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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The booing of the Aussies added to the occasion. I'm sure they took it in the spirit it was given. We know they are the best team in the world. They know it too. We as fans have paid our money and can choose to support whichever team we want. My one wish was that clear 40/20 had been given. Pressure on the Aussies early on. Maybe a try to Samoa. Who knows. But the game would have had a different dynamic.
  2. Flying over from Gran Canaria on Friday. Behind the posts in the Stretford End. Back to the sunshine on Monday. Can't wait. Come on the Ferns and Samoa.
  3. And the Samoans can give the Aussies everything they've got.....even if it is illegal!
  4. That's the spirit SR. Let's all get behind Samoa and make it a great atmosphere. It's a Rugby League World Cup Final. Probably the last one that I will see live. Hopefully a great match.
  5. Cheers Dunbar. I remember thinking why has he come back on? We were doing well.
  6. Good stats those, Dunbar. Any idea what the scores were when Mac was off?
  7. I've been there many times as well mate. And I travel over from Gran Canaria. So I'm going to go and enjoy myself. If you can't be bothered, that's up to you.
  8. Absolutely. I'm really looking forward to the final. It's rugby league. It's the World Cup Final at Old Trafford. What's not to like?
  9. Who knows? But I have no doubt that Samoa will give it everything they’ve got.
  10. Why would the home nations improve? That’s like saying let West Wales Raiders play St Helen’s every week, and they will improve.
  11. Not at all. Why not play someone who has been playing at centre all season?
  12. Watkins played 2nd row for Salford. To put him at centre was madness in my view.
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