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  1. Seems to be a regular problem, wire fans have a problem away from home and I witnessed saints and Widnes and Wigan all doing it, needs clubs to be clamping down on it.
  2. I'd make the players watch it over and over again till its sinks in that poor attitude and poor effort are not acceptable. If they go down fighting fans will accept that.
  3. Not on last night's performance, only jason Clark and matt davis could hold their heads high.
  4. Well done Salford fully deserved win, wire abysmal Price will have start earning his money. Too many non performing players who will be here next year.
  5. When I read the title I thought it was about the excellent coaching received by referees from players like sinfield, briers and wilkin.
  6. Quite a few stadiums with permanent big screens, should allow a level playing field with video referee at all games.
  7. He came on for Austin and clarke was off, so no real playmakers and multiple players playing out of position so not really a fair chance to judge, the one thing that would help is a fully fledged reserve league were he could find his feet.
  8. This system makes it hard to win below one of the top two spots and near impossible from fifth ( three away games against good opposition). The gap between Wigan and Warrington is 8 points and a big points difference probably a gap too big.
  9. Yes it is relevant but Cas have good areas around the stadium and cater for children with activities, so they could still target clubs and schools especially on a warm sunday. I first complained about Warringtons failure to capitalise on the 2009/2010 cup wins. But with a fresh approach they are trying different things which dont cost a fortune, all other clubs have the ability if not the necessaty to market games and differently for each type of opposition.
  10. Warrington come in for some criticism for their marketing ploys but they targeted the home games with London and Catalan and drew over 11k for both ,they pushed the local clubs and schools with cheap tickets . Maybe all clubs should try this marketing it might catch on.
  11. No Burrell, Akualo starts with Philbin reverting to the bench and Tasi comes into 17.
  12. Looking at who he has left out it looks more likely he will be on the bench.
  13. Burrell named in squad, if he plays it will be a baptism of fire.
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