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  1. Some of the NRL commentators need to take a look at Halls international try scoring record which is almost a try a game across nearly 44 internationals. (37Trys/44Int) Not one of them comes close, maybe not even collectively! A bit of respect from them is in order.
  2. I have noticed a seemingly reluctance by his team mates to pass to Hall when in an attacking position.
  3. My thoughts would be to scrap the grandparent(s) & residency rules and stick strictly to where you were born or parent(s) qualification. Victor Radley is a superb player and has made his choice, good luck to him! Ive also stated my opinion on national teams a few times in the past. As far as I’m concerned it’s our best against the best of of nations and that includes everyone from the Manager to the bloke who rolls the socks into pairs with a stick of Wriggleys chewing gum. If we prove to be not good enough then we know we need to improve and if we win the next World Cup then it’s a complete victory for the nation and not diluted or shared with another nation who provided elements of our team for us. Simple with credibility, not contrived & shallow!
  4. Two high profile players who seemed to quietly slip away from the game after stellar careers were Simon Manwaring and Jason Nightingale. Both high profile NRL and New Zealand internationals who's names just vanished from the news and team selections.
  5. 100% Correct! He was often criticised for the things he did but if he were doing those self same things now he’d be an international. Absolutely great bloke as well!
  6. Tony Myler is one of the most respected and highly regarded players of the last 50 years, certainly doesn’t belong in this team. Probably the best Stand Off to come out of the U.K. ever, injuries possibly robbed us and him of his absolute best form but he showed enough to be up there with Lewis, Kenny etc
  7. John Feeley at the Bulls? Had amazing pace, footwork and good skills with the ball
  8. Watching Adam Bolton interviewing Matt Hancock at the opening of London’s Nightingale Hospital. In the background there have been dozens of so called dignitaries and journalists, intelligent people, all walking around in close groups!
  9. Steve O’Neil & Mike O’Neil at Widnes Thorman brothers at Newcastle Andy Kelly, Neil Kelly & Richard Kelly at Wakefield Fairbanks brothers at Halifax Leon Pryce & Karl Pryce at Bradford Bob & Kevin Beardmore at Castleford
  10. Ryan Hall might as well come home and Watkins looks to be done as a top tier player.
  11. Correct been a left winger for Leeds but both sides at international level incorrect, the ref was Sutton and his brother was the video ref. Biggest stitch up at international level I’ve ever seen!
  12. I’m not downplaying anyone but I don’t see why you want to pretend something happened when it didn’t, are you David Jones or maybe his mum? Offiahs run was impeded by defenders while Jones had a clear line to chase back, simple as that. Jones was a decent wing for Trinity and had he ever learned to run at gaps instead of defenders his record would be much better.
  13. I was at that game and Jones caught him because he had the chance to reach his top speed while Offiah was evading other defenders. Dave Jones wasn’t even near Offiah for raw speed and certainly not nearly as good a RL player
  14. He’s got destroyed by raw pace on two occasions today by Mason Caton-Brown who was also carrying the ball! Id have to say MCB is the fastest I’ve seen in recent years and that’s even in comparison with a fully fit Tom Johnstone who’d be my second choice
  15. I say again, in answer to the above posts, other than ‘he said she said’ where’s the proof of any wrong doing by Walker? How do you know that he was acting against the interests of the club he has supported, helped and rescued for decades. Im not doubting the Trust members but do they even KNOW what Walker was trying to achieve. It’s alright saying he wasn’t being open with them but do they know that his methods weren’t honourable or that his actions wouldn’t ultimately have been fruitful. He’s the one with the experience in theses matters, he’s the one who understands the politics that drive things like this. Like I said, I’m not pro or anti anyone, least of all the trust members, but I’m not going to slavishly believe hearsay without proof.
  16. It’s the same trust, Walker resigned as a Chairman and left with a new Chairman voted in but it’s the same trust!
  17. With regard to the provision of a new stadium can you tell me where Carter has been a success? There was a lot of progress made by the trust before Walker left, i.e. 15,000 signatures and the forcing of a Public Inquiry. What progress has been made since he left?
  18. On this, The club, the original trust & SWAG are all one and the same. I have nothing but admiration for the original trust members, I don’t doubt their sincerity at all, SWAG are not involved anymore really, the trust took their place. I have no doubt that Walker had a plan, where I differ from others is that I don’t beleive for a second that his plan was to work AGAINST achieving a new stadium. He’s been operating in these circles for decades and maybe he believed his plan had more chance of being successful, let’s face it up to press Carters approach has been a complete failure. We’ll have to see what comes of the latest news but I attribute any success to the Trusts tenacity.
  19. Maybe he’s lying maybe he isn’t, I suspect he isn’t! Maybe Walkers plan was gazumped by the late offer by Manni Hussain, that however does not make Walker a villain unless you beleive the conspiracies put forward by the club to protect themselves from blame. Conspiracies that as yet there is no evidence of other than hearsay and unfounded speculation. If he was serious about it then Carter should have bought the land and left no doubt about it. I suspect he was never seriously in the frame to buy it as he doesn’t have the money to do so, Walkers advice seems a convenient excuse. I’m not pro or anti either way but I don’t deal in rainbows & unicorns and I don’t just swallow every line and every word that certain parties say. I ask you this, Why would a very wealthy man who enjoys a good reputation amongst Wakefield Trinity fans, who has supported the club for 7 decades, who, more than a few times, has used his own money to bail out the club and save it from insolvency, who has funded the signing of a number of players suddenly betray the club in the fashion being suggested. It doesn’t add up
  20. My point exactly! You’ve heard one side of the story, their view only and yet you’re willing to publicly condemn a man who has stood by the club for many decades. What evidence have you seen?
  21. No one has any proof of wrongdoing, collusion or betrayal by Sir Rodney Walker, if you disagree then let’s see it! All we’ve had is hearsay from members of the trust and club who disagreed with him on how to act and who have blamed him without offering anything but anecdotal evidence. People on here & other social media are vilifying Walker and all they’ve got to go on is rumour and a bit of he said she said. Like him or not Sir Rodney Walker has been a lifelong supporter of Trinity, he has bailed them out financially and saved them from insolvency more than once. Some Wakefield fans have short memories and shallow loyalties!
  22. lol Thanks for that, you've just releived an unnatural amount of pressure in alf of Hull. It's like some strange form of turrets syndrome!
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