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  1. Same with Pauli Pauli at Wembley which cost Salford the cup. Disgraceful.
  2. Gutted. But thanks for the memories. And why Huddersfield???
  3. Saints and Leeds both refused to play Catalans. So, according to you. They should both receive less than their full allocation. Or do your views not include Saints and Leeds?
  4. So, clever clogs, which two Leeds players played with broken ribs, and which player was named in the bench who was’t fit to play? Oh, and which one got out of his sick bed to play having not eaten for 4 days? Well played Trinity. Thoroughly deserved.
  5. “We are not looking to duck out of fixtures, whatever the situation is,” the Leeds boss stressed. That was a quote from your coach which you supported. Leeds chose to duck out of the game at Catalans and were not penalised for it. Quite rightly in my view. Salford chose to duck out of the Warrington game on safety grounds. But they were penalised and may well receive further sanctions. Just shows the favouritism towards certain teams.
  6. And it would be unsafe and dangerous for a busted, understrength and 4 players short Salford to take on a full strength and rested Warrington team. But one rule for Leeds and another rule for Salford. Salford have been penalised and will probably face further penalties. Leeds were let off. Typical.
  7. Sir Kevin Sinfield said that Leeds would play under any circumstances. I agree that it was ok for Leeds to refuse to play, as it is ok for Salford to refuse to play. It is Sir Kevin’s double standards that I despise.
  8. Have you run this by Sir Kevin Sinfield, because he clearly thinks that you can play every 4 days, as long as it isn’t Leeds.
  9. Leeds ducked out of the game at Catalans.
  10. I don’t doubt it was a young side. But do we really need to be told a hundred times?
  11. Wigan constantly offside as well and messing about at the play the ball. But nothing given. That’s me done with this game.
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