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  1. Shouldn't that be sea lions as seals generally not involved in these shows.
  2. After watching tbe NRL chief discussion on expansion the only move is for another Brisbane club.
  3. Fair point but previously he was going to the dark side, that would be a worst case for the game.
  4. Mike cooper had a decent stint, Alan Bateman also played. Technically Bobby Fulton was an English born player who was successful, there are plenty more. On the criticism of Shaun Edwards there are plenty of International standard Aussies who were woeful over here.
  5. Who actually owns it then. Its certainly not leased or rented and according to Wikipedia the club own it. They certainly get all revenues from it. It maybe one of the many holding companies they use but certainly are not tennants.
  6. What ultimately he asking is for fans to not only buy season tickets for next year but to help the club by not asking for money back this season. Its probably a conversation most fans have had about this season. Personally I have written off any losses for this year.
  7. Do you not think the new six again rule will suit a young mobile explosive prop.
  8. How many top level players has Melbourne developed, and thats one of the most successful clubs with shed loads of money and time thrown at them. Yet we expect more from a team based in a country with very little rugby of any sort played.
  9. Cheshire, I live in Warrington and I have not actually checked when the whole of Warrington came under the Cheshire boundary. And booming? they certainly were not watching. And I played amateur rugby (open age) from 1978 onwards at leigh east and crosfields and Woolston all had multiple open age teams but in 80s these levels started to drop. But this was not because the RFL or BARLA were doing things wrong it was because society changed and even though the junior levels soared they stopped going through to open age in the same numbers.
  10. You must have lived in a different area to me. In th 80s adult participation started to drop, junior participation grew but people worked more at weekends as part of the normal week and were not available.
  11. The problems RL has is something all sports have had to deal with since the seventies, a shrinking participation due to change in the working environment making the working week over all seven days and change in how people use their spare time. The sporting environment is down to how sports adapt the ever-changing market place
  12. Ben Harrison played for Wakefield and Widnes on loan.
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