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  1. Remember the season opener when hilly was red carded early in the game they struggled to win, against a full side it will be interesting.
  2. Can't see wire losing this, strong squad, never say die attitude, playing well, experienced something like 13 of the last 14 semi finals.
  3. I was up before the bar for excessive use quite a number of times
  4. I was quite good with my elbow when I played
  5. Tough times lots of people not working or just coming of furlough. Lots of fans have sacrificed season ticket refunds to help their clubs.
  6. Who will the pre match entertainment be?. What about song choices. Im so lonely Your not alone Empty chairs and empty tables.
  7. This will be first final were the obsession of predicting the crowd and counting instead of watching the game will not happen will this result in a massive reduction of posts on this site for the final.
  8. Thats not how it works or wire would have won a GF by now.
  9. Isn't it money saving in the long term with having an Academy and Salford have developed quite a few players and sold them for quite a profit, so not cost cutting more short term gains and long-term losses.
  10. Is that a Freudian slip there or a reflection on Aussies behaviour.
  11. This season has forced clubs to use their full squads which is giving younsters opportunity's, this can only benefit the kids and the game.
  12. I think the difference is both games are between the same sides.
  13. Thought he showed some classy touches against a good, physical Catalans. Looks like Price has shown his hand early and it will be interesting to see how Salford react to the tuesday game.
  14. Squad. Ashton, cole Oakley, keenan brand, riley dean, josh thewlis, ellis robson, sami kibula, eric doro, Ratchford, k shelford, j clark, m davis, BMM, Akualo, patton, Latu, nathan roebuck, connor wrench. Luis Johnson.
  15. Is there any chefs in the kitchen thats what the question should be.
  16. He would certainly tell it straight on head shots unlike the usual sky team who almost blame the person hit for attacking the arm or shoulder with their head.
  17. Warrington have rested 12 first choice players for Tuesdays Salford game. Charnley, King, Gelling, Mamo, Austin, Widdop, Hill, Clark, Cooper, Currie, Hughes and Philbin are all missing from Tuesdays squad as price prepares for Saturdays semi final against Salford.
  18. I suppose (end off) is the is a written version of speak to the hand. So as notto offend you, In my opinion its a good job the game was not run by people with those opinions. Hopefully that makes you happy.
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