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  1. ‘I say the Salford Reds are rising.’ Or is it ‘I see the Salford Reds arising.’
  2. Cheers Tony. Nothing can detract from the fabulous season that we have had this year. Sadly, though, this forum has now become a place where you cannot give your view without receiving insults. So I am now out of here for quite a long time. Here’s to a great 2020.
  3. I don’t think that I have suggested that they should.
  4. They were all breaches. Salford received their points deduction at the back end of the regular season and nearly got relegated because of it. Why shouldn’t Leeds receive a points deduction?
  5. Not at all Gav. What is your view on this then, rather than slagging me off?
  6. Yes, but Salford weren’t and were nearly relegated because of it. To admit that ‘we were unaware that we had exceeded the salary cap’ doesn’t excuse them. They breach occurred because they upgraded 3 player’s contracts apparently. Why can’t all clubs be treated the same?
  7. If they have breached the salary cap, they should face the consequences. Just because they have ‘an explanation’, shouldn’t excuse them.
  8. So that’s alright then. Leeds get away scott free. One rule for the top clubs. Another for the also rans. Wouldn’t it be a refreshing change if clubs like Leeds and Wigan had to suffer the same consequences as the other clubs?
  9. Salford almost got relegated because of salary cap points deduction. Yet Leeds and Wigan get away with it. What a surprise.
  10. Sorry for having an opinion different to yours, ‘pal’.Fages ran across and in front of the defensive line in an offside position.
  11. Er....Lolohea. Fages was offside and you can see quite clearly that his defensive effort was taken up watching him which created the gap elsewhere.
  12. Fages was offside and interfering with the Salford defensive line. That is obstruction. I really cannot see how anyone can disagree with that. It resulted in the try that ‘won’ the game for Saints. There was no coming back from that. If Saints fans are happy with that, especially McManus, then that’s fine.
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