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  1. The mail praised the quality of the game with a decent report for the mail.
  2. Just quoting what he said and he was out around Warrington all day including the evening.
  3. The players went by train but six or seven are going tomorrow including Chris Hill. I will take any thing to gain an edge, but they cam definitely play on the underdog tag and put Gary Schofields comments all over the changing room.
  4. He and a few players still having treatment, not travelling today, going in morning so you could be right.
  5. I've never been more relaxed for a final, all previous 5 cc final and 4 Gf I was nervous as the week wore on ,not with this I have a feeling we are going to turn them over, not based on anything other than a gut feeling.
  6. The last game for Warrington at Leeds will depend on Leeds position, safe I would expect Warrington to win with some injured players back but leeds needing a win puts a different spin on it.
  7. Take saints out of the league and the closeness is amazing at the top and bottom.
  8. Yes that is true but Currie is still not back to his previous standard and doesnt warrant a place, back row forwards Bateman, Whitehead, Knowles, sam burgess, Farrell, mcmeeken.
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