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  1. Another team Warrington fail to get a player in, just when I thought it couldn't get any worse
  2. I think you are spot on, I coached a lot in Warrington in the late 80's and all the 90s and as well as the local clubs tried there were fewer kids playing at school compared to wigan and st helens, (especially wigan) Warrington have worked hard to rectify this but it something that will take years to bear fruit (there are loads more coming through now). Warrington in the past matched other clubs for the top juniors (Sculthorpe and Harris were 2) but failed to keep hold of them.
  3. Just ignore them, he is a quality player who fits Wanes style of forwards he likes. There is a decent 13 for England but not heavy on quality centres.
  4. Picking Bateman is a joke for the knights, he is a fully fledged international player and no way should S Wane or who ever is behind this be allowed to make a mockery of the Disciplinary system. I want all our best players available for the world Cup but this is plain wrong.
  5. Can’t say I have noticed this from Salford fans, always found them noisy and vocal in support of their team nothing more probably the noisiest per fan and if they could expand that loyal fan base they would create good atmosphere at most grounds. Good luck too both sides hopefully either of these sides or Catalans win the comp.
  6. Not seen any announcements on any sports.
  7. Hilton park is where you had memories but it was really dated and LSV is a good stadium don't know how anyone can complain. Also Warrington and Saints have new facilities that have generated good atmosphere so not all soulless.
  8. Just tried skysports rugby league and the highlights come straight up
  9. Doesn't take long for fans to develop an arrogance to their manner. But enjoy while you can.
  10. Wouldn’t have to dredge it there's no water in the canal.
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