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  1. First 10 minutes has been of really good quality and intensity Sts have soaked up the pressure and gone downfield to strike first. looks baking hot so fatigue will play a role in this late on
  2. Wakefield to make it 3 on the bounce The margin depends on how Wakefield approach the game, if they do what the Giants did last week and turn up expecting to win then Trinity could end up in a battle. If they enter the game ready to earn the points, as I expect them to, then it could be a very tough scoreline on Leigh. Trinity by 26
  3. Don’t underestimate the Wakefield pack, for the most part they look awful but when the mood collectively suits them they can be pretty good as was seen when they dominated the Hull pack earlier this season. If the pack plays like that again then Wakey might cause a shock. Back to reality and form now, Huddersfield will win by 16
  4. He’s shown nothing that Welsby hasn’t shown!
  5. Well I started reading this topic expecting to have a discussion about England Full Back choices but it seems it’s 75% about how good Australia’s Full Backs are! Actually on topic, there’s no dilemma for me, Tomkins if fit will be and should be England’s Nō1! I’d take Evalds as my second choice Full Back as he is very good defensively, has genuine pace making him a threat returning the ball, he is a better and more instinctive support player and joins the line as a pivot much more effectively than Hardaker. I wouldn’t have Zak Hardaker in the squad, Australia, New Zealand and Tonga will swallow him up no problem. He doesn’t link play on the edges like Tomkins does and indeed Evalds does. Connor has unfortunately shown himself too volatile and expensive to be relied upon in big games. Lomax will probably go as a Half Back Widdop/Ratchford are both options but neither are lighting the world up at the moment.
  6. About 4 years ago the Newcastle Magic Weekend was estimated to be worth £10 million to the local economy. I spoke to a taxi driver during the weekend to get his view on the event and he absolutely loved it. Virtually zero trouble and loads of business for him, restaurant ps, hotels, B&Bs, pubs, nightclubs and shopping centres. He was in no doubt that the Magic Weekend dwarfed by 3 or 4 times anything that Newcastle United are involved in despite them being in the Premier League. Ive attended every single one and Newcastle is without doubt the right home for our Magic Weekend
  7. I agree that attacking teams would stand deeper but I don’t agree that it would negate the benefit of reducing the retreat to 5m. I addressed the high shots issue in the original post, it was foul play back then pure and simple but we have a stricter, more professional game now which is policed by more on field officials and multiple camera angles picking up everything. Again I’ll stress that I’m not advocating a complete return to how the game was played back in the 80s just a change to the 10m rule to steer the game away from the concussion iceberg that it’s heading toward at the moment.
  8. That’s all well and good but it’s not really relevant to why I’ve made the suggestion! I wouldn’t and I’m not advocating a return to how the game was played as a whole just perhaps the one rule change that might have an impact on how teams are forced to make tackles under the 10m rule.
  9. There are 2 major issues with the current game The lack of creativity/entertainment How to reduce the threat of concussions Im sort of just musing here and writing as I think, so bear with me Watching the clampdown in the NRL and trying to think forward about where the game is heading, where will we find ourselves in 2 or 5 years time, what will the game look like? It strikes me that the major issues are with tackling technique (I know, you know!) but why after 126 years has the tackling technique become a problem? The answer is partly because medical science can now measure the damage and pinpoint the causes but it’s also to do with the changing rules of the game. On this issue I can track back to the change to a 10m retreat by defences at the play the ball. That has allowed for greater impacts and collisions in the tackle, it also allows the ball carrier the chance to carry at greater speed leaving less reaction time for the defender to adjust and thus getting the contact wrong, most often resulting in contact with the head. Now maybe it’s just me and a rose tinted view of the game of yesteryear but when defences only retreated 5m they weren’t forced to meet attacking players torso to torso and lock up the ball, effect a wrestle etc. We had less contact to the head because a higher percentage of tackles were made around the legs which often dropped the attacker without the need for a second defender preventing an offload but even when another defender was needed there wasn’t the impact and forces in play that we see today. If we went back to a 5m retreat do you think we could see a game with a much reduced incidence of head contact and trauma? I know we had some very tough players back then who went over the top with elbows and forearms to the face of their opponents but a mix of the stronger rules, more professional players/clubs and greater video coverage of such incidences have seen that type of player all but completely removed from the game. As a result of going back to a 5m retreat we would have to develop players with the ability to break down defences with clever play and good handling. When teams cannot rely on 5 drives making them 40m to 50m from their own try line they will need players with ability to open up a defensive line and get behind the opposition. We might begin to see the reemergence of players like Steve Norton, Alex Murphy, Andy Gregory, Mick Crane, Harry Pinner, Tony Myler etc. That in turn might help us get away from the carbon copy block and shift plays that pervade the game from top to bottom and which have robbed Coaches of their ability to be innovative. Im not someone who yearns for everything how it used to be but a simple unwinding of the 10m retreat rule might just allow the game to find its way out of the downward concussion spiral that it currently finds itself in.
