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  1. How do you define good week, no more bad news?, nothing I can see as getting the bunting out and actually turning up for games. You may win, but its the same coach same players minus who ever is suspended or injured. I think you will have to score a few tries unless your going for multiple penalty kicks to outscore Warrington.
  2. Not true, they had success with maguire and wane but still crowds dwindled.
  3. Woolf yet to win against wire, expecting a tight quality game one score either way.
  4. 126 years lasted longer than its predicted death. Keeps evolving and leading the way in team sports on new ideas and innovative changes. Despite state sponsored victimisation it still survives. But its biggest problem has always it has had internal pressures trying to stop its need for change.
  5. Stop teams playing each other more than twice excluding cup and play off games. Less is more.
  6. Nostalgia at best, players are bigger fitter and there is no skill in the game absolutely not true, in the last ten years we have seen all time greats with skill, pace, game awareness, non built like gym monkeys, Billy slater, j thurston, Cooper cronk, c smith.
  7. I remember in the 70's local amateurs loved running out for the A team also earning some beer money and free beer on long away trips.
  8. Bigger crowds especially when a big name union star made their debut.
  9. The heading was world class. You can be both but you can one or the other. In the last decade at Warrington Chris Sandow in his first spell was an edge of the seat player. He did things that dropped your jaw. But after the injury never reached those levels again. But he was never world class. Some players by definition of their position could be world class but not an edge of your seat player. But you choose who you take your kids too watch.
  10. Cameron Smith was not a bums on seat player. But was not just world class but an all time great. I think your getting the two area's mixed up.
  11. Interesting only one comment posted on the website, apathy at best. But he mentioned the sky commentators how they rabble on about something even the most ardent viewers struggle to agree with. Watching Fridays game as a neutral with my wife and even she shouted I wish they would shut up so we can watch the game. I like Terry and Barry but they are doing the game no favours with their nonstop drivel.
  12. What do whichfinders do, are they rugby leagues version of witchfinders.
  13. No problems jim I am well over coming to terms with any discription of Warrington’s problems. I have had years of practice.
  14. You must love your flakey discription, but i no problem with you calling Warrington flakey but it seems that you are just throwing a comment out for reactions. But we still managed to win some games against Yorkshire sides so if we are using your discription of Warrington as flakey it would be fair to compare Warrington's flakiness to wigans flakiness (if that is a word).
  15. Obviously it makes a difference, sides we would be expecting to win we probably don't prepare well enough, sides who are in and around the top you prepare for a tougher game. So if you want to call that flakey no problem, but apart from saints and Catalan we must be the top of the flakey league with wigan a distant second.
  16. Fair point but thats only to Yorkshire sides, wigan, Saints and Catalans (beat them twice this season in France) we seem less flakey, and its likely we will play one or more of these teams in the play offs.
  17. Clarke, hughes, philbin and mulhearn added to squad will strengthen pack against an inform cats.
  18. Not that good only A team and colts, colin Clarke was the coach, played with Derek in colts and a few A team games only mick mctigue and Derek were the ones to play regular first team rugby, i moved to Warrington area and played for Woolston and Crosfields.
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