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  1. Think you read to much into my comment, I was talking not about fans watching their team ,more general fans watching a game not involving their team. Say a game some would not expect to be great on paper and at the same there is a big sporting event on FTA tv.
  2. Not many pits left just village's.
  3. Genuine fans will watch the most boring thursday night game when an over hyped game is on free to air tv in other team sports ( champions league, 6 nations ,world cups etc.)
  4. Who are the EFL ,I really think you need to read back along this thread and see if you have an opinion that a single person agrees with. I mean Warrington aren't a popular club with other teams but no one is backing you on this really sad angle. Unless you are McManus I fail to see how you carry on digging.
  5. You really need to stop digging, you are embarrassing yourself by constantly trying to defend the indefensible. And not a single fan from any other club agrees with your opinions and many sensible saint's fans as well.
  6. I like many others have been watching past gb tries, long range efforts from Davies,Offiah, Drummond,Schofield, Hanley etc. But how many spectacular tries do we see week in week out, not many most are scored in the twenty zone. Yet in international games were the defence is usually tighter and games have few chances we still believe we can play the way we did when defence was poorer. The GB squad could have performed well enough to beat all 3 teams on tour but poor selection and poor tactics have nullified any quality we have.
  7. I think people look back with rose tinted glasses, in my life we put teams out with so called legends of the game and still lost every series against the Aussies. Looking back at 80s,90, teams littered with once in a lifetime players and although we may have won an odd game we never looked like winning a series. The team today was poor and tactically inept but we were no closer in the past . A better prepared tour with players picked on form not past reputation and we could easily have won all four games.
  8. Austin looks like he would at least take them on if he was in the middle, the others I agree and the need for clarke is clear.
  9. The maths dont add up an average of 10k crowd will draw over 2 million and leeds, wigan,saints have bigger averages and Warrington, hull draw just over 10k.
  10. Certainly the fastest growing sections of the game. With high numbers of female fans in our sport compared to other major sports we need to take advantage of this opportunity.
  11. Having an option of GB every four years will encourage players with dual heritage to stick with wales,Scotland and Ireland. Thus improving the lwvel for those countries at world cups.
  12. I think you will never accept what happened in the final, and you need to move on . McManus showed no class even with the passing of time. The bigger problem you also won't accept was your teams inability to win a nil / nil game with 77 minutes to go against a team playing a second row at stand off, who were totally out of form.
  13. Just missing a minimum salary to stop clubs exploiting youngsters.
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