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  1. One thing contested scrums did was tire the forwards quicker, which created opportunity for quick agile backs to make breaks. I remember you couldn't just rest in the scrums because of the ability to push and gain possession. Although many a scrap would start at scrums with front rows kicking out .
  2. Didn't some of the bigger attendance figures happen in the period of no relegation, the figures are only going to improve with the clubs being more successful at marketing event based games not on relegation.
  3. Expect if Toronto need help clubs at the top end will loan players.
  4. Maybe not but as most rl fans are always looking for the negative in any story it was easy to come to that conclusion.
  5. He may be a typical negative fan but he does have a point, the club doesnt get the best out of the area it has but under the present team they are starting to put building blocks in place. The typical knockers like Tre cool simply look for the negative on any positive, I want to see 13k of home fans as an average in the next few years with a few sell outs and it is possible with building on what they did last season.
  6. Not in anyway trying call Roby, more the comment I replied to, I have always rated and admired him but the statement was ridiculous. There have been some oustanding hookers in SL for a few years and Roby at his peak was the best but he is not at his peak but is still good.
  7. Clark has been outstanding for years and didn't lose any credit on tour so although Roby is an outstanding player a one legged Roby would be useless.
  8. I seem to recall the BICC team was full of league lads when it was almost a capitol crime for RL lads to go near a union team. Played 6 matches for them whilst my ban was being served ,super after match #### ups.
  9. Certainly building a squad and if they have a deal with Widnes for dual reg they willhave enough depth.
  10. I live in from Warrington you will have to use words I understand.
  11. Toronto have signed Leeds Brad Singleton and Broncos Cunningham.
  12. If they play England we will bore them to death.
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