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  1. Picking Bateman is a joke for the knights, he is a fully fledged international player and no way should S Wane or who ever is behind this be allowed to make a mockery of the Disciplinary system. I want all our best players available for the world Cup but this is plain wrong.
  2. Can’t say I have noticed this from Salford fans, always found them noisy and vocal in support of their team nothing more probably the noisiest per fan and if they could expand that loyal fan base they would create good atmosphere at most grounds. Good luck too both sides hopefully either of these sides or Catalans win the comp.
  3. Not seen any announcements on any sports.
  4. Hilton park is where you had memories but it was really dated and LSV is a good stadium don't know how anyone can complain. Also Warrington and Saints have new facilities that have generated good atmosphere so not all soulless.
  5. Just tried skysports rugby league and the highlights come straight up
  6. Doesn't take long for fans to develop an arrogance to their manner. But enjoy while you can.
  7. Wouldn’t have to dredge it there's no water in the canal.
  8. I am not a wigan fan but he was never over hyped.
  9. You have give him next season, massive changes in personal, last night certain players went the extra mile but that pack is terrible, dufty chase and tackle was top draw but effort like this was not visible across the team all season.
  10. King has lots of potential, hes good in the air, athletic, and does use his winger. Personally sad to see how its gone with him at Warrington. But ive no doubt he will get back to his best.
  11. My god you will get them going on what is a derby, (officially its either a horse race or a game between wigan and Saints not a game between 2 teams in the same city/town)
  12. Are you all on drugs?, unless Leeds implode as per the season opener they should win easy.
  13. Harry Grant is nailed on best hooker in the world, he may pick hunt as a utility so cook will be the other.
  14. Definitely deserve to stay in SL beat us 3 times. But I do feel sad for Tolouse they like all promoted clubs are behind the 8 ball before they start. But that's not wakeys problem. So well done.
  15. Can we really call them new fans when they are already in the area, its just a club enticing fans in their own area to turn up (most clubs fail in that area). New fans are by definition people who are new to the sport.
  16. Memory playing games with you. Wakefield have beat us three times so in 4 games against bottom sides we have won one.
  17. In my opinion we played above our level in the last 2 seasons especially the last. Our performance in the play offs was a true picture of the level we where at. On Price he had our defence performing good but in attack we were more dangerous from our own 20 than the opposition 20 and over his reign we got steadily poorer as a team and squad, what we did sign were lots of decent halves but the pack became reliant on Hill and Cooper to lay a platform for Clarke and the halves to work on.
  18. Retro fitting come on, how can make you just pluck a statement out of the air without ever speaking to me. And I am not a fan who is reactionary I watch the game through a balanced view whilst still wanting Warrington to win. I won't scream at players or boo. But in the circles I speak to in Warrington i have not heard one think the pack was good enough before the season or we would be top 4. If you don't believe me so be it.
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