  10. On the Wane - Farnworth situation, I think Herbie has intimated to Wane that he’s not sure he wants to nail his colours to the England mast. He’s moved his life to Australia, maybe he doesn’t see himself ever returning to the U.K. and perhaps feels the need to become an Australian through and through. If he’s suggested to Wane that he’s unsure then that would fit Wanes wording as he explained Farnworths removal from the England squad.
  11. OK I meant missed a week and the Trinity physio enacted the RFL protocols
  12. There’s no anti Wigan bias from me, they’re my second team and I have quite a lot of friends with Wigan Club connections. That said, Willie Isa caused the concussion with a swinging arm and Tom Johnstone missed a game because of the protocols. He returned and played half a match but at half time he reported that he was still feeling the effects of the original concussion and he was withdrawn from the match. He was ruled out by the Trinity physio for 4 weeks during which he wasn’t allowed to train. On his return to training he was still suffering from the effects of the original concussion caused by Isa. So, no Wigan bias just the facts
  13. Leeds pack will win the middle and Konrad Hurrell will run wild and score at least twice!
  14. Huddersfield just need Jack Cogger to join the party, he’s a quality half but we’re not seeing it from him yet as he’s playing in Sezer shadow. If he starts to dictate and control the team more then Huddersfield will look twice the team they currently are.
  15. It wasn’t a death threat it was an irate fan exclaiming his frustrations in absolutely the wrong way. He was wrong, it wasn’t a nice thing to say and I’m sure he’s embarrassed at how it’s made him look but it wasn’t a death threat as Carter is making it out to be. Which of us hasn’t told someone to go play on the motorway or go jump of a cliff? We don’t mean it but if someone wants to be absurd and take it literally then in today’s ridiculous society they can make you look like some deranged vile individual. I honestly think Carter is missing his super trooper spotlight and needed to make it newsworthy so he could make it about him! As someone said earlier he is a bit of a drama queen!
  16. He scored two absolute beauty’s, one off a Des Drummond break but the other was sheer World Class from the whole team. Schofield handled 3 times to score over the length of the field.
  17. I think Schofield made his debut for GB in early 84 against France then went on tour with the Lions later the same year
  18. I remember that game, I think he was opposite Terry Hill and gave him nightmares with his strong and direct running. He was too big and a bit too tough for Hill. What he lacked in subtle skills he made up for in physicality
  19. Money has ruined the youth structure in this country or you could argue the lack of it! Collectively the Chairmen & CEOs of the Super League have voted to change the youth pathways with money in mind rather than follow the advice of the experts who work on the coal face of youth development. There was little wrong with U17s being run by the amateur game with an U19s being controlled by the Professional game and pd a genuine A-Team p/Reserves being a stepping stone to 1st Grade.
  20. When we’re talking about young half backs we shouldn’t ignore the claims of Mike Lewis from HKR. He was part of the England Academy that walloped the Ausie Schoolboys a couple of years ago. He always impresses me when I see him and he’s not often playing behind a pack on the front foot. I said a few weeks ago that Harry Smith might be a wild card by the end of the season, depending on how much game time Lamb was willing to give him. Well, the same can be said for Lewis who looks very sharp on his feet and is playing really well. Truman Smith Lewis Dodd All good young lads coming through the ranks and let’s not write off Richardson too early either.
  21. He gave away the penalty that was the difference between the teams, he also spent 10 minutes in the sin bin and spilled the ball from Batemans kick. In general play he was no better than average which might have been a result of the Wigan players having his number and using his temperament against him.
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