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  1. This can’t be right. Salford bring nothing to Super League according to some on here.
  2. No park and ride as far as I know. And unless the moor itself is converted into space for parking and pubs, there is no scope for any facilities like that. I expect the locals would prevent the moor being used, otherwise surely Salford FC would have done it.
  3. Yes it is. I have been to the Moor Lane Stadium. There is literally no parking anywhere near (every car parked anywhere near when I went, had a ticket on it at the end of the game) and it is about 2 miles from the nearest tram station. It is even moor in the middle of nowhere than the AJ Bell, and there is no pub anywhere near either.
  4. As I said, I watched without the sound. Two incidents which did not appear to be looked at on the TV and not mentioned in any of these comments when I got home. I was interested to see those incidents were covered, or whether Barry and Terry were waffling on about something else. Sorry if that upsets you.
  5. Just got in after watching the game in the pub with the sound off. Can’t believe there is no mention of the trip on the Salford defender who would have tackled the Cas scorer of their 2nd try. And no mention of the one on one ball steal by Atkin, given as a penalty, which lead to 8 points by Cas. Same old, same old.
  6. Well done HKR. Great win. Leeds don’t seem to have any strength in depth.
  7. Cheers Harry. Wish I had your confidence. Catalans by quite a few I fear.
  8. Absolutely. Apparently it was always better a generation or two ago. There are some magnificent players playing the game today. Some great characters too.
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