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  1. Catalans were terrible tonight. I was expecting a close game but it was anything but. Wigan by far the better team. Catalans looked like they'd given up after 20 minutes. Definitely their worst performance this season.
  2. I think Rochdale were fortunate to receive 2 points and the win. Remember that Skolars travelled to Rochdale for the original fixture which was called off very close to kick-off time. I dont think Hornets received any sanction for that. From reading other posts its not entirely clear who made the decision to call the original game off.
  3. I'm an optimist - but thats way off yet!
  4. Someone showed me that at our Masters training session last night. Cracking try! It it was a SuperLeague team. the Sky pundits would be doing summersaults!
  5. A couple of juicy fixtures for the last weekend of League 1. Could Cornwall repeat their victory over Crusaders? Will Dewsbury keep their foot on the gas at the top? Will Workington field a weaker team knowing they cant get any higher up the table? But most importantly, will North Wales Crusaders hold onto their 6th place and beat London Skolars? My predicted winners are: Rochdale by 6 Dewsbury by 2 North Wales Crusaders by 30 Oldham by 20 Hunslet by 16
  6. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/62072/betfred-league-one-round-17-rochdale-hornets-versus-london-skolars 48 - 0 to Hornets
  7. The original game at Hornets was called off due to the appalling weather - after Skolars had already traveled to Rochdale. Skolars players aren't full time and I doubt they could take time off work to travel to Rochdale (again) on a Wednesday. I don't like to see cancelled games either but lets look at the circumstances before calling teams to be booted out. Edit: I posted this before reading some of the other replies; sorry if theres some repetition
  8. Theres always that permutation to add into the mix. If we draw Hornets would have to beat Cornwall by over 130 points. I think if we win were in 6th....finger are crossed, squeeky bottom time!
  9. If the RFL award Hornets the game 48 - 0 they'd still be on -89 to Crusaders +41 going into the last game - very long odds indeed!
  10. Great to see Wheelchair RL back on the small screen again. Congratulations to Catalans. A strong performance from an excellent wheelchair team.
  11. Back home after an entertaining game at Spotland. Oldham seemed nervous, spilt the ball and passes were lacking accuracy but they still should have been ahead at half time given the chances they had. Rochdale scored some excellent tries but the one try before half time was the result of some shocking tackling from Oldham. The clock in the stadium passed 80 mins with Rochdale ahead by two points...but we hadn't accounted for time stoppages by the ref. Incredibly Oldham scored right at the death and won the game to the delight of a good few hundred Roughyeds.....and 4 Cru fans who went along to see if we could hang on to 6th spot.
  12. The talk is that we return to Eirias Park next season and there shouldn't be an issue. The ground is now a 4G rugby standard and is available for both union and league. In theory no matter what games are played there shouldn't be the issues that we've had in the past - for example not being allowed to play prior to the 6 Nations Under 20s games. To be honest, I'll believe it when I see it. Of course the nomadic lifestyle has effected our crowds....and matchday income as most of the grounds weve played at, rightly take the bar takings. But its great that we've shown rugby league to places like Llanrwst (Nant Conwy), Rhyl, and Chester and hopefully attracted some new supporters. Last season (2022) was a cracking year where we showed decent progress in the Challenge Cup and finished 3rd in the League only to lose out in the play-off. Of course we lost our coach and a few players stepped down or moved to other clubs, so this season was a rebuild with the target of getting into the top six. At the moment we are clinging on to that place with Rochdale Hornets close on our heels. We'd love to welcome you from Aberystwyth - we get fans travelling from all over - a couple of regulars from Ynys Mon, and some from the North West of England too. Lets hope we have a more settled season in 2024 and see North Wales Crusaders back near the top of the table again.
  13. We're in a spell of not playing since our win against Doncaster, but obviously I'll be going to Rochdale to support Oldham and home we cling onto our 6th place! That will be a battle royal I expect! Winners: Doncaster, Hunslet and Oldham.... For those whove been following our nomadic existence this season, we should be playing at Eirias Park next weekend - as RGC, the union side, will have already played twice on the new pitch. Amazing how it all came together for them to play there first!
  14. Congratulations to the Rams. Certainly a quality outfit and deserved winners of League 1. All the best in the Championship
  15. Fantastic performance by all the players in a Cru shirt today. Doncaster scored on their first set and I thought we were in for a repeat of last week....but far from it. Probably our best performance so far, and a superb game enjoyed by both sets of fans. It was close in the end, but Crusaders definitely deserved to win.
  16. In my opinion, the ref needed to start penalising the messing about at the ruck far earlier. Some of the wrestling, holding down and hands on the ball - from both sides - was ridiculous.
  17. Just been to vote for Player of the Match on the OurLeague app.....two Wire players named in the 4 choices!!! Currie and Mikaele.....can't even remember Mikaele name being mentioned in the whole game!! Who picks the 4 nominees i wonder?
  18. ...and just in time to play us......great. Looks like the Dons are having a big push for promotion.
  19. We (Crusaders) were awful first half. Loads or unforced errors and our defensive line was like a dogs hind leg. Fair play to Cornwall they played really well and exploited our frailties to go in 4 - 40 at half time. The dressing room debrief must have been interesting to say the least!! Second half we came out with fire in our bellies....and were a knock on away from winning - which in fairness would have probably been undeserved...Well done to Cornwall on their win and to the fans who made the long trip up from Penryn.
  20. Have you contacted the Club and highlighted the problem? I checked the website and you're right; theres no version of the Club statement released on 24th....I'll mention it to the Directors on Sunday.
  21. There was a Club statement on social media on 24th July confiming this weeks game at Rhyl and next weeks game vs Doncaster at Chester. The Club HOPE to be at Eirias Park for our last and second League 1 game at 'home' to London Skolars. The last sentence of the statement says they have a meeting with Conwy Council this week to discuss what happens going forward...thats all the info so far. The rumour around the fans is that contractors lay the wrong surface at the stadium and it not suitable for rugby! I stress, thats a rumour, but seeing as it was supposed to be in use from 18th June its difficult to understand what else could be causing the delay.
  22. Wins for Dewsbury, Workington and an outside bet on Hurricanes. Cornwall Choughs will push us all the way but I expect a win from Crusaders. Remember this week we are at Rhyl and next week we are back in Chester.
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