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  1. Toronto as a city promotes the game of Rugby League - to a much bigger audience than Rochdale Hornets. I'll ask once more - what do you think they are doing wrong again?
  2. Ah! So since formation Rochdale Hornets have used players introduced to the game by others and developed by others, whilst making little or no attempt to use central funding for such introductions. What do you think Toronto are doing wrong again
  3. Wrong. All amateur club developed. Try again.
  4. So none by Rochdale Hornets. Plenty by volunteers at amateur clubs and schools, that got / get no central funding from the RFL. But none developed Rochdale Hornets.
  5. What percentage of the £millions of central funding Rochdale Hornets have received over the years has gone on a) developing the game, b) paying players?
  6. How many players introduced to Rugby League by Rochdale Hornets will be in the world cup (or any game for that matter)?
  7. In all their years of existence - how many junior players (or senior clubs) have Rochdale Hornets produced?
  8. Bet you are hoping they don't convince a local and friendly referee that the pitch isn't fit (when it is).
  9. Good point. I'm no fan of Mayfield but find it amusing to see a Wath Brow person lecture on honesty. Rooney / Davo5 is as big a cheat as there is. Brocklebanks are no better. Kells are about the only 'sporting' club around there.
  10. Ah! Good old fashioned revenge as well as unsporting! I like it.
  11. HaHa. Thanks Roon. Common knowledge throughout the league and Mayfield fell for it.
  12. Mayfield should have known better. It is widely known that Rooney will use this (or any) ploy if he can. Not in the spirit of the game and embarrassing for the WB players.
  13. I think you'll find Davo5 is the coach and vice-chairman of Wath Brow - explains many of his comments (see his other thread 'thuggery') and why no Hunslet Club Parkside players were selected for the tour to Fiji last year.
  14. my first time at Rochdale this season on Saturday, as I usually stick to Oldham. TBF there was an over exuberant section of the crowd - but they cut out the profanities when asked to by the Mayfield official. The game was hard but fair and the ref average - for both sides. I also heard a number of Wath brow people giving some abuse to the ref, especially when it was clear they would lose, but the worst was a WBH member of staff who called the ref a 'f**cking cheat' as they entered the changing rooms at half time.all in all though a good game to watch.
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