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  1. I have played in similar games, in my late 30s we were playing a side near oldham and i noticed a fat, bald guy in shorts necking pints and eating a pie, I said to my team mates this ones in the bag. He destroyed us in half an hour, looks are definitely deceiving.
  2. Or they could play drive back like sides use too and crowds( don't know when) could strain their necks watching the ball being kicked back and too. The game I watch now is more entertaining than any under the 5m rule and I played all my career in that period. If you watch old matches it was slow, low skilled and never as good as we try to remember.
  3. 1, no it is that now. 2, yes 3, no 4, no 5, no
  4. Saints. Lomax Wigan. French Leeds. Gale Cas. Mcshane Wakey. Johnstone Giants. Mcgilvery SRD. Inu Cats. S Tomkins Hull. Kelly Hkr. Linnet
  5. I would think it better to let him go, we have Inglis here next year and there are a few promising backs that will be pushing for first team places. He is a versatile decent player but clubs need to look forward all the time.
  6. I would have thought that covid has taught us that crowd counting is not as important as the product on the field. The speed of the game now is bringing smaller agile players back into the game which makes it more entertaining.
  7. Just one for MOK, Widdop will be back friday against Cats Price has stated.
  8. A good honest verdict, I agree those three are a level above everyone else but Leeds and Cats are capable of winning one of games. As a fan we seem to be finally getting rid of that giant monkey of our backs (saints) were now it seems games are decided on the field rather than in the head.
  9. SOL was a top quality loose forward who would stack upto any era.
  10. Are you happy or upset , The team are showing a resilience in defence I've not seen in recent years.
  11. I am sure we have fans who maybe just have a living memory when we were champions. But as they say the longer the run the closer to the end you are. And when was the last final you beat us in?.
  12. As a sport we are very insular full of self interest so the only tactics that work with clubs like most in our leagues is were money coming their way is involved.
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