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  1. It's not win win, I want England to win the World cup end of. . . But their chances of doing so nosedived when SM took control, he's clueless and has made a string of poor decisions
  2. OH The irony! I certainly wasn't as quick as you to jump on this thread. You're living in a fantasy world Chris, MCNamara manufactured a situation that was unacceptable to Brough or for that matter any player with an ounce of self respect, he did it on purpose and made no real attempt to hide it. I like Sinfield, he's looked World class for Leeds but has had no more than 2 or 3 decent games at international level, he's had his chance and failed.
  3. Is that a joke because if it is, you've left out the funny bit. Sinfields a 34 time failure at international level. The Australians and to a slightly lesser extent the Kiwis will tear him to shreds, they must be laughing their collective kocks off! McNamara not picking Brough in a 40 man ETS was nothing more than an attempt to publicly humiliate Danny, so much so that the aim was to leave Broughy with nowhere to go but out of the England camp. Brough has been the stand out player in SL this season and it's incompetence to the extreme on McNamaras part that he can't manage the squad better.
  4. Andy, Neil & Richard Kelly all played in a game together when Dewsbury played Wakefield a few years back. Great to see the Fourtress of Burgess playing today, there was a set when the sequence of drives from a kick off went: Tom-Sam-Luke-George-Tom and then all four of them made a tackle on some poor Wests player. Great for the game!
  5. Football Manager? ? ? I can certainly see the merit in him being on the coaching staff but I would never have him down for any kind of Management role.
  6. Complete waste of money, not least because MacNamara isn't clever enough to eek any info out of watching games live over televised. Glorified holiday
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