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  1. We had our own try disallowed for obstruction. Why wasn’t Saints try disallowed aswell?
  2. ‘Retire BEHIND his own pack of forwards’. Does that give you a clue? He was interfering with the defence. Clear penalty to Salford.
  3. Happened right in front of me. Worth the trip just to see that try!
  4. Shadow hasn't got a clue. Kick, kick kick. Go and watch yawnion if that's what you want.
  5. You were saying? Just shows the difference between the two games.
  6. Yet again, people calling to take the two. This is rugby for crying out loud. It's not yawnion. This is great stuff.
  7. The League instinct is to score tries. Union just want a kicking contest.
  8. And there you have it, right there. The difference between the two codes. Your lot would have been happy with the kick at goal. Good grief!
  9. I think that's rather unlikely in this game. In Union, however...........
  10. There are so many kicks at goal in Union, that they get bored by it?
  11. Yes, that was the reason given. But it was never explained where the ball was rising from. Must have been from underground. This was probably the most ridiculous video referee decision ever.
  12. BBC Breakfast have just shown this. They have done it in advance of 'a big rugby league match' at Anfield on Sunday. No mention of who they are playing mind, or that the game is being covered on the BBC.
  13. I agree with most of the comments. My priority would be for Stevo to go. He loves the game, is passionate, but he is now a stereotype in the Eddie Waring mould. You know exactly what he is going to say next. Eddie Hemmings is different. I think that he is good at presenting, but his commentary is declining. I'd still like him to be the main presenter, but pass over commentary to any of the above mentioned people.
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