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  1. Just mirrors the English game, same people who attend games club, finals and international games.
  2. He will see out the season, and still may win some silverware, the players must take some blame. The quality of Ratchford, Austin, Widdop and Clarke doesn't need a coach to be successful it needs a good pack to lay a platform and not be coached out of their natural skills and abilities.
  3. You won't stop it, last night at Warrington all the fans round me think R hicks is leaning against Warrington since Mcmanus comments over the cup final and if you listen to cas fans he gave us everything, its not nice but its human nature to blame everyone else for their own teams shortcoming. If some of the comments are heard what the OP stated clubs should be held responsible.
  4. Have they ever been in, neither has been selected in an England squad, they were selected for GB.
  5. Isn't Brand a promising centre, maybe give him a go rather than trying players out of position ition.
  6. He tried to kick as he was hit hard on the last tackle. But reports only say he misses this week. As for conditioners no idea.
  7. Another ref bashing, Warrington have played 4 games, 2 the performance got the right outcome saints win and wakey loss, 2 didn't get the result the performance deserved, they should have beat wigan and lost to Toronto. But the ref never decided the result. But you need to stop blaming ref's for outcomes of games.
  8. Check their website. Sorry misread what you were saying but still same.
  9. My understanding is they play all teams in Canada, the one who play the regular league games in England have the opportunity in the loop fixtures to play in Toronto. Just checked the Toronto website and 11 games at the Lamport stadium( all teams).
  10. Their pitch will help and I think most teams can get a run of wins its just if its against the teams around you.
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