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  1. I expect Headingley to be one of them if one or both of the Hull clubs go through. Then Warrington or Saints for the other. No need for permission from a football club then.
  2. And putting players of other teams out for the season. They are thugs. Nothing less
  3. Nah. They'd do it as a double header at Huddersfield.
  4. Read through this thread and have a look at the red vee forum. Plenty think that Saints were the ones who were hard done to.
  5. Lees suspended for 2 matches. How will Saints cope? Meanwhile still waiting on the result of Wright's ankle injury. Could well be season ending. But Saints fans think they are hard done by. Unbelievable.
  6. With the added benefit of having a video ref who could and should have had a word in the ear of the ref. But this is Saints we are talking about Gavin.
  7. Sironen doesn't have the right to elbow him in the back of the head. And Lees took Wright out off the ball with a high shot and looks like he broke his ankle. Typical Saints.
  8. Glad to have him Bronco. So pleased that you guys are going so well.
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