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  1. Sammut could be last announcement Coolie. We mean business.
  2. Good cover for Scotty and also can play on wing.
  3. Hardly household names unlike yours who have appeared in Grand Finals. Go back to sleep and dream of the announcement of the next Leeds squad.
  4. Truly amazing statistics considering 10 or 11 aren't Fev players.
  5. Really feel for you Fev supporters. Struggling to put out a competitive side when your foreign legion aren't available.
  6. Diskin did say he would give the lads who hadn't had much game time a run out.
  7. How come so many Fev guys playing for the Rhino's tonight. Oh dear silly me!!!
  8. I think he has gone home because of Fevs policy of playing 3 Rhino's and 5 Dr players means he has little chance of making the team.
  9. Think there is a fitness test for the 19th man.
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