still barely understand a word that Bateman says and I'm from Yorkshire
  16. Yes but to spend to near the cap, have a quality team like they are now showing, they need to money to support this. The cost of the tickets is not the issue, it's the fact they don't have a large fanbase
  17. Exactly, Betts and Clark are perfect examples of that, too much too soon but now they've learnt the ropes, they're both showing themselves to be astute coaches
  18. I'm surprised anyone was bothered about a 2nd tier European competition, I suppose it shows how much both clubs have fallen
  19. £25 is not a lot of money to watch top class live sport. If they charged £10 a ticket they would not get 12k fans so it doesn't make sense. Bradford are a classic example of cheap tickets leading to financial ruin
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