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  1. Cheers, del capo. I have been before, many times, but bringing two newbies and hoping to make a day of it, rather than just in and out. Not often I can say this, but come on Wigan.
  2. Can anyone recommend a decent pub about 20 to 30 minutes walk away from the ground to have a drink and a pub meal before the game? Travelling west along the M61.
  3. If that is how you see it, then ok. It was a punch in the face, off the ball and the ankle 'injury' was a broken ankle. But downplay it if you want to. It was an attack, off the ball in my book. Thuggery at its worst. And Wright has not played since, unlike Lees.
  4. The attack on Wright was off the ball. He didn’t have possession. He hadn’t had possession. How you can call that a ‘stretch’ is mind- boggling.
  5. Any evidence to support that statement, or have you just made it up?
  6. Cooper, Wright and Dagger. Do you know any team that has done more? If you can then I will withdraw my comment.
  7. I think that Saints are top of the charts for ending opponent players seasons. Is any other team close?
  8. That side in the late 60's early 70's was the side I grew up with and gave me my love for the game. So many of that side have now, sadly left us. Dixon, Hesketh, Coulman, Prescott and now Watkins. My abiding memory of the genius that was David Watkins? His debut try against Oldham at The Willows. A brilliant, diagonal, stepping run from inside his own half to score in the corner. RIP David Watkins
  9. That all seems about right to me, but I would have Catalan beating Saints in the final.
  10. This isn't the ban he got when he ended Wright's season. I'll let it go when Wright is back on the field, thanks very much.
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