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  1. So if you are Wigan, you can tackle someone into touch. But Salford are not allowed to do that against Leeds. Some consistency would be nice.
  2. I thought if you jumped from outside of the field of play, you were deemed to be in touch.
  3. Same here Oxford. I suppose with 5 former Salford players playing for Cas, they get my vote. But yes, Bill Burgess does keep coming into my thoughts as well.
  4. Well said Red Willow. Salford also have several internationals long term injured. But, because it is Salford, it doesn’t count. Hopefully, this win will keep Salford safe from relegation and we can build again for next season.
  5. What I find bizarre is that when you say you are not interested in the football, you are told that it’s England and you should support your country’s team. When I ask them if they will be supporting England in the RLWorld Cup later this year, I usually get a blank look in response.
  6. In that event, the team playing one less game will presumably have a higher percentage. So I assume that that team would not want to play the final match as it would bring the percentages level if they lost.
  7. No. We beat Cas in 2019. That magnificent tackle by Niall Evalds won us the game.
  8. I’ll go for Paul Forber. Pretty sure he was sent off for assaulting Paul Shaw, Salford’s diminutive but brilliant scrum half. If he wasn’t, he should have been. And I recall several sending offs whilst playing for Salford.
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